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Live webcams Saransk online - Republic of Mordovia

Saransk webcams, which you can watch online on this site, represent a beautiful, verdant city, spread out on the slopes of the hills of the Volga Upland. Almost the entire urban area is located in the picturesque valleys of two rivers at once - Insar and Saranka.

The vivid biography of Saransk has about 350 years, during which he managed to visit the border fortress, the center of the uprisings of the peasantry and the Cossacks, even a provincial county.

Now it is a modern center of culture and sports, the capital of the multinational Republic of Mordovia.
Not the last role in the external transformation and improvement of the infrastructure of the city was played by the 2018 Football World Cup. Several matches were scheduled in Saransk, and thorough preparations were made for such a landmark event.
Now the sports heritage of the significant year of world football for Russia attracts many tourists to the city. The most grandiose sports facility in Saransk is the Mordovia Arena stadium, which can accommodate more than 44,000 spectators. Its uniqueness is that with such a large capacity it is relatively compact in size. All thanks to the design in the form of a bowl tilted inward. Undoubtedly, this building is now one of the main attractions of the Mordovian capital.

For several years, both the transport system of Saransk and the sports infrastructure have been significantly improved.

There was a modern five-star hotel, various entertainment and shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants. The airport was also reconstructed in accordance with international standards.
The restored old buildings have refreshed and rejuvenated the streets, they seem to have become cleaner and more well-groomed. What symbolically says the original monument to the janitor Uncle Fyodor on Sovetskaya Street, popular among residents and guests of the city.
Surprisingly many modern street sculptures in the genre style appeared in Saransk. They add a special comfort to the city, and the elements of national folklore in sculptural groups reflect the color of the capital of one of the most multinational regions of Russia.
If you delve into the history of Saransk, you can learn about the origin of the Mordvin people, representing the indigenous population of the republic. It goes back to the 1st millennium BC, when representatives of the Finno-Ugric group of peoples lived on the site of today's Mordovia: Erzya and Moksha. Their modern descendants differ markedly from the Slavs in appearance, as well as in their unusual language and traditions.
It is from the word "sara", which means "swamp" in Finno-Ugric, that the name of the city was supposedly derived. In the 17th century, on the site of today's Saransk, there was a swampy area during spring floods. Then a defensive fortress appeared here - a stronghold of the southern borders of Russia from Tatar raids.

If you watch Saransk webcams online, you can note the unusual relief of the city, due to the asymmetry of the hills on which it is located.

The southern and western slopes are steeper, the streets in this part of the city bend in sharp corners. The northern and eastern parts of the city lie almost on a plain. On the western side, the city is surrounded by dense deciduous forests.
There are few historical sights in Saransk, but they are a worthy adornment of the city. Traditionally, for the ancient Russian cities, there is an abundance of temples. The main one is rightfully considered the Cathedral - a tribute to the memory of Fyodor Ushakov, built in the Byzantine style and striking with its majestic size (height - 60 m) and the brilliance of golden domes. Made in white and blue colors, it rises above the city, as if dissolving into the sky. This visual effect is especially admired in clear sunny weather.

Not far from the cathedral is the oldest building in Mordovia - the Church of St. John the Evangelist.

Built in 1693, the five-domed temple looks modest and elegant, reminiscent of Pskov churches in style.
The huge St. John the Theologian Monastery, which has become a kind of museum and a cult place for pilgrims, arouses admiration.
A favorite resting place for citizens is the park named after A.S. Pushkin with lush greenery, fountains and charming sculptures. There are rides, a summer theater, a cafe, and even a zoo. On boats and catamarans you can take a walk along the river.
There are several noteworthy local history and historical museums in Saransk. The main museum of fine arts in Mordovia named after Stepan Erzya presents both expressive exhibitions in the Art Nouveau style and the classical genre of painting.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit this wonderful city, then you can watch Saransk webcams online and make a trip right from home.

