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Crossroads of Oktyabrsky Ave - Leningradsky Ave. Webcams Kemerovo


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The Kemerovo webcam in real time shows a view of the intersection between Oktyabrsky Ave and Leningradsky Ave.

The broadcast allows you to see what is happening on the roads and assess the weather conditions.

Kemerovo, whose webcams are available on the site, is located on the banks of the Tom and Iskitimka rivers.

It cannot be said that this is a tourist city, but one day it is worth visiting.
One of the popular places is the museum-reserve "Tomskaya pisanitsa". It was founded in 1988 around several rocks, on which there are drawings from the Stone and Bronze Ages. It is located 50 km from the city and spread over 140 hectares. This place is interesting because here you can not only see natural objects, but also get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the Siberian peoples. Also, a tourist can visit various structures from yurts to chapels.

Another interesting museum is the Kuznetsk Fortress, built at the beginning of the 19th century, and began to work as a cultural institution in 1991.

Since that time, it has been repeatedly reconstructed, for example, the Barnaul Gates and the barracks. Folklore events are often held on the territory of the fortress.
Among the natural attractions, the Kuznetsky Alatau nature reserve attracts attention. It was founded in 1989. It is located on an area of ​​more than 400 thousand hectares. There are many picturesque objects here: glaciers, ridges, lakes, swamps, etc. In addition, hiking, rafting and snowmobile routes have been created here. You can visit the reserve only with a permit. Here, in the southern part, there is the Tiger-Tysh ridge known as Celestial Teeth. It got its name because of the shape of the peaks. The highest point rises to 2178 m above sea level. Dark coniferous taiga stretches at the foot, tundra is on the slopes, and the peaks are usually covered with snow.

Of course, the Kuznetsk coal basin remains the main one in Kemerovo, whose webcams allow you to walk online through the streets of the city.

Many people know its abbreviated name - Kuzbass. It was first mentioned in 1721 and today is considered one of the largest coal basins in the world.
Since the city is the capital of coal mining, there are many monuments dedicated to miners. One of these is "Memory to the miners of Kuzbass". It is located on Krasnaya Gorka and was opened in 2003. Its total height is 12 m. On a pedestal made of granite, a bronze figure of a miner rises, in whose hands is a heart-coal. The monument in Kemerovo, whose webcams are available on the site, is a symbol of the resilience of those who go down every day to do their work in difficult conditions.
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Webcam Kemerovo in real time broadcasts a view of the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Blvd. Pioneer. Online you can see what is happening on the roads, as well as the weather. Interestingly, Lenin Avenue is one of the main ones in the city, as well as the longest and widest.
Kemerovo, Russia 26.03.22
Crossroads of Pionersky Boulevard and Lenin Avenue
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Webcam Kemerovo in real time shows a view of the crossroads between Sovetsky Ave. and st. Spring. The avenue stretches from the coking plant to the bridge across the Iskitimka river, after the bridge it ends up in Oktyabrsky avenue. Sovetsky pr-t is located in the historical center of the city of Kemerovo, where his life was concentrated in the pre-revolutionary years.
Kemerovo, Russia 22.03.22
Crossroads pr. Sovetsky - st. Spring. Webcams Kemerovo
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Webcam Kemerovo in real time shows a view of the intersection between Lenina Avenue and Blvd. Builders. Lenin Avenue is considered the main and widest street of the city, stretching for almost 8 km. The broadcast allows you to see what is happening on the roads and assess the weather conditions.
Kemerovo, Russia 21.03.22
Crossroads of Lenin Ave - Builders Boulevard. Webcams Kemerovo
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The Kemerovo webcam shows the Kuznetsky bridge in real time. The construction connects two districts of the city and passes through the Tom River. Its construction began in 1990. Due to problems in the country's economy, its construction had to be stopped several times. Construction was only completed in 2006.
Kemerovo, Russia 20.03.22
Kuznetsky bridge. Webcams Kemerovo
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Webcam Kemerovo in real time shows a view of the intersection of the street. Cathedral and etc. Lenin. Sobornaya Street got its name in honor of the Znamensky Cathedral. It is located in the Zaiskitim part. Its length is 900 m. Previously, it was named after the scientist Kliment Timiryazev.
Kemerovo, Russia 19.03.22
Crossroads st. Cathedral - Lenin Ave. Webcams Kemerovo
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Webcam Kemerovo in real time broadcasts a view of the road junction of Shakhterov avenue and st. Tereshkova. Tereshkova Street is one of the longest, because its length is 10 km. It starts in one of the districts of a city called Rudnichny from Miners Avenue, with which it forms a T-shaped intersection.
Kemerovo, Russia 14.03.22
Crossroads pr. Miners - st. Tereshkova. Webcams Kemerovo
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Sports complex azure offers residents of the city of Kemerovo. The motto "All in one" fully reflects the reality: cafe, beauty, diving, beauty salon, rental, tennis courts, fitness halls, gym, swimming pool, integrated children and youth sports school.
Kemerovo, Russia 24.10.16
Tennis court sportkompleksa "azure"
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The azure complex, invites all lovers of active leisure for life of the complex can be observed through a specially installed web camera. Azure is located in the city of Kemerovo, located in the southern part of Western Siberia. The complex azure web camera online
Kemerovo, Russia 15.11.13
The gym of the sports complex azure web camera online
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Kemerovo, sport makes each person strong and also healthy. The camera is located in the sports complex "azure", in the city of Kemerovo, Russia. Kemerovo is a city located in the North-West of Siberia, on the banks of two flowing rivers, Iskitim and Tom.
Kemerovo, Russia 02.11.13
The sports azure web camera online
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