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Construction of residential building Vitality. Prague webcams


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The Prague webcam allows you to watch the construction of Vitality's residential building in real time.

You can see the construction process of the building, as well as ready-made structures. In addition, the broadcast makes it possible to find out the weather conditions.

Prague, whose webcams are available in real time on the site, is the capital of the Czech Republic.

It has over 1,200,000 inhabitants and is visited daily by about 100,000 tourists.
The main attraction of Prague is the Old Town Hall with an astronomical clock. It was founded in 1338 as the seat of the city's self-government. The oldest part of the complex consists of the southern wing with a beautiful tower with a laurel chapel and a unique astronomical clock, on which 12 apostles appear every hour.

The Old Town Hall in Prague is a complex of several Gothic houses, eventually combined into one, online webcams allow you to enjoy the architecture of the city.

One of the open buildings for visitors consists of representative rooms - the Municipal Hall, the Old Council Hall, the Brozik Assembly Hall and the Irzhik Hall.
The municipal hall used to be the center of the entire city hall. Here the most important issues related to the management of the Old Town of Prague were discussed. In the past, it also served as a wedding hall. The most valuable historical interior is the Old Council Hall. Thanks to its architecture and decoration, it ranks among the most charming late Gothic halls in Europe. His greatest pride is the sculpture of Christ from the beginning of the 15th century. It is mounted on a console in the shape of an angel with a Latin inscription.
Compared to other halls of the Town Hall, Brožík's assembly hall stands out for its size - it occupies a height of two floors and is the foreground of the entire house. The building was built in 1879 and its current late modern appearance was captured in 1910 by the architect Josef Czohol. Next to the meeting room is the Jirika Hall, named after Jiri Iz Poděbrady. His identity and his election as King of Bohemia in the Old Town Hall is commemorated by a bust at the beginning of the room.
The famous astronomical clock has been decorating the facade of the Old Town Hall since 1410. On the south side of the town hall tower, a special stone extension was built for it, in which the entire mechanical system was stored. They are made up of several parts. In addition to astronomical and calendar plates, they are equipped with the mechanism of 12 apostles, which appear every hour in two small windows. During the parade of the apostles, other figures on the sides of the astronomical clock also come to life.

The dominant feature of the Old Town Hall and the entire square is a massive Gothic tower almost 70 m high, its gallery offers the most beautiful view of Prague - here you can see the Tyn Church or the Church of St. architecture, webcams allow you to enjoy the streets of the capital online.

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Camera overlooking the runway of the International Airport in Prague (Czech Republic). Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can watch what is happening from anywhere in the world. The device allows you to analyze the weather, as well as relax by taking a short virtual trip.
Prague, Czech Republic 09.05.22
International airport, runway. Prague webcams
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The Prague webcam online makes it possible to observe what is happening at the Stork's Nest at the MAKOV station. A small body of water enters the lens, which is inhabited by various species of birds. You can also see other inhabitants, such as hares. MAKOV is an animal rescue station built in 1993.
Prague, Czech Republic 08.05.22
Stork's nest at MAKOV station. Prague webcams
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The webcam of Prague in real time shows a view of the household waste processing plant. The lens captures the landfill and the surroundings of the industrial area. You can watch the process of unloading waste.
Prague, Czech Republic 06.05.22
Enterprise for the processing of household waste. Prague webcams
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Camera with a view of the historical district of Prague Mala Strana (Czech Republic). This place is located just below the Hradcany district, connected to the central part of the capital by the Charles Bridge. The constantly rotating lens of the device shows the picturesque buildings of the historical center and the distant suburbs of the city. The broadcast is in real time.
Prague, Czech Republic 05.05.22
Mala Strana area (overview). Prague webcams
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A camera overlooking the Zbraslav administrative district in the Czech capital. The lens captures a road intersection with adjoining sidewalks, parking, shops and colorful historical buildings. Using the device, you can monitor what is happening on the road, as well as the weather in Prague. The image changes every 20 seconds.
Prague, Czech Republic 30.04.22
Zbraslav district. Prague webcams
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Camera overlooking Wenceslas Square in Prague (Czech Republic). This is one of the most famous and largest squares of the Czech capital, which occupies a leading position among the largest objects of its kind in the world. It was here that significant historical events took place. All sorts of meetings, demonstrations and holidays were also held here. The image is updated every 5 seconds.
Prague, Czech Republic 28.04.22
Wenceslas Square. Prague webcams
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Charles bridge is one of the main architectural masterpieces of old Prague. The locals strolling through the famous bridge of the largest of the Vltava river. They say that the bridge tends to vary depending on the weather and time of day.
Prague, Czech Republic 27.01.14
The Charles bridge. Panoramic webcam. Prague online
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Prague, capital of Czech Republic, Central Europe. The city is located on the river Vltava, with a population of 1.3 mil people. The popular town makes it the preserved architecture of the ancient buildings, that the majority of tourists come here every day. The camera shoots the old town square.
Prague, Czech Republic 04.11.13
Old town square Prague webcam online
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Charles bridge is a medieval bridge on the Vltava river in Prague, connecting the historic sites of Prague Mala Strana and Stare mesto. The bridge was built of stone 16 high arches and are lined with blocks of Sandstone. The bridge was called the Prague, and later in 1870 it was renamed in honor of founder Charles IV.
Prague, Czech Republic 27.10.13
Charles bridge webcam online. Prague in real time
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Old town square is a historic square located in the historical center of Prague. Around the square are the ancient architectural buildings in different medieval styles. One of these buildings can be seen through the chamber, where is located the 500 year old clock working today.
Prague, Czech Republic 19.10.13
The old town square. Prague in real time
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