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Long Beach, whose webcams can be viewed on this site, is one of the most prestigious cities in California, where the middle class, as well as millionaires, celebrities, and politicians, prefer to settle.

The name of the city is translated as "Long Beach", but its most famous advantages are far from the coast. In addition, this city was formerly called Willmore City.
Long Beach is an unusual combination of developed industrial areas with the luxury of exotic resorts.
The impressions of this city are mixed, and residents and guests express a variety of opinions, from overwhelming delight to resentment and disappointment. It all depends on which part of Long Beach you spend the most time in.

The most popular place for walking in Long Beach is its promenade.

It borders on famous landmarks, catering establishments, shopping and entertainment facilities.
The tallest structure in Long Beach is the 32-storey International Tower, which was built in 1966 as a hotel. A little over 20 years later, the building was converted into a residential high-rise building.

Another outstanding building in Long Beach is Villa Riviera, which is crowned with a small tower.

It is also a residential apartment building and belongs to the VIP class. The facility was built in 1929, but even at that time its cost was $ 2.75 million. Then it was an incredible amount.
The height of Villa Riviera is 136 meters. For a long time, the building bore the status of one of the tallest on the west coast of the North American continent.
Another skyscraper with a height of 121 meters and 30 floors is also of interest. This is the One World Trade Center business center, which appeared on the city map in 1989.

Along with skyscrapers, a lavish marina with all kinds of yachts and well-groomed streets, Long Beach is known for its street murals.

The city has a giant street art, the total area of ​​which reaches 11 thousand m2. It was created by the talented street artist Richard Wyland. The image is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest graffiti in the world.

For those who do not plan to visit California anytime soon, Long Beach webcams will allow them to expand their horizons and take an amazing virtual walk.

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The webcam is installed in the Blue Cave aquarium, located on the territory of the Long Beach Aquarium (USA). The volume of the tank reaches 540 m3. The inhabitants of the underwater depths of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Santa Catalina Island live here. Camera with sound. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Long Beach, USA 20.11.21
Blue Cave Aquarium. Long Beach webcams
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The webcam is installed under the water of the aquarium with tropical fish, which is located in the Long Beach Aquarium. With this device, you can observe the vibrant inhabitants of the underwater kingdom of Palau, where you can meet the most beautiful representatives of the fish fauna living among the colorful reefs. The broadcast is carried out with sound.
Long Beach, USA 19.11.21
Aquarium with tropical fish. Long Beach webcams
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Above-water camera overlooking the Magellanic Penguin enclosure at the Pacific Oceanarium in Long Beach (USA). Some of the inhabitants were brought from Brazil, where they were rescued from captivity. Penguins are part of the collection of animals, which in this institution numbers about 11 thousand individuals. The broadcast is carried out in real time
Long Beach, USA 18.11.21
Aviary with penguins. Long Beach webcams
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The camera with sound is located under the water of the penguin enclosure at the Long Beach Aquarium (USA). In real time, you can watch the Magellanic Penguins rescued from captivity in Brazil. Long Beach Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the country. There are 30 exhibitions and 1000 species of underwater inhabitants.
Long Beach, USA 16.11.21
Underwater webcam in the penguin enclosure. Long Beach webcams
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The camera overlooks the tropical reef of the Long Beach Aquarium (California, USA). The lens captures the stunning underwater world, with its colorful inhabitants - exorotic fish and lush vegetation. You can watch this beauty endlessly. Moreover, the broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Long Beach, USA 15.11.21
Tropical Reef Aquarium of Pacific. Long Beach webcams
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The webcam is positioned in the Long Beach Aquarium (USA, California). The lens enters an aquarium with large exotic jellyfish, which are called "Sea Nettle". The mesmerizing movement of these invertebrates can be observed from anywhere on the planet. The broadcast takes place in real time with enchanting musical accompaniment.
Long Beach, USA 14.11.21
Aquarium with jellyfish. Long Beach webcams
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