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If you happen to get intoVenice– consider that You managed to fulfil that dream about the huge number of residents of various countries around the world. After all, Venice is a truly magical place! Fabulous architecture, a great number of museums, excellent theatres, luxury hotels and restaurants, lots of cultural events, as well as inimitable look and structure of the city on the water – create a fairy-tale world, full of romance, beauty and unforgettable experience. In Venice, as in many cities of Western Europe, there are many unique architectural landmarks. This is the famous palaces CA ' d'oro, the Palace of Rain, and Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo and its magnificent temples with magnificent carved facades, executed in the best traditions of Gothic architecture, the famous Cathedral of San Marco with the adjacent square and is a Grand, historic Marciana library, the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, and one of the oldest buildings of Venice, the Church of SV. Zachariah. And, of course, Venice would not be so inimitable without its countless canals and bridges. The longest waterway of the city isThe Grand canalthe role of the Central city Avenue, as it is known in Venice are completely absent of the road. It covers the entire city, and in its form resembles the letter S. Here you can ride on a water bus "vaporetto" or to take a river taxi, and, of course, you can always rent a luxurious gondola, which is considered the most beautiful boats in the world. The oldest bridges of Venice are considered to be the Bridge of Sighs, which is one of the most popular places for Hiking and also the very first bridge built in Venice – the Rialto bridge, where from time immemorial is the Central city market. Not less exciting, especially for those who want to a lot of new knowledge will be visits to various museums of Venice: the Museum of Venetian art of the XVIII century, located in the walls of the Palace CA Rezzonico, the museums of natural history and the Navy of Venice, Museum Correr, Museum and gallery of the Venetian Academy, museums, the famous Venetian Murano glass and lace, naval and trading Arsenal Museum, the Museum of the East, as well as countless art galleries contemporary and classical art. For lovers of high theatrical art, recommended to visit is the famous Venetian Opera house.
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The Cathedral of St. Mark Cathedral of Venice (until 1807 — the court chapel at the Palace of the Doges), which is a rare example of Byzantine architecture in Western Europe.
Venice, Italy 17.11.17
The Cathedral Of St. Mark. Venice web Cam online
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This live webcam Venice allows you to take a fascinating virtual journey to one of the oldest quarters of the city — Campo Santa Maria Formosa. This place is often called the soul of Venice, where they like to be not only tourists but also locals and students.
Venice, Italy 16.11.17
The square of Santa Maria Formosa webcam online
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Great views of the beach Lungomare Adriatico from the Hotel Park Chioggia
Venice, Italy 15.11.17
Live broadcast from hotel Park Chioggia (Venice)
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In front of You the magnificent city of romance and endless holiday – Venice in Italy. This webcam will broadcast a view of the water and a major transport thoroughfare – the Grand canal, which was once created from small ducts between the Islands of the Venetian lagoon. Quay is not here, but there is a small pier where you can take a boat trip along the facades of the most beautiful buildings in the city, which literally emerges from the water surface.
Venice, Italy 22.06.15
Venice - the Grand canal live
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