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From this webcam view online we observe a large active volcano Vesuvius and the area east of the Neapolitan capital. Vesuvius is an active volcano in continental Europe and is considered to be the most dangerous compared to its island neighbors Etna and Stromboli.

According to scientists Vesuvius is not old - it appeared about 25,000 years ago as a result of the collision of the Eurasian African tectonic plates.

Vesuvius is 1,281 m high and consists of three cones. The oldest of them, Monte Somma, is preserved on the northern and eastern slopes. The second cone is Vesuvius itself, located inside the Monte Somma and is an active crater. The third cone then appears, then disappears again, depending on volcanic activity. The holes on which in case of eruption of magma comes to the surface, go to a depth of 3-15 m, and the diameter of the crater reaches 750 m.

According to research, Vesuvius erupted at least 80 times. The first known history of a powerful eruption occurred in the 7th millennium BC. Then volcanic rock covered the entire territory of modern Naples. In the middle of the 2nd millennium BC there was an Aveline eruption that caused climate change. In 79, an eruption erupted, burying Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabia and Oplontis, killing about 16,000 people.

After this incident, the volcano went quiet until 1631, when the next tragedy took more than 4,000 lives with it. Several eruptions were recorded in the 18th century. In 1805, about 26,000 people were killed in the eruption. In 1908, the eruption of Vesuvius prevented the summer Olympics, because of the volcano athletes met London.

The last significant eruption of Vesuvius occurred in 1944, destroying about 80 U.S. combat aircraft based nearby at the time. After that, the volcano is silent, occasionally throwing out clouds of ash and citing fear on the inhabitants.

Since 1995, Vesuvius has been declared a national park, but is under the close supervision of volcanologists, as its new eruption can be expected at any moment.
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Online broadcast from Mount Faito, 1092 meters above sea level, the length of the cable car 2945 meters. Travel time - 15 minutes one way. Pure mountain air, microclimate with temperature difference relative to the sea 5-6 C.
Naples, Italy 08.10.20
Live webcam on the La Faito cable car in Naples
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Castel Sant'Elmo is both the name of a hill and an ancient fortress in Naples, which is close to the monastery of St. Martin and is visible from anywhere in Naples. The castle is named after the ancient 10th century church of Sant Erasmo, later reduced to Ermo and then transformed into Elmo.
Naples, Italy 08.10.20
Castel Sant'Elmo Castle. Naples webcams online
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Online webcam with breathtaking views of the Flegrei Fields (Campi Flegrei) from The Hill of Kamaldoli. Campi Flegrei is a western suburb of Naples. Many have heard of the Vesuvius volcano near Naples, but few people know about another volcanic zone, Campo Flegrei, located on the other side of the metropolis.
Naples, Italy 08.10.20
Campi Flegrei.  Naples webcams online
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Live from the center of Naples from the astronomical observatory Capodimonte - INAF. From the webcam angle, we can observe the cruise port of Naples (Molo Beverello), located in the center of the city and one of the ten largest cruise ports in the Mediterranean.
Naples, Italy 08.09.20
Downtown, cruise port. Naples webcams online
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Online webcam overlooking southeast Niapol, San Martino Hill, 250 meters above sea level. In the foreground is the densely populated hilly area of Vomero Arenala. Naples is not like the rest of Italy, partly because it has been one of Europe's largest ports for centuries, partly because of the great independence of the Kingdom of Naples.
Naples, Italy 08.09.20
Panorama of the city. Naples webcams online
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Naples, an administrative city in Italy, located in the Bay of Naples Gulf. Naples city is the personification of ancient Roman and Greek life, which can be seen on the streets, in the surviving architectural elements. The camera takes a panoramic view of areas and the volcano Vizuviy.
Naples, Italy 22.10.13
Naples, mount Vesuvius web Cam online
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