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Vologda webcams online - the center of the Vologda region

You can watch Vologda webcams online to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient city. In the North of Russia, this settlement is considered the most ancient. It is rich in history, cultural traditions and architectural objects. The peculiarities of this city are lace and carved facades of merchant houses. If we touch on the topic of lace-making, then it originated at the end of the 16th century. and existed as a craft until the middle of the XIX century. You can see unique textile exhibits in the unique Museum of Lace, located in a two-story brick building in the historic center of the city. In addition to the main exhibition, which presents various products, here you can visit lace-making workshops and a store to buy something for memory.

Vologda stands on the river of the same name, the origin of the name is controversial.

Someone believes that the word "Vologda" refers to the Finno-Ugric "drag" and means a large forest. Some local historians and historians are inclined to believe that the word comes from the Zyryansk “volokva”, which means clear or forest water. There is no consensus about the year of foundation. At the same time, the official date is the year when the monk Gerasim founded the Trinity Monastery here. This happened in 1147. Some historians claim that this is a legend that has no evidence. Vologda was first mentioned in documents in 1264.
The city has always been part of the Novgorod principality, which was often indicated in documents. Given that it is located at the intersection of waterways, many people wanted to conquer Vologda, including the Tver and Moscow princes. As a result, in 1368 he was captured by the Moscow prince Dmitry Donskoy. Later, the Spaso-Prilutsky Monastery was founded here, which became the basis of Moscow's influence in this region. The Vologda region became an independent principality in 1446. However, in 1481 it was conquered by the Moscow principality. During the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the region became a center of foreign trade, where goods were sent and arrived to various countries. It was with the participation of the king that the Vologda Kremlin and St. Sophia Cathedral were laid here.
In the 19th century Vologda is turning into an industrial center. Buman, a local entrepreneur, opened a butter factory here. This case was a huge success, thanks to which another production is opened. After that, Vologda oil becomes popular even outside the country. During the period of Soviet power, a car repair and ship repair plants, as well as a sewing and linen plant, appeared here.

If you watch Vologda webcams online, you can walk along the streets of this ancient city.

The main attractions are close to each other. Tourists who come for the first time immediately begin their tour from the Kremlin. This is a fortress with high walls, which began to be built in 1567 under Ivan the Terrible. After the settlement lost its significance, most of the structure was dismantled. At the same time, the Bishop's Court, some buildings and St. Sophia Cathedral were preserved. The latter stands in front of the entrance to the Kremlin. This is a tall white stone building with five domes. Services in it are held only on holidays in the warm season. They are definitely worth a visit to enjoy the unique frescoes of the 17th century depicting scenes from the Bible.
Vologda is distinguished by monuments of wooden architecture, which are concentrated on Blagoveshchenskaya Street. Here you can see the notorious colorful houses with carved palisades. The walk, however, will not be long, because. the area with old buildings is not long.

To immerse yourself in this atmosphere of antiquity even more, you should go to the Semenkovo ​​architectural and ethnographic museum.

The institution was founded in 1979. Initially, it was done simply to preserve the artifacts of wooden architecture. The creators of this complex decided to recreate the appearance of the village of the 19th century, therefore, in addition to residential buildings, here you can see barns, a windmill, a church and other buildings. This museum was recognized as an object of cultural heritage. The institution has repeatedly participated in various competitions and won prizes. The area of ​​the complex is quite large and occupies almost 13 hectares. In general, there are 2 religious buildings, 1 estate, 12 residential buildings and 17 outbuildings. Many buildings can be visited by going inside to get acquainted with the life of the peasants.
In addition to well-known sights, there are enough unofficial monuments in Vologda. For example, an unusual sculpture of a forged door, in which you can see the silhouettes of city churches and houses. It is a little open, and, according to the stories of local residents, leads to happiness.

You can watch Vologda webcams online to see the picturesque places of this soulful northern city.

