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Live webcams Yaroslavl - landscapes of Russian cities

Yaroslavl webcams, which you can watch online on this site, will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity and beautiful nature. Initially, this city on the Volga occupied a relatively small area. Today, Yaroslavl is a major transport and industrial hub. Travelers from different parts of the country come to see the local beauty. About 800 architectural monuments of regional and federal significance have been preserved in the city. And at every step, guests are waiting for pleasant surprises in the form of old churches, luxurious parks, fascinating museums.

The center of attraction for guests and residents of Yaroslavl, whose webcams are available on this site in real time, is the Volzhskaya embankment.

It was founded in the first half of the 19th century and a huge amount was allocated from the state treasury for the construction. The embankment of Yaroslavl is still considered the most beautiful promenade among all that run along the Volga. The coast is reinforced with masonry. A variety of trees and flowers grow along the pedestrian zone. Bridges are thrown across the river, and paths for cycling are equipped along the promenade.
The embankment runs in three tiers. Each of them has its own characteristics. Arbors and terraces nestled comfortably somewhere. Somewhere old merchant houses rise. Others have cafes, museums, attractions. A walk along the Volga in Yaroslavl will bring a lot of positive emotions and unique photographs.
There are also stunning places of worship in Yaroslavl. The main and oldest of them is the Holy Vvedenskaya Tolgskaya convent. On the territory of the monastery is kept the Tolga icon of the Mother of God, which is considered miraculous. Pilgrims from all parts of Russia come to bow to her. The monastery itself was founded in the XIV century. The first church was built at the same time. Gradually, the territory of the monastery increased. New shrines and outbuildings were erected. The Soviet period, of course, did not affect the monastery in the best way. For a long time it was in disrepair and considerably dilapidated. The monastery was returned to believers only 60 years after the October Revolution. Today, not only pilgrims come here, but also those who want to walk around the cozy landscaped area, feel the peace, tranquility and silence of this place.
The most famous and beautiful Orthodox church in Yaroslavl is the Church of John the Baptist. It has a truly fabulous appearance and was built in the 17th century. At the moment there are no services in the temple. However, despite this, many travelers wish to visit it. For tourists, only external decoration is available, which will give real aesthetic pleasure. The facades, generously decorated with carved patterns, resemble a Persian carpet. Relief drawings, arcades, bell towers - all this creates a unique architectural image. No wonder the temple is included in the list of Cultural Monuments of Federal significance.

One of the most visited objects of Yaroslavl, whose webcams are available online on this site, is the city park, which was built in honor of the 1000th anniversary.

The vast green area is planted with a variety of trees, bushes, flowers. The real symbol of the park is a giant bear cast in bronze. The sculpture was designed by Zurab Tsereteli. The highlight of the park is also the presence of a huge number of all kinds of attractions, including the Ferris wheel, from where the city is visible at a glance. There are separate playgrounds for the little ones. For art lovers there is a summer stage where a brass band plays. And for fans of active pastime, tracks for roller skating and skateboarding have been created. There are also equipment rentals.
A large number of architectural monuments have also been preserved in Yaroslavl. These include the complex of the Metropolitan's Chambers. This is an old mansion of the 17th century, where the metropolitan held meetings, high-ranking officials stayed. The complex consists of two two-story buildings, outbuildings, a home church. Today, an exhibition of samples of ancient Russian art is kept within the walls of the estate. The pearl of the collection are ancient icons and miniatures.
You can learn detailed facts from the history of the city by visiting the Historical Museum of Yaroslavl. It is located near the Volga embankment. Its expositions are placed in an old building and present many artifacts dedicated to various pages of the city chronicle. Along with storage items, the walls of the building have authentically recreated the ancient interior, with decorative stucco molding and painted ornaments. Of particular interest are samples of ancient weapons, ancient manuscripts, as well as photographs and archival documents. The exhibition is equipped with interactive elements. Thematic events, theatrical performances, master classes are also held here.

For those who have not yet been able to visit these places in person, Yaroslavl webcams will allow you to plunge into the ancient atmosphere of its streets.

