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Pedestrian crossing on Oktyabrskaya street. Webcams Sortavala online


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The camera opens a view of Oktyabrskaya Street in the town of Sortavala. The ancient city of Sortavala stands on the shores of Lake Ladoga. Finnish architects shaped the modern look of the city. The sights of Sortavala lie on both sides of the Vakkolahti Bay. A walk around the city introduces its history and architecture. We talked about the main architectural monuments and drew up a tourist map of the city with a tour route.

The lands of the northern Ladoga area were first mentioned in the Treaty of Orekhov with Sweden in 1323. It specifically talks about the Nikolo-Serdobolsk churchyard. So at that time the lands of Sortavala were called.

There are several versions about the origin of the name Sortavala. The famous Russian philologist Yakov Groth claimed that "Sortavala" comes from the Finnish participle sorttawa ("dissecting"). The Vakkolahti bay really divides the city in two.
There is also a church version. The evil spirits expelled by the monks from Balaam allegedly set off in the direction of the future city. And the name "Sortavala" (Finnish sorta from the Russian "devil", valta - power) means "the power of the devil."

The lands of the northern Ladoga area have repeatedly passed from hand to hand. After the turmoil, the Swedes established themselves here. In 1643 they founded a city called Sordavala.

After 8 years, Sordavala County is established. The Swedish nobleman Gustav Adam Baner became its owner.
After the Great Northern War, the local lands ceded to the Russian Empire. The Russians adapt the Karelian name of Sordavala to the Russian way and call it Serdobol.
In 1783, Catherine II, by her decree, returned Serdoboli to the status of a city. After 15 years, the city begins to build up according to the "highest confirmed plan."

A fire in 1903 destroyed dilapidated wooden houses in the Old Town. The center is being built up with new stone buildings in the Northern Art Nouveau style. After 1917, Sortavala became part of Finland. The city continued to develop actively until the Winter War of 1939-40. Most of the architectural monuments belong to the first third of the twentieth century.
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Live camera broadcasts a live broadcast at the intersection of Karelskaya - Sovetskaya streets in the city of Sortavala. Sortavala is a small but popular Karelian town. It was founded back in 1468. Sortavala is deservedly called the second capital of Karelia, since incredible nature, picturesque parks, forests, waterfalls, lakes and mountains surround this place and attract travelers from all over the country.
Sortavala, Russia 28.03.21
Crossroads of Karelskaya - Sovetskaya streets. Webcams Sortavala online
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Live webcam broadcasts live at the intersection of Karelskaya - Lenin streets in the city of Sortavala. Sortavala is a small European town on the banks of Ladoga, which by the will of fate turned out to be a part of Russia. This is one of the most ancient cities in Karelia, and the sights of Sortavala are of great value and are included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of the All-Russian level.
Sortavala, Russia 28.03.21
Crossroads of Karelskaya - Lenin streets. Webcams Sortavala online
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Live webcam broadcasts a view of the pedestrian crossing on Karelskaya Street in the city of Sortavala. Sortavala is the oldest city in the Republic of Karelia in the Russian Federation. Throughout its history, it has been under the rule of three states, which could not but affect the cultural, architectural and historical values of the city.
Sortavala, Russia 26.03.21
Pedestrian crossing on Karelskaya street. Webcams Sortavala online
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Live camera broadcasts a view of Kirov Square in the city of Sortavala. Sortavala is a small but very cozy town in Karelia. It is located on the shores of Lake Läppäjärvi and has a rich history. Sortavala is especially popular among tourists: an old center with Finnish houses has been preserved here, there are interesting museums, authentic cafes and a picturesque view of the lake.
Sortavala, Russia 26.03.21
Kirov Square. Sortavaly webcams online
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Live webcam with a view of the intersection of Kirov - Oktyabrskaya streets in the city of Sortavala. Sortavala is a small town in the west of Karelia. People come there to go to Valaam, the Ladoga Skerries National Park or the Ruskeala Mountain Park.
Sortavala, Russia 26.03.21
Crossroads of Kirov - Oktyabrskaya streets. Webcams Sortavala online
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The camera broadcasts a live broadcast on Bondareva Street in the city of Sortavala. The town of Sortavala is located in the southwestern part of Karelia, occupying the northern coast of Lake Ladoga. Its neighborhoods and streets stretch along the shores of the beautiful Läppäjärvi Bay.
Sortavala, Russia 24.03.21
Pedestrian crossing on Bondareva street. Webcams Sortavala online
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Live webcam with a view of the crossroads of Bondarev - Pobeda streets in the city of Sortavala. The Karelian town of Sortavala is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ladoga, on both sides of the Läppäjärvi Bay. Only 270 km separate Sortavala from the capital of the republic - Petrozavodsk, and 50 km - from the border with Finland.
Sortavala, Russia 22.03.21
Crossroads of Bondarev - Pobeda streets. Webcams Sortavala online
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Live webcam broadcasts live at the intersection of Bondarev - Friendship of Narodov streets in the city of Sortavala. The first mentions of settlements on the site of the present city of Sortavala date back to the XIV century. The Orekhovsky peace treaty of 1323 between Sweden and the Novgorod Republic lists 7 Karelian churchyards and Nikolo-Serdobolsky, located on the island of Riekkalansaari (Greek island) as well.
Sortavala, Russia 22.03.21
Crossroads of Bondarev Streets - Druzhby Narodov. Webcams Sortavala online
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