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Long Beach, where you can watch webcams from the comfort of your home or office right on this site, has an eventful history as well as numerous attractions.

The founders of the city at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries relied on Long Beach as a popular tourist center. The wonderful climate and exotic nature have helped this city really turn into a popular resort, which has become a picturesque oasis on the Atlantic coast.

In the first half of the 20th century, hotels and catering establishments, entertainment and business centers were built here.

There was a rapid population growth. A special boom in the development of the city occurred in the period after the discovery of oil deposits. Industrialists, businessmen and politicians began to arrive in Long Beach. In the suburbs, millionaires and representatives of the middle class built their luxurious villas. A huge port was under construction.
However, the plans of many were canceled out by the beginning of the Great Depression. And after the strongest earthquake, which brought enormous destruction, the mood of the residents changed, and the prosperous resort began to noticeably empty.

Today Long Beach is a well-groomed city, which is still home to the powers that be - the owners of local businesses that have replaced tourist centers.

Along with industrial sites, the city has preserved a variety of attractions. The main part is made up of giant skyscrapers built in the 20th century. But there are other unique objects as well.
One of the outstanding monuments of shipbuilding of the XX century is the ocean liner "Queen Mary", which was launched even before the Second World War and had the status of the largest passenger ship for a long time.
In wartime, "Queen Mary" was converted into a ship for the transport of troops. During her combat career, the ship transported over 80 thousand soldiers.
After the victory over Nazi Germany, the liner was again used for passenger transportation for some time. In the 60s, it was moored at the eternal dock off the coast of Long Beach. Today, the ship houses a hotel, a restaurant and a unique museum exhibition.

Also in Long Beach there is an observation deck, from where an amazing panorama of the city opens, with a viewing angle of 360 degrees.

However, access to it is only open to guests of the Hyatt Centric the Pike Long Beach. Others can take a unique virtual walk around the city, seeing it from a variety of angles. To do this, you just need to go to this site and turn on the Long Beach webcams.
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The webcam is installed under the water of the aquarium with tropical fish, which is located in the Long Beach Aquarium. With this device, you can observe the vibrant inhabitants of the underwater kingdom of Palau, where you can meet the most beautiful representatives of the fish fauna living among the colorful reefs. The broadcast is carried out with sound.
Long Beach, USA 19.11.21
Aquarium with tropical fish. Long Beach webcams
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Above-water camera overlooking the Magellanic Penguin enclosure at the Pacific Oceanarium in Long Beach (USA). Some of the inhabitants were brought from Brazil, where they were rescued from captivity. Penguins are part of the collection of animals, which in this institution numbers about 11 thousand individuals. The broadcast is carried out in real time
Long Beach, USA 18.11.21
Aviary with penguins. Long Beach webcams
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The camera is installed under the water of the shark aquarium at the Pacific Oceanarium in Long Beach (USA). Sharks of all kinds live here. In real time, you can observe the habits and feeding of predators. Feeding starts at 19:00 Moscow time.
Long Beach, USA 17.11.21
Shark lagoon. Long Beach webcams
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The camera with sound is located under the water of the penguin enclosure at the Long Beach Aquarium (USA). In real time, you can watch the Magellanic Penguins rescued from captivity in Brazil. Long Beach Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the country. There are 30 exhibitions and 1000 species of underwater inhabitants.
Long Beach, USA 16.11.21
Underwater webcam in the penguin enclosure. Long Beach webcams
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The camera overlooks the tropical reef of the Long Beach Aquarium (California, USA). The lens captures the stunning underwater world, with its colorful inhabitants - exorotic fish and lush vegetation. You can watch this beauty endlessly. Moreover, the broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Long Beach, USA 15.11.21
Tropical Reef Aquarium of Pacific. Long Beach webcams
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The webcam is positioned in the Long Beach Aquarium (USA, California). The lens enters an aquarium with large exotic jellyfish, which are called "Sea Nettle". The mesmerizing movement of these invertebrates can be observed from anywhere on the planet. The broadcast takes place in real time with enchanting musical accompaniment.
Long Beach, USA 14.11.21
Aquarium with jellyfish. Long Beach webcams
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