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Watch Ulyanovsk webcams online - the birthplace of the "leader of the revolution" Vladimir Lenin

Ulyanovsk webcams allow you to look online at urban landscapes. This is a large city, which is located in the Volga Federal District on the banks of the famous river. Volga. If you touch on history, then in 1648 on the site of the modern settlement there was a fortress called Simbirsk, which in 1670 was attacked by the troops of Stepan Razin. Almost 100 years later, the interrogation of the captive Yemelyan Pugachev was carried out here, at which Alexander Suvorov was present. In the middle of the XIX century. the city was nearly destroyed by a great fire. Over time, it was restored, and in 1898 the railway to Inza was put into operation. In 1916, the construction of the two-kilometer Imperial Bridge was approved. The settlement received its current name in honor of Vladimir Lenin. During the Great Patriotic War, industrial enterprises were evacuated to Ulyanovsk. The rapid development of the city falls on the 1973s, when they began to build residential buildings and social facilities, as well as an aviation industrial complex.

Arriving in Ulyanovsk, first of all, you need to visit the Civil Aviation Museum, this is a unique open-air complex that has no analogues.

Here you can see the famous aircraft that have been produced in Russia since the beginning of the 20th century. and up to the present day. Given that it belongs to the airfield at the local aviation institute, visitors have the opportunity to watch training flights.
For the first time, the idea of ​​opening a museum was voiced by flight school teachers in the 70s of the last century, who began to collect rare exhibits of liners, combat aircraft and other equipment on their own. Preparations for the opening went on for more than one year. In the early 1980s, the formation of the concept and the collection of equipment was completed. The basis of the exhibition was made up of aircraft falling under decommissioning. At the same time, it was possible to find and deliver rare specimens that were repaired by enthusiastic mechanics and students. In addition to equipment, the exposition included documents, tunics, awards and other things of honored pilots. A book was also collected about combat pilots who were born in Ulyanovsk and the region. The exhibition became much larger in 2016. Internal halls dedicated to the Heroes of Aviation appeared, the international contacts of the museum expanded, and educational projects appeared aimed at preserving the achievements of the domestic aircraft industry.

Ulyanovsk webcams allow you to watch online and enjoy picturesque views of the city.

Now the museum demonstrates 36 units of aviation equipment. Among them is the legendary TU-114 - a liner, of which there are only 3 non-utilized samples left in the world. A special place is also occupied by the Soviet TU-144, on which passengers could fly from the Russian capital to Almaty in a little more than 2 hours. Visitors can even get inside the plane and see its interiors. Access is open throughout the summer. An interesting exhibit is the PO-2 biplane, which during the Second World War German pilots called "coffee grinder". It was converted into a bomber for covert night sorties. This "maize" shot down at least one fascist fighter.
It is curious that in 2013 an exhibition dedicated to the fate of the famous pilot-writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery appeared at the Ulyanovsk Institute. Here are collected books of "The Little Prince" in twenty languages, rare photographs and valuable documents.

One of the most visited institutions is the historical and memorial center-museum of I.A. Goncharov, it is dedicated to the life and work of the classic of Russian prose.

The acquaintance begins with an introductory hall, which tells about the Goncharov family estate, which later became a profitable enterprise. Moving further, visitors enter the period of the life and work of the writer in St. Petersburg. Goncharov moved to the capital at the age of 23 and lived there until old age. The hall is decorated according to the chapters of his famous works, which influenced the life of the master. The final exposition contains lifetime editions and collected works in foreign languages, valuable documents and gifts from famous artists. At the end of the tour, you can climb the tower and enjoy a picturesque view of the historic city center.
Interestingly, the museum is located in the old building where Ivan Goncharov was born and lived. Under the writer, it was a small white-stone mansion. In 1864 it was sold to the merchants Yurgens. They added brick buildings, which completely changed the appearance of the structure. At the same time, the third floor was completed. During the years of the USSR, various cultural institutions were located in the building. For the first time, the idea of ​​creating a museum dedicated to the writer here appeared in the late 1970s. In 1982, the first exposition was opened, which lasted 30 years and became the foundation for the modern center. Every connoisseur of Russian classics should visit this institution.

