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Webcams of Barnaul-Altai Krai in real time

Barnaul webcams, which you can watch online on this site, will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the oldest cities in Siberia, which appeared on the map in the XVIII century. Initially, a silver smelter was built on these lands, around which a working village was founded. Due to the rich mineral deposits, the settlement grew rapidly. Nowadays, most of the city's attractions are associated with mining, ranging from old factory buildings to a unique Mountain Pharmacy. You can learn about the history of Barnaul and its cultural heritage from numerous museums. And the well-preserved architectural monuments of the XVIII-XIX centuries will immerse you in the atmosphere of antiquity.

One of the oldest city streets is named after I. I. Polzunov

Initially, the artery was called the "Peter and Paul Line", taking its name from the cathedral built here. By the beginning of the last century, Liniya became the main street of Barnaul. During the Soviet era, it was renamed Republic Street. Later it received the name of the famous inventor. Most excursions in Barnaul start from this street. There are several unique architectural attractions here – the chancellery, the wooden estate of A. A. Lesnevsky, which has absorbed the features of two architectural trends at once – Old Russian and Baltic. Here you can also visit the regional Philharmonic Hall, which is also located in a historic building. It will be interesting to see the expositions of the local history museum and the "Mountain Pharmacy". The Office building of the Kolyvano-Voskresenskiye Zavody was built of wood in the XVIII century. But after the flood, it was replaced by a stone one. During the last reconstruction, the building, built in the classical style, restored the tower on the roof. Another architectural monument on Polzunov Street is the tool shop, which was once part of the silver smelter complex. The structure was built in the classical style with arched windows and architraves, and has been perfectly preserved to this day.

Of particular interest is the Mountain Pharmacy Museum. The institution appeared in Barnaul almost from its very foundation

It was intended to provide medical supplies to workers of factories and mines in Altai. Now this place has received the status of an architectural monument of federal significance. Within its walls, a unique exhibition on the topic of pharmaceutical industry is exhibited. The collection is divided into two parts. The first is a recreated copy of the pharmacist's house, which existed in the XIX century. In the second part, you can see the reconstruction of the pharmacy premises, as well as the pharmaceutical laboratory. During the tour, you can learn about the methods of creating medicines in the XVIII-XIX centuries, see with your own eyes how balsam and pills are made, and even take part in the production process. Near the museum there is a restaurant with traditional Siberian dishes.

Other interesting locations in Barnaul include the Nagorny Park, located on the banks of the Ob River

A large green area hangs over the city at an altitude of about 30 m. Previously, this place was a cemetery. In the middle of the XX century, the site was transformed into a park, where the exhibition of VDNH was exhibited. Today, the Nagorny Park is one of the favorite places for walking locals and visitors. Almost century-old coniferous trees, apple trees, linden trees grow here. Along the alleys there are well-maintained pedestrian paths. From the observation terraces you can enjoy a great panorama of the city and the Ob River. We should also mention the embankment along the river, which stretches next to the Upland Park. After a recent renovation, there is a pedestrian zone paved with paving slabs, lanterns and benches, as well as sunshades. The artery runs on several levels, so you can get closer to the water and enjoy the stunning river landscape. Cafes and stalls can be found along the embankment. During the summer months, you can see street musicians and attend cultural events. The Mountain Park can be reached from here by a specially equipped staircase.

Another pleasant place for a promenade in Barnaul is the pedestrian Malo – Tobolskaya street

