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Yard on st. Victory, 99. Yanaul webcams


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Yanaul webcam with a view of the courtyard of the house number 99 on Pobedy Street.

The lens covers a small passage, parked cars, entrances of a neighboring house. Due to the high quality of the image and real-time broadcast, everyone can monitor the situation in this area for free.

Yanaul, whose webcams can be viewed online on this site, is a small but very picturesque town, which was a working settlement almost until the end of the 20th century.

But, thanks to the efforts of local residents who developed the industrial sector and attracted investments in this direction, in mid-1991 Yanaul received the status of a city.
Residents of a small, but interesting for its multinational culture, city carefully preserve traditions and history. According to the 2020 census, more than 25 thousand people lived in Yanaul. This figure has quadrupled since the beginning of the new century.
The population of the city is very diverse. Most of all, Bashkirs, Russians and Tatars live in Yanaul. You can also meet Udmurts and Mari here.
The main asset of the city, which is today the center of the district of the same name, is the amazing nature of the forest-steppe. These areas are characterized by a temperate continental climate, with long winters and hot summers. In the summer months and early autumn, Yanaul experiences the maximum number of sunny days.
The terrain of the Yanaul region is predominantly flat. It is dotted with numerous rivers, the banks of which are covered with mixed forests. Ravines and valleys, as well as the diversity of the plant world, will surely appeal to lovers of picturesque photographs. Also, these places are characterized by a large number of various representatives of birds. More than 80 species of birds live in suburban areas, as well as on the territory of Yanaul itself. There are also quite rare representatives.
The surroundings of the city are also rich in fauna. Hunters often talk about encounters with wild boars, elks, foxes, and beavers. There are also dangerous predators here, such as lynx, wolves and bears.
The authorities and local residents attach great importance to the cultural life of the city. On the territory of Yanaul there is a recreation center, a network of libraries, circles and sections. There is a stadium where football and athletics competitions are regularly held.

For those who are just planning to visit these places, Yanaul webcams, which you can watch online on this site, will help you to first get acquainted with this small but very interesting city.

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Webcam with a view of the parking lot and the sports ground in the courtyard of house No. 10 on Stationnaya Street in Yanaul. Real-time broadcast allows you to track the current situation, weather and possible offenses. It's free and accessible from anywhere in the world.
Yanaul, Russia 16.06.23
Station, 10. Yanaul webcams
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View of the courtyard of house No. 10A on Stationnaya Street in Yanaul. next to this place is the Yanaul station, bus station, Railway Workers' Square. The broadcast is conducted in real time, which allows you to track the current situation and weather in this part of the city.
Yanaul, Russia 13.06.23
Station, 10A. Yanaul Webcams
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A webcam of Yanaul with a view of the house territory at the address Stationnaya Street, 28. Entrances to entrances, a playground, a distribution booth fall into the lens. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Yanaul, Russia 12.06.23
Station, 28. Yanaul webcams
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Yanaul's webcam is located in the courtyard of house No. 83 on Victory Street. The lens covers the territory at the entrances, a playground, front gardens and benches. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Yanaul, Russia 09.06.23
Pobedy, 83. Yanaul webcams
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The Yanaul webcam is located in the courtyard of house No. 12A along Stationnaya Street. The lens covers the entrance to the entrance of an apartment building, as well as a parking lot and private households opposite. The situation can be monitored in real time.
Yanaul, Russia 06.06.23
Station, 12A. Webcams Yanaul
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The Yanaul webcam broadcasts a view of the courtyard of house No. 86 along Pobedy Street. The review covers the entrances to the entrances, the playground, parked cars, front gardens. The high quality of the video signal, as well as real-time broadcasting, allows you to monitor the current situation in this section of the city.
Yanaul, Russia 28.03.23
Yard on st. Pobedy, 86. Webcams of Yanaul
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The Yanaul webcam broadcasts in real time the local area near the house number 90 along Pobedy Street. The lens covers the entrance to one of the entrances, front gardens, cars parked nearby. Thanks to the broadcast, you can track the current weather, the situation in the yard, and possible offenses.
Yanaul, Russia 27.03.23
Yard on st. Victory, 90. Yanaul webcams
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The Yanaul webcam broadcasts the view from the side of the house number 101 along Pobedy Street. The lens covers the local area, ramp, children's and sports grounds, cars parked in the yard. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Yanaul, Russia 24.03.23
Victory Street, 101 yard. Webcams Yanaul
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The Yanaul webcam broadcasts live a section of the outskirts of the city. The lens covers the area with parked trucks and cars, the adjoining road. Avangard Nefteservis is located next to this place, there is a socialist street. Broadcast in HD format is transmitted in real time.
Yanaul, Russia 23.03.23
Behind the line Elka 2. Webcams Yanaul
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The Yanaul webcam broadcasts a view of the courtyard of house No. 103 along Pobedy Street. The lens captures the local area with a car park. The Yanaulka River flows near this house. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can track the current situation, the weather and possible offenses in this yard.
Yanaul, Russia 09.03.23
Victory Street 103. Yard. Webcams Yanaul
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