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Pskov webcam online with a view of the Pskov Krom (Kremlin).

The lens covers the fortress wall and the snow-white facades of the Trinity Church. In front of the wall, fortified with an earthen rampart, there is a bell tower, a spacious Soviet embankment and a river. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.

Pskov, whose webcams are available online on this site, is one of the oldest cities in Russia.

The first mention of it dates back to the X century. And today it attracts an incredible number of travelers not only from Russia, but also from other countries. The local streets, with their architectural monuments, museums, and even nature itself literally breathe antiquity, tell about great historical events and achievements.
The visiting card of the city is the Pskov Kremlin (or Krom). It is located in the place where two rivers merge – the Great and Pskov, which gave the name to this locality. The ancient walls stand on a high bank. And the total territory of the fortress reaches 3 hectares.

The construction of the Pskov Kremlin started at the end of the XI century, the height of its powerful walls reaches 8 meters, and the length is 1 km.

To this day, many architectural sights have been preserved on the territory of the Kremlin. These are Dovmontov city, Zahab, the front wall of Persha, Wards, outbuildings, a hotel. The center of the fortification ensemble is the snow-white Trinity Cathedral with a high bell tower, which was erected at the end of the XVII century. To this day, seven Kremlin towers have been perfectly preserved, which give the complex recognition.
Rybnitskaya is located right above the Holy Gate and was named the same as the Rybniki shopping district. Vlasevskaya, covered with a high wooden tent, for some time served as a customs point. And the Kutekrom tower has such an unusual name because of its angular location. Literally , it is translated like this: "In the corner of the Krom (Kremlin)".
Of particular interest is Dovmontov city, which was named after the Pskov prince, who ruled these lands in the XIII century. Once the complex was a fortification annex to the Kremlin. 17 temples were built here, the foundations of which were discovered relatively recently. Archaeological research and restoration is carried out here to this day. Nearby you can visit a small historical museum, which presents a realistic layout of the Kremlin complex.

If it is not possible to go to these parts yet, Pskov webcams will allow you to see this ancient city from anywhere in the country and the world.

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Pskov webcam at the Olginsky Bridge over the Velikaya River. The lens covers the transport crossing and coastal objects. There is an embankment, several temples, the Holgin Cross, a water taxi pier, business centers, shops, residential buildings Broadcast in real time.
Pskov, Russia 23.01.23
Olginsky Bridge. Pskov webcams
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The Pskov webcam with sound is installed at the stop on Lenin Square. The lens covers the movement of passenger and motor transport, territories adjacent to the road. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can track the current situation and weather.
Pskov, Russia 22.01.23
Lenin Square. Pskov webcams
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Pskov webcam with a view of the road junction on Victory Square. The lens is aimed at the roadbed, in the middle of which there is a landscaped square with the monument "City of Military Glory". Next to this place is the Alley of Heroes, shops, public transport stop, City Cultural Center. The broadcast is carried out online.
Pskov, Russia 20.01.23
Victory Square. Angle 2. Pskov webcams
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Pskov webcam with a view of the intersection of Vokzalnaya and Jan Fabricius streets. The lens covers the road junction from a height. Sidewalks, house parking, shops are adjacent to the roadbed. The broadcast is conducted in real time.
Pskov, Russia 19.01.23
The intersection of Vokzalnaya and Fabricius. Pskov webcams
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The Pskov webcam is broadcasting live from the intersection of Riga Avenue and Yubileynaya Street. The transport interchange, adjacent houses get into the lens. In the background you can see a cozy square. Nearby there are residential buildings, commercial organizations.
Pskov, Russia 17.01.23
The intersection of Riga and Jubilee. Angle 2. Pskov webcams
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The Pskov webcam broadcasts in real time from the intersection of Rizhsky Prospekt and Yubileynaya Street. The lens gets a road junction, sidewalks and buildings adjacent to it. In this area of the city there are several shops, catering establishments, a children's clinic, residential buildings and bank branches.
Pskov, Russia 16.01.23
The intersection of Riga and Jubilee. Pskov webcams
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Pskov webcam with a view of the Heroes-Paratroopers Square and the road junction bordering it. In this area of the city there is a large square with monuments, as well as the Pokrovsky hotel. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can track the current situation and weather.
Pskov, Russia 15.01.23
Heroes-Paratroopers Square. Pskov webcams
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The Pskov webcam broadcasts in real time from the intersection of Kommunalnaya and Yubileynaya streets. The lens covers the road junction, as well as adjacent territories. In this place there is a large shopping center Imperial, public transport stops, a library named after him. Grigorieva, shops, cafes, clinics.
Pskov, Russia 14.01.23
The intersection of Communal and Jubilee. Pskov webcams
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Pskov webcam broadcasts online a view of the intersection of Truda and Zvezdnaya Streets. The lens gets a wide roadbed, adjacent sidewalks. Behind you can see a new apartment building with parking and commercial facilities. Not far from here there is a hostel, a kindergarten, public transport stops.
Pskov, Russia 13.01.23
The intersection of Labor and Zvezdnaya. Pskov webcams
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Pskov webcam online broadcasts from the intersection of Vokzalnaya Street and Oktyabrsky Prospekt. The lens gets a road junction, adjacent houses and commercial facilities – shops, pharmacies, cafes. There is also an Eldorado hypermarket, public transport stops, a small square.
Pskov, Russia 12.01.23
The intersection of Oktyabrsky and Vokzalnaya. Pskov webcams
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Webcam with a view of Oktyabrskaya Square in Pskov. The lens covers the roundabout, along which beautiful, well-maintained houses rise. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can track the situation on the road and the current weather for free.
Pskov, Russia 02.01.23
Oktyabrskaya Square. Pskov webcams
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