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Webcam of Moscow online "leather bag" in real time

In the foothills of the Eastern Sayan mountains, lies the town of Tulun. Its name is translated from Buryat language as "leather bag". Such an unusual name, went to the city because of its location near a tributary of the Oka river, which encircles it like a sack. Its main attraction is nature. Hills, outcrops and sprawling mountain ranges will be a stunning location for unforgettable walks and photo shoots. Around the city there are picturesque meadows, swamps and industrial career. If you see the magnificence of the wild nature of the North is not obtained firsthand, webcam Tulun, watch online that you can on this site, will help make the journey to the far corners of our country in real time.
The chronicle of Tulun starts in 1735. At that time it was small and slow-paced village. A key moment in the history of these lands was the construction of the Moscow canal. From this moment begins a new era in the development of Tulun.
The first population were peasants engaged in carting. And at the turn of XIX-XX centuries, there have been two important events that played a crucial role in the development of this region – the emergence of the TRANS-Siberian railway and the discovery of coal.
Due to its industrial potential and convenient geographical location, in 1922, the settlement was granted town status. However, due to the sharply increased taxes, the people insisted to return to the locality of the former rank. The final assignment of the status of the city occurred in 1927.
In our days Tulun is one of the two most important centres of coal extraction in Irkutsk region. At the moment, Tulunskiy district developed Azeysky and partially Mugunskoe lignite field. In the near future the development of Ishideyskaya, where there are deposits of long flame gas coal of high calorific value. Raw materials can be used to obtain char.

Attractions in the industrial city a bit

The main part is a heritage of the Soviet period. Architecture, monuments to political figures, the names of the streets – all this keeps the memory about the biggest nation on the planet, which forever have disappeared from the world administrative map. Preserved in the narrow streets and colorful wooden houses, giving the city the atmosphere of coziness and warmth. To take a virtual walk along the city streets you can, if the webcam Sochi watch online.
About the history, nature and outstanding personalities of this region will tell in the Museum. Within the walls of institutions preserved ancient artifacts showing that people have inhabited these lands since time immemorial. In the Museum's collection – utensils, stone tools, remains of the prehistoric fauna. It will be interesting to see also numismatic collection and exhibition of rare animals of Siberia. In one of the rooms, you can find a unique exhibition "Children's Ethnography", to see which will be informative not only younger generation but also for adults.
Fans of the new trend – industrial art and architecture, will certainly enjoy a walk through the industrial Hydrolysis workshops and Glass factories. Within the walls of enterprises are guided tours to visit and see with your own eyes how to make glass.
Those who loves sports and an active lifestyle, Tulun provides a unique opportunity to visit a match of the local hockey team with the ball or contest fighting. This can be done at the city sports Centre.
Culturally enlightened in DC "Prometheus". Here there are theatrical and circus performances, after which you should eat in one of the largest restaurants of Irkutsk – "Объект777". In addition to the main hall, serving a variety of cuisines, guests can go to the billiard room, or relax in the sauna with a swimming pool.
Places of worship in Tulun is also a bit. Since ancient times, there remained a small Church. Another modern temple was built at the station. In one of the Central districts has a small chapel where every Orthodox person can worship the Holy and light a candle.

