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M60 highway towards Artyom. Webcams Volno-Nadezhdinskoe


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The webcam is broadcasting in real time online from Volno-Nadezhdinsky (Russia).

HD picture quality. The camera is directed towards the city of Artem, and it is located on the M60 highway at 728 km. The road section is well lit and everything you need can be easily seen.
There are many villages in the Primorsky Territory, and one of them is called Volno-Nadezhdinskoye. Together with various nearby villages, such as, for example, Kiparisovo, it forms the large Nadezhda rural settlement.

You can watch the life of the settlement using the Volno-Nadezhdinsky webcam.

The village was founded on the northern river with the unusual name Shmidtovka. This is a very beautiful river, which flows into the Amur Bay 7 km from Volno-Nadezhdinsky. Nature pleases with its views, but winters are very long and harsh. The village is also known for the fact that the famous Trans-Siberian Railway passes through it, as well as the Federal Highway, which is called "Ussuri". To Vladivostok from the village to go very shortly - only 37 km. So all the benefits of civilization are close by. The city of Ussuriysk is 57 km away. Once the famous violinist Alexandra Li was born in the village of Volno-Nadezhdinskoye.
The population is about 6,000 people, but, unfortunately, there is no accurate actual data on the number. The appearance of the village is quite standard. This is an ordinary Russian settlement. Pet shops, small shopping centers with lots of advertising signs, shops with funny names and the prefix "euro". And, of course, a monument to Lenin. It is next to this monument, on the main square of the village, that all the festivities take place. In winter, a Christmas tree is set up and dressed up there, the locals go for a walk and rest. At other times of the year, performances and celebrations are held.

The place is well lit, and you can always look at it in real time by watching the webcams of Volno-Nadezhdinsky.

There is a good music school in the village. At the local stadium called "Yubileiny", the so-called Sabantuy is held every last Saturday of the first summer month. This is a national Tatar holiday in Primorye, where thousands of Tatars and Bashkirs gather. Guests are welcome there. Volno-Nadezhdinskoe is a good transport junction; a railway and a highway pass through it. There are a lot of cars, you can see them looking at the webcams of Volno-Nadezhdinsky.
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Live webcam broadcasts the road that leads towards the small village of Kiparisovo. It is part of the Nadezhdinskoye rural settlement. It was named after the builder of the Ussuriysk railway, Alexander Kiparisov. Thanks to the camera, you can online assess the weather conditions and traffic on the track.
Volno-Nadezhdinskoe, Russia 19.01.22
The road towards Kiparisovo. Volno-Nadezhdinsky webcams
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Live webcam broadcasts a small area of the village of Volno-Nadezhdinskoye. To the left of the camera is a monument to V.I. Lenin. The broadcast is in good quality, so you can easily view everything that happens.
Volno-Nadezhdinskoe, Russia 19.01.22
View of the monument to Lenin. Volno-Nadezhdinsky webcams
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The webcam is located at the address: Rikharde Dregis street, building 1 (Volno-Nadezhdinskoe village). The broadcast is being conducted in the area of the railway station. The camera is aimed at the parking lot. HD quality image, broadcast is in real time.
Volno-Nadezhdinskoe, Russia 18.01.22
View of the parking lot along Riharde Dregiers Street. Volno-Nadezhdinsky webcams
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The webcam is positioned at the village of Volno-Nadezhdinskoye, Pushkin Street, 57. The camera broadcasts a view of the square, the broadcast is carried out in real time and you can always watch it online. The image quality is good, the street is lit with lanterns and can be viewed without any problems.
Volno-Nadezhdinskoe, Russia 16.01.22
View of the square. Webcams Volno-Nadezhdinskoe
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