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Crossroads st. Chekhov - Chelyuskintsev. Webcams Vologda


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Live webcam overlooking the intersection of Chekhov and Chelyuskintsev streets in Vologda.

In this area of ​​the city there is a branch of the Moscow State Industrial University, a large number of shops, hotels, as well as schools, medical institutions, company offices. The broadcast is in real time.

Vologda, whose webcams can be viewed online, carefully preserves traditions and nurtures modern cultural heritage on this solid foundation.

Particular attention in the city is given to theatrical art.
The Vologda State Drama Theater is one of the oldest in the country. This institution is over 170 years old. It was founded in the middle of the 19th century and quickly became popular not only in the city, but throughout Russia. Both Vologda artists and stars of the Russian stage performed on the stage of the drama theater. The famous Russian figure Lunacharsky, who was exiled in this region, began his writing career with reviews of the performances of the Vologda Drama Theater.
Initially, the theater was based in another building. But in honor of the 125th anniversary of its founding, the institution was moved to a new building built in the secular modern style. To this day, the theater pleases the audience with its performances, in which novice artists, as well as honored cultural figures of the Russian Federation, take part. On the stage of the theater, plays based on classical works, as well as modern scenarios, are played.
Fans of dramatic art should also visit the Chamber Theater in Vologda, which was founded at the end of the last century by a team of artists from the Theater for Young Spectators. For many years the troupe moved to rented premises. But in 2010, the authorities transferred their own building to the Chamber Theater. Since 2019, the theater has been based on Mira Street. Performances from foreign and Russian classics, works by contemporary playwrights of various genres are staged here. Artists often go on tour and festivals around the country.

Young theater-goers are recommended to visit the Children's Puppet Theater in Vologda.

It is located in the colorful building of the former church of Zosima and Savvaty of Solovetsky. The style of the building resembles a fairy-tale tower. Therefore, over time, the institution began to be called “Teremok”. Theater artists made a significant contribution to raising the fighting spirit of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War. The troupe traveled to the front with their performances, helping the fighters to escape from the harsh everyday life of a soldier.
Today, within the walls of Teremok, children's fairy tales from the classical repertoire are staged, thematic events and festivals are held.

If you can’t go to this wonderful city yet, Vologda webcams, which you can watch online in real time, will allow you to make a virtual trip without leaving your home or office.

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Vologda webcam with a view of the stadium, located near the stadium on the street. Schmidt, 3. The lens covers a fenced area for sports. The broadcast is transmitted in real time. Therefore, anyone can watch games and competitions from anywhere in the country and the world.
Vologda, Russia 29.12.23
Stadium on Shmidta, 3 in Molochny. Vologda webcams
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Vologda webcam with a view of the stadium on Shmidt street, 3 in Molochny. The lens covers a fragment of a fenced area for competitions and training. Thanks to real-time broadcast, everyone can watch what is happening online.
Vologda, Russia 28.12.23
Stadium on Shmidta, 3 in Molochny. Angle 2. Vologda webcams
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The Vologda webcam is located in the village of Molochnoye on Shmidt Street, 3. At this address there is a stadium and sports ground. The lens captures a fragment of a field for games and competitions, as well as a sports ground with uneven bars, a wall bars and horizontal bars. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Vologda, Russia 27.12.23
Stadium on Shmidta, 3 in Molochny. Angle 3. Vologda webcams
36 0
The Vologda webcam is located in the village of Molochny, Vologda urban district. The view comes into view of a sports ground where various games, competitions and training take place. Real-time broadcast allows you to watch what is happening at the stadium, even for those who are at home, on the other side of the globe.
Vologda, Russia 25.12.23
Stadium on Shmidta, 3 in Molochny. Angle 4. Vologda webcams
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The Vologda webcam is located in the village of Molochnoye near the Sberbank branch. The children's playground and surrounding area fall directly into the lens. Real-time broadcast allows you to watch what is happening from anywhere in the country and the world where there is Internet access.
Vologda, Russia 24.12.23
Sberbank Dairy, Vologda region. Vologda webcams
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Vologda webcam with a view of the square in the village of Maisky, Vologda Municipal District. A well-groomed square falls into the lens. Behind is the school. The view is from the side of a residential building. What is happening can be observed in real time.
Vologda, Russia 22.12.23
Maysky Square. Vologda webcams
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The Vologda webcam is located near the Kremlin Square overlooking the Resurrection Cathedral. Near this place there is a large complex of the Vologda Kremlin, several museums and temples. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Vologda, Russia 18.12.23
Cathedral. Kremlin Square. Vologda webcams
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Vologda webcam with a view of the “Konechnaya” public transport stop. Nearby there is a bus station, supermarkets, intersections and parking lots. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Vologda, Russia 17.12.23
Dairy. Ending station. Vologda webcams
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The Vologda webcam is located in the village of Molochnoye, at the address: st. Mira, 9. The lens covers the local area with the sidewalk and roadway. In the background there is a fenced area. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Vologda, Russia 16.12.23
Mira, 9. Dairy. Vologda webcams
34 0
Vologda webcam with a view of the intersection of Lenin and Emelyanov in the village of Molochnoye. The review covers the road junction with adjacent areas. Here is the Pyaterochka supermarket, Faculty of Engineering, and school. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Vologda, Russia 15.12.23
Dairy. Crossroads of Lenin and Emelyanov. Vologda webcams
42 0
View of the intersection of Herzen and Predtechenskaya streets in Vologda. The lens covers road traffic at the interchange, adjoining sidewalks, houses, commercial facilities. In this area of the city there are residential buildings, the Department of Housing Construction, the Atrium Hotel, supermarkets, shops, bank branches. The broadcast is online.
Vologda, Russia 26.09.22
Crossroads of Herzen - Predtechenskaya streets. Webcams Vologda
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Camera of Vologda with a view of the intersection of Pobedy Avenue and Belozerskoye Highway. In this area of the city there is a Children's Technopark, a branch of the Post Bank, several residential high-rise buildings. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Vologda, Russia 24.09.22
Intersection of Prospekt Pobedy - Belozerskoe highway. Webcams Vologda
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The Vologda webcam broadcasts in real time the intersection of Leningradskaya and Petina streets. In this area of the city there are many shops, cafes, bank branches. The lens covers the road junction from a great height, due to which the viewing angle is significantly increased.
Vologda, Russia 21.09.22
Crossroads of Leningradskaya - Petina streets. Webcams Vologda
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The Vologda webcam is installed at the intersection of Konev and Mozhaisky streets. The lens covers the road junction. In this area of the city there is a monument to I. S. Konev, the Shogrash River, through which overpasses are thrown. Close to shops, supermarkets, banks.
Vologda, Russia 18.09.22
The intersection of the streets of Konev - Mozhaisky. Webcams Vologda
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Webcams of Vologda in real time broadcast a view of the intersection of Dalnyaya - Fryazinovskaya streets. This is a fairly large intersection of streets, located in an industrial area. The webcam allows you to watch the situation on the road live.
Vologda, Russia 15.09.22
Crossroads of Dalnyaya - Fryazinovskaya streets. Webcams Vologda
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