Almost three centuries ago, there was a settlement of artisans who came from Tobolsk. At all times, trade was well developed here. Several old shops have survived to this day. These are not all the sights that you can see when you come to the Altai Territory. If you still can't go on a trip, the Barnaul webcams, which you can watch online on this site, will allow you to make a virtual tour of the city streets in real time.
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Barnaul's webcam with a view of Lenin Avenue at house 57 broadcasts one of the city's administrative buildings and the adjacent territory in real time. A cozy square and the surrounding territories fall into the perspective of the device. The broadcast is conducted in real time.
Barnaul, Russia 09.01.23
Lenin Avenue, 57. Barnaul webcams
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An overview webcam of Barnaul is attached to the house on Prirechnaya Street, 2a. The device covers various angles around the building. Thanks to the camera, you can monitor the weather, admire the river scenery. The broadcast is conducted in real time.
Barnaul, Russia 29.12.22
Prirechnaya Street, 2a. Barnaul webcams
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The device is installed in the Amur tiger enclosure, on the territory of the zoo in Barnaul. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, anyone can watch the habits and feeding of this rare predatory cat.
Barnaul, Russia 14.11.22
Amur tiger. Webcams Barnaul
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The rotating webcam of Barnaul broadcasts a view of the bridge over the railway tracks on Lenin Avenue (New Market). The device is installed on the building of the shopping center "Pioneer" and opens a wide viewing angle. The broadcast is in real time. Therefore, you can observe the current situation at the crossing and the surrounding area.
Barnaul, Russia 11.11.22
Bridge on the New Market. Webcams Barnaul
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A camera overlooking the window of the flower shop "Abazhur" in Barnaul. Thanks to the device, you can choose the right flowers and drive to Profintern Street for a nice gift for a loved one. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Barnaul, Russia 09.11.22
Flower shop Openwork. Webcams Barnaul
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Online broadcast of the football field of the sports club "TEMP" in Barnaul. A modern sports complex, the best in the Altai Territory. This is the site where the brightest and most iconic sports and music events are held today. The opening of SK Temp (Barnaul) took place in 2017.
Barnaul, Russia 22.06.21
Sports club "TEMP". Football arena, view of the left half of the field
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Live webcam broadcasts the TEMP sports club - the first in the Altai Territory, a modern, full-size warm football arena with a total area of ​​5760 sq.m., which is equipped with 8 comfortable changing rooms and stands for spectators with more than 700 seats.
Barnaul, Russia 22.06.21
Sports club "TEMP". Football arena, view of the right half of the field
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Online webcam from the enclosure of an African lion nicknamed Altai in the Barnaul Zoo. The African lion is not in vain won the glory of the king of animals. One of the most powerful predators of the Earth lives in southern Africa, mainly in protected areas.
Barnaul, Russia 26.05.21
The African lion. Barnaul Zoo webcam online
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Webcam online from the Barnaul zoo, in the angle of the webcam, we can observe the aviary of the Far Eastern leopard named Elisha. He arrived at the zoo as a one-year-old tame cat from the Seversky Nature Park. In May 2021, he turned 11 years old.
Barnaul, Russia 26.05.21
The Far Eastern leopard Elisha. Barnaul Zoo webcam online
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The webcam online broadcasts Mount Tserkovka located in the resort area of Belokurikha. Mount Tserkovka in Belokurikha is the main tourist attraction of the resort. The name of this mountain is due to the bizarre rock on its top, which resembles the dome of an Orthodox church. A cross is placed directly on this rock, which further enhances its resemblance to an Orthodox church.
Barnaul, Russia 25.05.21
Mount Tserkovka. Belokurikha Webcams Online
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The webcam online broadcasts Sakharov Square in Barnaul, this is one of the central squares of the city, located in the Railway district of the city between Dimitrov and Molodezhnaya streets at their intersection with Socialist Avenue. The name is given in honor of Academician Andrei Sakharov.
Barnaul, Russia 25.05.21
Sakharov Square. Barnaul Webcams Online
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Online broadcast from the ski base "Dynamo" in Barnaul, the base is the most popular place for winter recreation. On weekends and holidays, it is quite problematic to get to the base in the afternoon. If you plan to visit such a popular place, then it is desirable to arrive there before the opening, after you will have to stand in line for a long time.
Barnaul, Russia 25.05.21
Ski base "Dynamo". Barnaul Webcams Online
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The webcam online broadcasts in real time the intersection of Krasnoarmeysky - Stroiteley Avenues in Barnaul. Transport interchange in the city center, located next to the railway and bus station, from the angle of the webcam we can observe the building of the Altai Institute of Economics.
Barnaul, Russia 25.05.21
The intersection of Krasnoarmeysky - Stroiteley Avenues. Barnaul Webcams Online
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Online webcam broadcasts the Barnaul river port-located on the bank of the Ob River, near the mouth of the Barnaul River in the Central district of the city. Barnaul River Station is the main and only water gate of the capital of the Altai Territory.
Barnaul, Russia 24.05.21
River station. Barnaul Webcams Online
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