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The webcam online broadcasts Sakharov Square in Barnaul, this is one of the central squares of the city, located in the Railway district of the city between Dimitrov and Molodezhnaya streets at their intersection with Socialist Avenue. The name is given in honor of Academician Andrei Sakharov.

Sakharov Square is the most versatile square, perhaps the only one in the heart of the city, where you can hold cultural and mass events. Over the years, the square has experienced more than one New Year's town, honey Fair and Barnaul Day.

On October 18, 1991, the square was named after an active political figure, academician Andrei Sakharov. During perestroika, in the late 80s-early 90s, demonstrations, festivals, and fairs were organized on the square in front of the Palace of Entertainment and Sports.

Not so long ago, in the middle of the XX century, Sakharov Square was a wasteland overgrown with weeds, on which a hill rose. This elevation masked large water tanks, each with a volume of four hundred cubic meters. These reservoirs were part of the city's water supply system under construction. The cisterns were located in the highest part of the city center. Two pipes ran to the tanks. At night, while the city was asleep and the water consumption was minimal, the tanks were filled with water. At that time, the city was provided only with artesian water, treatment facilities for water from the Ob had not yet been built. During the day, when water consumption increased, water naturally entered the water supply system.

Water reservoirs were an important strategic object until the mid-60s. Their work was monitored around the clock by special teams. Decades later, the city expanded and the first pumping station and river water intake were built to meet its needs. Water was drained from the tanks. Since that time, "Sakharovskaya Gora" has fallen into disrepair.

By that time, Sakharov Square was no longer a vacant lot. In 1966, the Palace of Entertainment and Sports was built on the square for five thousand seats. Young figure skaters and hockey players trained on the artificial ice of the palace. The palace stage was also used as the largest concert venue in the city. To date, the Palace of Entertainment and Sports is still located on Sakharov Square, but its doors are closed due to the building's non-compliance with modern fire safety standards. The further fate of this structure is still unclear.

In 1973, the Altai Regional Drama Theater was built on the site. A wide staircase at the theater connected Sakharov Square and Lenin Avenue.

In 1980, for the 250th anniversary of the city, the improvement of the square was completed. The terrain was leveled, pedestrian areas were paved, and trees and shrubs were planted in green areas. Also on the square there was a monument dedicated to the Fifth Zonal Art Exhibition. The memorial sign is made of concrete and mosaic. According to legend, a "time capsule" is kept under the sign — a message from Komsomol members to future generations. In 1985, the Ob Sports complex, also located on Sakharov Square, opened its doors.

The architecture of Sakharov Square is made in a single style of constructivism, which is characterized by the absence of"architectural excesses".
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Online broadcast of the football field of the sports club "TEMP" in Barnaul. A modern sports complex, the best in the Altai Territory. This is the site where the brightest and most iconic sports and music events are held today. The opening of SK Temp (Barnaul) took place in 2017.
Barnaul, Russia 22.06.21
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Sports club "TEMP". Football arena, view of the right half of the field
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Online webcam from the enclosure of an African lion nicknamed Altai in the Barnaul Zoo. The African lion is not in vain won the glory of the king of animals. One of the most powerful predators of the Earth lives in southern Africa, mainly in protected areas.
Barnaul, Russia 26.05.21
The African lion. Barnaul Zoo webcam online
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Barnaul, Russia 26.05.21
The Far Eastern leopard Elisha. Barnaul Zoo webcam online
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The webcam online broadcasts Mount Tserkovka located in the resort area of Belokurikha. Mount Tserkovka in Belokurikha is the main tourist attraction of the resort. The name of this mountain is due to the bizarre rock on its top, which resembles the dome of an Orthodox church. A cross is placed directly on this rock, which further enhances its resemblance to an Orthodox church.
Barnaul, Russia 25.05.21
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Online broadcast from the ski base "Dynamo" in Barnaul, the base is the most popular place for winter recreation. On weekends and holidays, it is quite problematic to get to the base in the afternoon. If you plan to visit such a popular place, then it is desirable to arrive there before the opening, after you will have to stand in line for a long time.
Barnaul, Russia 25.05.21
Ski base "Dynamo". Barnaul Webcams Online
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The webcam online broadcasts in real time the intersection of Krasnoarmeysky - Stroiteley Avenues in Barnaul. Transport interchange in the city center, located next to the railway and bus station, from the angle of the webcam we can observe the building of the Altai Institute of Economics.
Barnaul, Russia 25.05.21
The intersection of Krasnoarmeysky - Stroiteley Avenues. Barnaul Webcams Online
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Online webcam broadcasts the Barnaul river port-located on the bank of the Ob River, near the mouth of the Barnaul River in the Central district of the city. Barnaul River Station is the main and only water gate of the capital of the Altai Territory.
Barnaul, Russia 24.05.21
River station. Barnaul Webcams Online
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