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Online camera Victory Park in Tulun. Tulun is a word of Buryat origin and in Russian means "leather bag" or simply "bag". This was the name of the area, located in the loop-shaped bend of the Yi River. 

The Tulun industry began to develop only in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. in connection with the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway. In 1897, the first train arrived in Toulon. The railway revived his economic life. Repair workshops for the maintenance of wagons and locomotives were opened near the station. In addition, the village built a sawmill, brick, distillery and breweries, a large steam mill, soap mill. A state-owned wine warehouse was established, providing the Lensk gold-industrial district with the appropriate products. East of Toulon, at Nyura station (now within the city limits), coal mining began for the needs of the railway (about 50,000 tons per year). Agriculture also gained momentum for development. During the Stolypin agrarian reform in the vicinity of Tulun (5-40 km) settled the main part of the migrants who arrived in the Irkutsk province. At the railway station there was a point of the Resettlement Office, where food, medical care, sale at preferential prices of agricultural equipment were organized for the visiting peasants.  This route of delivery of goods from the western direction to the north of the province was shorter than through Irkutsk, and was so effective that the promising plan for the railway construction of the Russian Empire Tulun began to be considered as the starting point and hub station of the new railway line from Tulun to Bratsk and on through Spo and Vitim (with an offshoot to Ust-Kut and Kirensk) up to Yakutsk. The road was to pass through the Nikolaev ironworks, which in those years produced up to 500,000. various metal products. Construction of the new railway was planned to begin in the 1920s, but the revolution and subsequent events prevented the implementation of this major project. After the construction of the Taishet-Lena railway line, the relevance of this road has significantly decreased. The building of the wooden railway station, which stood here for more than a century, became dilapidated, threatened the lives of passengers, there was no water, the city boiler room could not cope with the work, the heating was bad. The old station could not cope with the passenger flow, at Tulun station it exceeds 200,000 people a year. The building lasted until 2002. In 2002, it was decided to demolish the old station and build a new one. The issue of financing was resolved for several months. As a result, we agreed to build a station in the fold. Forty-four million rubles were allocated by the regional government, the Ministry of Communications and the VSJD. Wooden barracks and trading tents were demolished on the station square. The waiting room is designed for two hundred passengers to stay at the same time. In two years, a new gateway to the city has grown in Tulun. The architecture of the station repeats the style of the old buildings built in the 19th century. Internal equipment - at the most modern level. Nine security cameras have been installed in the room. The station has a mother and child room. The building is equipped with ramps for wheelchairs. Soon the station will serve and transit passengers, who through Tulun short road go to Bratsk.
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The camera overlooks the site in front of the Children's Library in Tulun (Irkutsk region of Russia). The lens captures a landscaped area with benches, flower beds, lanterns. The live broadcast is accompanied by sound. Library visitors note a large selection of books for different ages of children, an abundance of interesting thematic events.
Tulun, Russia 11.09.21
The territory of the children's library. Webcams Tulun online
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A webcam online overlooking Ermakova Street in Tulun. We can also observe the building of the Municipal BudgetAry Educational Institution "Gymnasium" from the angle of the webcam. Tulun is a small town in the Irkutsk region, located on the Ie River, 369 kilometers from Irkutsk. The area of the settlement is 134 square kilometers.
Tulun, Russia 12.10.20
Gymnasium on Ermakova Street. Toulon in real time
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Tuluna Hydrolysis Park online in real time. Tulun is a city in the Irkutsk region of Russia. The Tulun region has administrative status. Located on the river waters of Ie. Bratsk is 224 km away and Moscow is 3,863 km away.
Tulun, Russia 12.10.20
Hydrolysis park. Toulon in real time
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The webcam angle is directed to a children's park located on Mira Street in Tulun. The city of Tulun is the administrative center of the Tulun district, has the status of an urban district, the center of the forest industry, for a long time was the center of coal mining.
Tulun, Russia 12.10.20
Children's Park on Mira Street. Toulon in real time
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The online webcam overlooking Lenin Street and the bus stop of the same name in the city of Tulun - Irkutsk region, the administrative center of the Tulun district, located on a small tributary of Oki, in the foothills of Eastern Sayan. Tulun is a large station of the East Siberian Railway.
Tulun, Russia 12.10.20
Stop Lenin Street. Toulon in real time
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The web camera in real time broadcasts the square on Ermakova Street, as well as from the angle of the web camera we can observe the MBOU "Gymnasium" of the city of Tuluna. The city of Tulun is the administrative center of the Tulun district, has the status of an urban district, the center of the forest industry, for a long time was the center of coal mining.
Tulun, Russia 01.07.20
Ermakova Street, Gymnasium. Toulon's webcams online
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Real-time webcam with a view of the fountain located on Lenin Street in Tulun. Tulun is a word of Buryat origin and in translation into Russian means "leather bag" or simply "bag".
Tulun, Russia 23.04.20
Fountain on the street of Lenin. Tulun webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts Hydrolyznaya Street in Tulun. From the perspective of a webcam, we can observe the Commonwealth grocery market. The city of Tulun is located in the west of the Irkutsk region, 335 km from its capital, 100 km from Nizhneudinsk and 180 km from Bratsk, on the rivers Iya, Azei and Tulunchik.
Tulun, Russia 23.04.20
Hydrolytic Street. Tulun webcams online
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Live webcam with a view from the city administration on Lenin street. In Tulun. Lenin Street is the main street of the city, which in its entire history has changed its name and appearance three times.
Tulun, Russia 11.04.20
Lenin street. View from the city administration. Tulun webcams online
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A real-time webcam broadcasts the area near the Atrium shopping center in Tulun. Tulun is a small city in the Irkutsk region, located on the River Ie, 369 kilometers from Irkutsk.
Tulun, Russia 11.04.20
TC Atrium. Tuluna webcams online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts Lenin street, city centre Sochi. Tulun - a word Buryat origin and translated into Russian language means "leather bag" or "bag". The so-called area, located in a loop-like bend in the river AI.
Tulun, Russia 29.03.20
Ulitsa Lenina, center. Webcams Tulun online
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Webcam broadcasts of the city Tulun, view from the city administration on the working area, also in view of the webcam we can see the house at No. 128 on Lenin street.
Tulun, Russia 29.03.20
The view from the city administration. Webcams Tulun online
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