If it is not yet possible to go to these parts, Ulyanovsk webcams will make it possible to watch the streets of the city online and take a walk without leaving home.

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The Ulyanovsk webcam broadcasts from the side of the house 60 In Alexandrovskaya Street. The overview covers the view of the highway and adjacent territories. In this area of the city there is a swimming pool, Alexander Park with a pond, a hotel, a restaurant, residential buildings and St. Michael's Church. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 24.01.23
Alexandrovskaya, 60b. Ulyanovsk webcams
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A device with a view of the Dovator bus stop in Ulyanovsk (Russia). The lens covers traffic on the road, the sidewalk with adjacent residential buildings and, directly, public transport stops on both sides of the roadway. The broadcast is in real time.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 29.05.22
Dovator stop. Webcams Ulyanovsk
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The camera is installed at the industrial bus stop in Ulyanovsk (Russia). The lens captures the road, sidewalks, adjoining apartment buildings, shops, establishments. Thanks to real-time broadcasting, you can monitor the situation on the road, as well as track the weather from anywhere in the city, country and world.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 27.05.22
Stop Industrial. Webcams Ulyanovsk
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The webcam of Ulyanovsk in real time shows a view of the intersection of st. Iron Division and st. Karl Liebknecht. Broadcast allows you to see what is happening on the street, including traffic and weather conditions.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 26.05.22
Crossroads of Zh. Division - K. Liebknecht. Webcams Ulyanovsk
23 0
The webcam of Ulyanovsk in real time shows the parking lot of the Enterra shopping center. The camera allows you to see part of the urban landscape, including the road and buildings. The shopping center is considered the most popular in Ulyanovsk and stands on one of the largest transport arteries.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 23.05.22
Mall Enterra, st. Radishcheva 39. Webcams of Ulyanovsk
26 0
Webcam overlooking Minaeva street from the side of house number 15. The review covers traffic on the highway. To the right you can see a spacious parking lot and a high-rise apartment building on the ground floor of which there are cafes and shops. On the left, green spaces and high-rise buildings are visible. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 21.05.22
Minaeva Street 15. Webcams of Ulyanovsk
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Ulyanovsk webcam broadcasts a view of the intersection of st. Kirov and st. Karsunskaya. The broadcast allows you to see in real time what is happening on the streets of the city. A road enters the lens, which helps to assess the car situation.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 18.05.22
Crossroads of Kirov - Karsunskaya streets. Webcams Ulyanovsk
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The Ulyanovsk webcam broadcasts online a view of a residential building on the street. Sholmova 12a. The lens captures not only the building, but also part of the forest park zone. The webcam allows you to monitor the situation on the road and evaluate the weather.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 17.05.22
Residential building Sholmov 12a (panorama). Webcams Ulyanovsk
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The Ulyanovsk webcam broadcasts online a view of the Vinnovskaya Grove park. It is located in the south of the city and stretches almost to the Volga. About 300 plant species grow here. On its territory there is a valuable forest island of the pre-glacial period. This small grove is millions of years old.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 15.05.22
Vinnovskaya Grove Park. Webcams Ulyanovsk
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The Ulyanovsk webcam broadcasts a view of the Pushkarevsky ring in real time. Not only cars, but also trams move along this road junction. The broadcast allows you to assess the traffic situation and weather conditions.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 13.05.22
Pushkarevskoye ring, Moscow highway 89. Webcams of Ulyanovsk
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The device is fixed under the bridge at the Zarechnaya stop in Ulyanovsk. The lens covers the roadbed and part of the concrete structure. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can monitor the traffic on this section of the road, as well as the weather.
Ulyanovsk, Russia 12.05.22
Stop Zarechnaya. Webcams Ulyanovsk
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