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View of the intersection of Herzen and Predtechenskaya streets in Vologda. The lens covers road traffic at the interchange, adjoining sidewalks, houses, commercial facilities. In this area of the city there are residential buildings, the Department of Housing Construction, the Atrium Hotel, supermarkets, shops, bank branches. The broadcast is online.
Vologda, Russia 26.09.22
Crossroads of Herzen - Predtechenskaya streets. Webcams Vologda
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Camera of Vologda with a view of the intersection of Pobedy Avenue and Belozerskoye Highway. In this area of the city there is a Children's Technopark, a branch of the Post Bank, several residential high-rise buildings. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Vologda, Russia 24.09.22
Intersection of Prospekt Pobedy - Belozerskoe highway. Webcams Vologda
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The Vologda webcam broadcasts in real time the intersection of Leningradskaya and Petina streets. In this area of the city there are many shops, cafes, bank branches. The lens covers the road junction from a great height, due to which the viewing angle is significantly increased.
Vologda, Russia 21.09.22
Crossroads of Leningradskaya - Petina streets. Webcams Vologda
51 0
The Vologda webcam is installed at the intersection of Konev and Mozhaisky streets. The lens covers the road junction. In this area of the city there is a monument to I. S. Konev, the Shogrash River, through which overpasses are thrown. Close to shops, supermarkets, banks.
Vologda, Russia 18.09.22
The intersection of the streets of Konev - Mozhaisky. Webcams Vologda
46 0
Webcams of Vologda in real time broadcast a view of the intersection of Dalnyaya - Fryazinovskaya streets. This is a fairly large intersection of streets, located in an industrial area. The webcam allows you to watch the situation on the road live.
Vologda, Russia 15.09.22
Crossroads of Dalnyaya - Fryazinovskaya streets. Webcams Vologda
36 0
The Vologda webcam broadcasts a view of the Central Department Store in real time. The lens captures the building of the shopping center and the parking space. You can also see two-story city buildings in the distance.
Vologda, Russia 13.09.22
TSUM. Webcams Vologda
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The Vologda webcam broadcasts live a view of the intersection of Leningradskaya - Novgorodskaya streets. These streets are located in the residential area of the city. People, a busy section of the road, as well as a residential area fall into the webcam lens.
Vologda, Russia 08.09.22
Crossroads of Leningradskaya - Novgorodskaya streets. Webcams Vologda
36 0
The Vologda webcam broadcasts live a view of the intersection of Prospekt Pobedy - Mokhova Street. The lens captures a busy section of the road, as well as residential buildings. In online mode, you can watch what is happening on the street.
Vologda, Russia 03.09.22
Crossroads Prospekt Pobedy - Mokhova street. Webcams Vologda
37 0
The Vologda webcam in real time shows a view of the intersection of Leningradskaya and Yaroslavskaya streets. The lens captures a wide road, some modern buildings and green spaces.
Vologda, Russia 27.08.22
Crossroads of Leningradskaya - Yaroslavskaya streets. Webcams Vologda
28 0
The Vologda webcam broadcasts a view of the Okruzhnoye Highway in real time. This is a road junction that involves heavy traffic and leads to the city. You can watch traffic conditions live.
Vologda, Russia 21.08.22
County highway. Webcams Vologda
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Webcam overlooking Babushkin Square in Vologda. The lens captures a road intersection, part of the sidewalk and the square. In this area of the city there are public transport stops, the “I love Vologda” stele, the Vologda 1 railway station, the Russian Post office, and shops. The broadcast is transmitted online.
Vologda, Russia 13.07.22
Babushkin Square. Webcams Vologda
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Camera overlooking the intersection of Chekhov and Chelyuskintsev streets in Vologda. In this area of the city there is a branch of the Moscow State Industrial University, a large number of shops, hotels, as well as schools, medical institutions, company offices. The broadcast is in real time.
Vologda, Russia 30.06.22
Crossroads st. Chekhov - Chelyuskintsev. Webcams Vologda
46 0
A road junction at the intersection of Leningradskaya and Blagoveshchenskaya streets in the city of Vologda (Russia) enters the lens of the device. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can observe the current situation on the road, as well as weather conditions.
Vologda, Russia 29.06.22
Crossroads st. Leningradskaya - Blagoveshchenskaya. Webcams Vologda
70 0
A camera overlooking the intersection of Batyushkov Street and Pobedy Avenue in Vologda. In this area of the city there is the City Market, offices of construction companies, the Pedagogical College, residential buildings and shops. The broadcast is in real time.
Vologda, Russia 28.06.22
Crossroads st. Batyushkova - Victory. Webcams Vologda
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A camera overlooking the intersection of Batyushkov and Blagoveshchenskaya streets in Vologda. The lens covers the road junction and adjacent sidewalks and buildings. In this area of the city there are shops, department stores, catering establishments, bank branches. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Vologda, Russia 26.06.22
Crossroads st. Batyushkova - Blagoveshchenskaya. Webcams Vologda
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