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Saransk webcam broadcasts live from the Palace of Water Sports. The lens covers a large 10-lane swimming pool that is up to 50 meters long. In real time, you can watch the competitions and training of swimmers.
Saransk, Russia 02.04.23
Palace of Water Sports. Webcams Saransk
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Saransk webcam broadcasts a view of the intersection of Korolenko and Volgogradskaya streets. The lens covers a wide angle of the intersection itself from the height of a multi-storey building. Adjacent sidewalks, a large shopping center, neighboring residential buildings are clearly visible. The broadcast is in real time.
Saransk, Russia 30.03.23
Crossroads of Volgogradskaya and Korolenko. Webcams Saransk
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The Saransk webcam broadcasts from the Batutoshnaya trampoline center, which is the only professional trampoline club for children and adults in the city. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can watch training and competitions from anywhere in the country and the world.
Saransk, Russia 27.03.23
Trampoline center Batutoshnaya. Webcams Saransk
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Webcam overlooking the pedestrian crossing across Kosarev Street in Saransk. The lens covers a wide view of the roadway and adjacent areas. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can track the current situation and possible incidents.
Saransk, Russia 25.03.23
Pedestrian crossing to Kosarev. Webcams Saransk
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The Saransk webcam broadcasts a view of the intersection of Furmanov Street and the South-Western Highway. Near this place are residential high-rise buildings, public transport stops, social infrastructure facilities. The broadcast is in real time.
Saransk, Russia 22.03.23
Crossroads of the South-Western Highway with Furmanov Street. Webcams Saransk
56 0
Webcam overlooking the intersection of Korolenko Street and 60 Let Oktyabrya Avenue in Saransk. The lens covers the road junction from a bird's eye view. As well as adjacent areas. The broadcast takes place in real time, which allows you to track the current situation on the road, the weather, and possible traffic violations.
Saransk, Russia 21.03.23
Crossroads of Korolenko Street with 60 Years of October Avenue. Webcams Saransk
57 0
The Saransk webcam broadcasts a view of the intersection of the Kotovsky and South-Western highways. The lens covers motor traffic along the interchange and adjacent territories. In this part of the city there are residential buildings, shops, public transport stops. The broadcast is in real time. Therefore, you can monitor the current situation on the road, the weather and incidents.
Saransk, Russia 20.03.23
Crossroads of the South-Western Highway with Kotovskogo Street. Webcams Saransk
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Saransk webcam broadcasts the crossroads at the City Park shopping center. The lens covers a fragment of the facade of the mall, adjacent areas, as well as the movement of pedestrians along the transition. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can monitor the situation and possible traffic violations.
Saransk, Russia 19.03.23
Crossing at the City Park shopping center. Webcams Saransk
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Saransk webcam overlooking the intersection of Red and Sevastopol streets. The lens covers traffic at the interchange, adjacent territories. In this part of the city there is the Sevastopol shopping center, auto shops, the Church of Theodore Sanaksarsky, public transport stops. The broadcast is in real time.
Saransk, Russia 18.03.23
Crossroads of Krasnaya and Sevastopolskaya. Webcams Saransk
59 0
Saransk webcam with a view of the road intersection of 70 Let Oktyabrya Avenue and Kosarev Street. The lens covers the roundabout along the interchange, as well as the adjacent territories. In this area of the city there are residential complexes, objects of urban infrastructure. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Saransk, Russia 22.12.22
Crossroads of 70 Years of October Avenue and Kosarev Street. Webcams Saransk
67 0
Saransk webcam with a view of the pedestrian crossings at the intersection of 70 years of October and Sevastopolskaya streets. The lens covers the road junction, adjoining sidewalks and buildings. Near the intersection are residential buildings, shops, cafes, bank branches. The broadcast is in real time.
Saransk, Russia 16.12.22
Crossroads of Sevastopol and 70 years of October. Webcams Saransk
70 0
Saransk webcam overlooking the intersection of Sevastopolskaya and Volgogradskaya streets. The lens covers the roundabout with a flower garden in the center. Around the road, you can clearly see the adjacent territories - sidewalks, lawns, residential buildings and some sights. The broadcast is in real time.
Saransk, Russia 29.11.22
Crossroads of Sevastopolskaya and Volgogradskaya. Webcams Saransk
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The camera broadcasts a view of the Russian Army Avenue in Saransk. A well-maintained semicircular area, a roadway and a boulevard fall into the lens. In the distance, apartment buildings and other urban infrastructure are visible. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Saransk, Russia 04.11.22
Prospect of the Russian Army. Webcams Saransk
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