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Babushkin Square. Webcams Vologda


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Live webcam overlooking Babushkin Square in Vologda.

The lens captures a road intersection, part of the sidewalk and the square. In this area of ​​the city there are public transport stops, the “I love Vologda” stele, the Vologda 1 railway station, the Russian Post office, and shops. The broadcast is transmitted online.

Vologda, whose webcams are available online on this site, is a wonderful regional center with a long history and an abundance of attractions.

Vologda is not only a carved palisade and wooden architecture. It is also an abundance of ancient temples, museums, theaters, and, of course, beautiful natural places.
The famous landmark and hallmark of the city is the Vologda Kremlin. It was built under Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century. The king loved this city and even wanted to make it his capital. The walls of the fortress were made of wood and reinforced with 20 towers. Behind the powerful walls were residential buildings, barracks, a prison, a market and a temple.
The first tests of the citadel occurred during the period of the Polish-Lithuanian intervention. And over time, the Kremlin lost its defensive function. The powerful walls were dismantled for the construction of city buildings, and only memories remained of the former glory of the Kremlin.
Several sights of the ancient fortress have survived to this day. This is St. Sophia Cathedral, Consistor and Bishop's courtyards. There is also a local history museum. Near the complex is the city embankment, bordering the river that gave the city its name. Thanks to the efforts of restorers and landscape designers, a magnificent park was laid out on the territory of the Kremlin, where you can see the remains of the rampart, as well as ponds, which once served as a moat that surrounded the fortress walls.

Hagia Sophia, which towers over the territory of the Kremlin, was also built during the time of Ivan the Terrible.

It is believed that during the construction of the temple, a brick fell on the foot of the king. He thought that this was a bad sign and did not move the capital to Vologda. Be that as it may, the ancient temple to this day pleases the Orthodox community and all fans of ancient religious architecture. It is noteworthy that, despite its age, services are still held in the temple (albeit exclusively on major Orthodox holidays).
The building was erected according to a project similar to the Moscow Assumption Cathedral. This is a snow-white building with five dark onion-type domes. The interiors are decorated with stunning frescoes of the 17th century, which, thanks to restorers, have been perfectly preserved to this day.
The bell tower adjoins the main building, the height of which is almost 80 meters. The bell tower is crowned with a golden dome, which can be seen from almost all corners of Vologda.

If it is not yet possible to go to these parts, you can see the splendor of the ancient streets if you watch Vologda webcams online.

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Camera overlooking the intersection of Chekhov and Chelyuskintsev streets in Vologda. In this area of the city there is a branch of the Moscow State Industrial University, a large number of shops, hotels, as well as schools, medical institutions, company offices. The broadcast is in real time.
Vologda, Russia 30.06.22
Crossroads st. Chekhov - Chelyuskintsev. Webcams Vologda
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A road junction at the intersection of Leningradskaya and Blagoveshchenskaya streets in the city of Vologda (Russia) enters the lens of the device. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can observe the current situation on the road, as well as weather conditions.
Vologda, Russia 29.06.22
Crossroads st. Leningradskaya - Blagoveshchenskaya. Webcams Vologda
37 0
A camera overlooking the intersection of Batyushkov Street and Pobedy Avenue in Vologda. In this area of the city there is the City Market, offices of construction companies, the Pedagogical College, residential buildings and shops. The broadcast is in real time.
Vologda, Russia 28.06.22
Crossroads st. Batyushkova - Victory. Webcams Vologda
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A camera overlooking the intersection of Batyushkov and Blagoveshchenskaya streets in Vologda. The lens covers the road junction and adjacent sidewalks and buildings. In this area of the city there are shops, department stores, catering establishments, bank branches. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Vologda, Russia 26.06.22
Crossroads st. Batyushkova - Blagoveshchenskaya. Webcams Vologda
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