Special attention is paid to the education of young tulunan

The city has an agricultural College, vocational school, medical and teacher training colleges. To get a higher education in nearby administrative centers in Irkutsk and Bratsk. For children and adults built recreational institutions, sports centers, cultural and entertainment enterprises.
Webcam Tulun, watch online that on this page will allow you to see not only local attractions, but the situation on the roads of the city. In real time, watching traffic at the intersection of Lenin and Razin, along the street or the city administration, which is constantly improving its surveillance system increasing the number of specific points.
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The camera overlooks the site in front of the Children's Library in Tulun (Irkutsk region of Russia). The lens captures a landscaped area with benches, flower beds, lanterns. The live broadcast is accompanied by sound. Library visitors note a large selection of books for different ages of children, an abundance of interesting thematic events.
Tulun, Russia 11.09.21
The territory of the children's library. Webcams Tulun online
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A webcam online overlooking Ermakova Street in Tulun. We can also observe the building of the Municipal BudgetAry Educational Institution "Gymnasium" from the angle of the webcam. Tulun is a small town in the Irkutsk region, located on the Ie River, 369 kilometers from Irkutsk. The area of the settlement is 134 square kilometers.
Tulun, Russia 12.10.20
Gymnasium on Ermakova Street. Toulon in real time
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Tuluna Hydrolysis Park online in real time. Tulun is a city in the Irkutsk region of Russia. The Tulun region has administrative status. Located on the river waters of Ie. Bratsk is 224 km away and Moscow is 3,863 km away.
Tulun, Russia 12.10.20
Hydrolysis park. Toulon in real time
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The webcam angle is directed to a children's park located on Mira Street in Tulun. The city of Tulun is the administrative center of the Tulun district, has the status of an urban district, the center of the forest industry, for a long time was the center of coal mining.
Tulun, Russia 12.10.20
Children's Park on Mira Street. Toulon in real time
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The online webcam overlooking Lenin Street and the bus stop of the same name in the city of Tulun - Irkutsk region, the administrative center of the Tulun district, located on a small tributary of Oki, in the foothills of Eastern Sayan. Tulun is a large station of the East Siberian Railway.
Tulun, Russia 12.10.20
Stop Lenin Street. Toulon in real time
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Online camera Victory Park in Tulun.  Tulun is a word of Buryat origin and in Russian means "leather bag" or simply "bag". This was the name of the area, located in the loop-shaped bend of the Yi River.
Tulun, Russia 01.07.20
Victory Park. Toulon's webcams online
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The web camera in real time broadcasts the square on Ermakova Street, as well as from the angle of the web camera we can observe the MBOU "Gymnasium" of the city of Tuluna. The city of Tulun is the administrative center of the Tulun district, has the status of an urban district, the center of the forest industry, for a long time was the center of coal mining.
Tulun, Russia 01.07.20
Ermakova Street, Gymnasium. Toulon's webcams online
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Real-time webcam with a view of the fountain located on Lenin Street in Tulun. Tulun is a word of Buryat origin and in translation into Russian means "leather bag" or simply "bag".
Tulun, Russia 23.04.20
Fountain on the street of Lenin. Tulun webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts Hydrolyznaya Street in Tulun. From the perspective of a webcam, we can observe the Commonwealth grocery market. The city of Tulun is located in the west of the Irkutsk region, 335 km from its capital, 100 km from Nizhneudinsk and 180 km from Bratsk, on the rivers Iya, Azei and Tulunchik.
Tulun, Russia 23.04.20
Hydrolytic Street. Tulun webcams online
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Live webcam with a view from the city administration on Lenin street. In Tulun. Lenin Street is the main street of the city, which in its entire history has changed its name and appearance three times.
Tulun, Russia 11.04.20
Lenin street. View from the city administration. Tulun webcams online
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A real-time webcam broadcasts the area near the Atrium shopping center in Tulun. Tulun is a small city in the Irkutsk region, located on the River Ie, 369 kilometers from Irkutsk.
Tulun, Russia 11.04.20
TC Atrium. Tuluna webcams online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts Lenin street, city centre Sochi. Tulun - a word Buryat origin and translated into Russian language means "leather bag" or "bag". The so-called area, located in a loop-like bend in the river AI.
Tulun, Russia 29.03.20
Ulitsa Lenina, center. Webcams Tulun online
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Webcam broadcasts of the city Tulun, view from the city administration on the working area, also in view of the webcam we can see the house at No. 128 on Lenin street.
Tulun, Russia 29.03.20
The view from the city administration. Webcams Tulun online
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