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The Yaroslavl webcam broadcasts an overview of the intersection of Lisitsyn Street and Myshkinsky Proezd. Near this place there are many shops, residential buildings, and public transport stops. The Vzlyot flying club operates nearby. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 29.11.23
Crossroads of Lisitsyn and Myshkinsky Proezd. Yaroslavl webcams
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The Yaroslavl webcam broadcasts live the intersection of Bogdanovich and Volodarsky streets. The device's perspective shows pedestrian crossings and adjacent sidewalks, with houses and trees. Near this place there is the Shinnik stadium, the Krylov library, a large square, a sports complex, cafes and shops.
Yaroslavl, Russia 26.11.23
Volodarsky-Bogdanovich intersection. Angle 3. Yaroslavl webcams
38 0
Yaroslavl webcam with a view of the Volodarsky-Bogdanovich intersection. The lens includes a pedestrian crossing and sidewalks adjacent to the roadway. In this part of the city there is the Krylov Library, Shinnik Stadium, cozy squares, and many commercial facilities. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 22.11.23
Volodarsky-Bogdanovich intersection. Angle 2. Yaroslavl webcams
27 0
The Yaroslavl webcam is located at the intersection of Bogdanovich and Volodarsky streets. Near this place there are several squares, a library, the Shinnik stadium, a television tower, the Uglich market, as well as residential buildings, shops and other objects of the urban environment. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 20.11.23
Volodarsky-Bogdanovich intersection. Angle 1. Yaroslavl webcams
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The Yaroslavl webcam is located on the territory of the Podolino ski resort. The lens covers one of the equipped descents. The broadcast is conducted in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 18.06.23
Podolino ski resort. Camera 1. Yaroslavl webcams
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View of one of the ski slopes on the territory of the Podolino complex in Yaroslavl. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can remotely observe what is happening, even if it is not yet possible to visit the resort in person.
Yaroslavl, Russia 15.06.23
Ski resort Podolino. Camera 3. Webcam Yaroslavl
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The Yaroslavl camera is broadcasting what is happening on the territory of the Podolino ski resort. The lens is aimed at one of the tracks, surrounded by a picturesque area. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 07.06.23
Ski resort Podolino. Camera 2. Webcams of Yaroslavl
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Yaroslavl webcam is located at Dachny lane 2B. The device broadcasts a view of the road. And thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can monitor the current situation in this area, as well as the weather and possible traffic violations.
Yaroslavl, Russia 12.04.23
Dachny lane, 2B. Angle 4. Webcams of Yaroslavl
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Veyu-camera of Yaroslavl in real time transmits a view of the section of the highway, which runs near the house at Dachny Lane, 2B. Live broadcast allows you to monitor the situation on the road, weather, possible traffic violations.
Yaroslavl, Russia 11.04.23
Dachny lane, 2B. Camera 3. Webcams of Yaroslavl
92 0
Yaroslavl webcam broadcasts live near the house number 2B, located on Dachny Lane. The lens covers traffic on the road near the house, a fragment of a public transport stop. In the background you can see the private sector.
Yaroslavl, Russia 10.04.23
Dachny lane, 2B. Camera 2. Webcams of Yaroslavl
87 0
The webcam broadcasts the view from the side of house No. 2B on Dachny Lane in Yaroslavl. The lens captures the movement of vehicles, as well as the opposite side of the street with a bus stop, residential buildings, parking. The broadcast is in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 08.04.23
Dachny lane, 2B. Webcams Yaroslavl
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The webcam of Yaroslavl with a view of Ivanovskiy perevoz broadcasts traffic on this section of the road in real time. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can track the current situation, possible offenses, weather.
Yaroslavl, Russia 06.04.23
Ivnyakovskiy transport. Webcams Yaroslavl
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Webcam overlooking the ski slope of the Podolino Sports and Fitness Complex, located in the village of the same name in the Yaroslavl Region. The lens covers a wide view of the descent, as well as the drag lift. The camera allows you to watch what is happening without even leaving your home or office. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 05.04.23
Sports and fitness complex Podolino. Webcams Yaroslavl
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Yaroslavl webcam with a view of Sovetskaya Square. The lens covers the Orthodox church, as well as the road adjacent to it, enveloping it in a ring. Behind you can see the old city buildings. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 04.04.23
Soviet Square. Webcams Yaroslavl
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Yaroslavl webcam with a view of the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Magistralnaya and Berezovaya streets. The lens covers the roadway and the sidewalk adjacent to it, with the Magnit chain store and other objects. This is one of the sleeping quarters of the city with apartment and private houses. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Yaroslavl, Russia 10.01.23
The intersection of the Trunk and Birch. Camera 2. Yaroslavl webcams
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