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Marble Beach. Webcams Balaklava


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Live webcam overlooking the Marble Beach in Balaklava (Crimea).

The lens offers a view from a height of the warm coast and the azure water of the Black Sea Bay. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can move to the sunny coast at any time of the year.

Balaklava, whose webcams can be viewed online in real time, is a unique place in Crimea.

Ancient history, modern tourist infrastructure and unique nature are intertwined here.
Balaklava Bay at different times was owned by the Greeks, Romans, Genoese, Turks, Russians. At the same time, at all times, the place was considered ideal for the entry of ships. The size and winding configuration made this bay sheltered from strong winds and unwanted views from the sea. That is why the secret base of Soviet nuclear submarines was located here.
Interestingly, according to some sources, it was Balaklava Bay that was mentioned in the famous Homer's Odyssey.
A cozy Nazukin embankment stretches along the sea line, which was founded at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. From that moment, taverns, coffee houses, colorful houses have been preserved here. Although after the Second World War this place was practically destroyed, thanks to the efforts of restorers and builders, the former charm was not only preserved, but also multiplied.

On the Nazukin embankment in Balaklava, there is the oldest cinema in the Crimea, the dachas of Maretskaya and Sokolova, a former apartment building and the Grand Hotel that once worked here.

The promenade is decorated with a monument to Kuprin and the cat. Walking through this place is pleasant, as in the daytime, when you can admire the ships mooring to the shore and lush flower beds. So it is in the evening, in the light of antique-style lanterns.
Separately, it is worth mentioning the monument to A.I. Kuprin. It was here that the writer lived here for a couple of years, inspired by the charm and grace of the Crimean land. The writer wanted to stay here to live forever. But the plans were not destined to come true. The fact is that the writer became an accidental witness to the execution of participants in the Sevastopol uprising. Kuprin hid some of the sailors who escaped at home for some time. But later, when he told about this in a local essay, the authorities began persecuting the writer and he was forced to leave Balaklava.
The sculpture depicting the master of the word today is located near the Museum of the History of Balaklava and another monument - the Balaklava cat.

If for the time being, for some reason, it is not possible to go to the Crimea, Balaklava webcams perfectly compensate for the lack of travel, brightening up your leisure time with an online walk.

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Camera overlooking the square of 40 years of October in Balaklava (Crimea). The lens covers a spacious car park, road intersection, shops. Behind you can see residential buildings and picturesque hills, behind which the Black Sea hides. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Balaclava, Crimea 29.05.22
Square 40 years of October. Webcams Balaklava
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Camera overlooking Cape Khersones in Balaklava. The review covers a picturesque view of the Black Sea bay, surrounded by rocky formations. At the top of the cape are tourist bases and residential buildings. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Balaclava, Crimea 28.05.22
Cape Khersones. Webcams Balaklava
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The camera is located on Krestovsky Street in Balaklava (Crimea). The lens includes a road junction, a green zone, sidewalks. A TES gas station is visible behind. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can watch what is happening on the road, as well as the weather.
Balaclava, Crimea 27.05.22
Krestovsky street. Webcams Balaklava
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Webcam overlooking the entrance to the Marble beach in Balaklava (Crimea). The lens transmits a steep slope under which the road goes. In the background, part of an apartment building is visible, as well as a lush green area. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Balaclava, Crimea 11.05.22
Entrance to Marble Beach. Webcams Balaklava
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Broadcast in real time is conducted from the beach "Marble" in Balaklava (Crimea). The lens captures a wide coastline strewn with small pebbles and the sea area. Behind you can see a rocky cape and protective structures. The device allows you to move to the warm coast at any time of the year and from anywhere in the world.
Balaclava, Crimea 02.05.22
Marble Beach. Angle-2. Webcams Balaklava
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Device overlooking the beach in the town of Balaklava (Sevastopol, Crimea). The lens covers part of the water area and the coast, equipped with beach equipment. You can see the hotel buildings behind. You can watch the weather and what is happening at any time of the day from anywhere in the world, thanks to the broadcast in real time.
Balaclava, Crimea 13.01.22
City beach. Balaklava webcams
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