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Spare parts for Porsche (Porsche) from Germany. New, used. Genuine parts (Porsche 924, 924 S, 944, 944S, 944 S2, 944 Turbo, 968, 968 Cabrio)

Spare parts for Porsche (Porsche) from Germany. New, used. Genuine parts (Porsche 924, 924 S, 944, 944S, 944 S2, 944 Turbo, 968, 968 Cabrio)

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Models of the Porsche brand attract many car enthusiasts and lovers of speed and adrenaline from the last century when the German automotive market appeared innovative in their design and parameters of the vehicles created by a brilliant engineer Ferdinand Porsche. This man was famous not only German, but global automotive industry with their brilliant designs. In particular, the most popular car of all time – Volkswagen Käfer (beetle). While still quite young, Ferdinand helped his father in the tin workshop, but later chose a completely different path in life. Passion and natural predisposition for technical Sciences brought the young Ferdinand enormous success and fame. After the victory at the world exhibition in Paris, where he was presented the car Lohner-Porsche, the first prototype of the modern electric car, the Ferdinand will get a lot of invitations to prestigious automotive company. And, even despite the lack of higher education (behind Ferdinand was only a technical school), a talented and promising designer-innovator, was awarded the title of distinguished Professor at the Vienna Technical University, and also received a state award for the development of military machines during the First world war.

For his life, Porsche collaborated with well-known German automotive companies: Mercedes, Austro-Daimler, Daimler-Benz AG, and, of course, Volkswagen AG, with whom there have been many sports and racing cars, as well as the first development of the future Beetle, called the Volksauto. The story of Porsche begins with the founding of the eponymous design Bureau, which since 1931 has been developing engines and vehicles. During the Second world war, the Bureau Porsche has made a significant contribution to the development of the construction of war machines for Nazi Germany, for which, after the defeat of the army of the Fuhrer, Ferdinand was placed in a French prison for almost 2 years. However, even while in custody, Porsche continued its project activities, as well as advising his son, ferry Porsche, thanks to whose initiative a couple of years until the death of Ferdinand, saw the light first sports car under the Porsche logo. It was a "Porsche 356", which was later replaced by the legendary and immortal Porsche 911, available today. Modern car brand Porsche (Porsche) is a unique combination of aesthetically appealing appearance, reliable, ergonomic and powerful internal structure.

A well-known fact is that luxury cars such as the Porsche worthy and demand the highest level of service, which primarily depends on the quality of model components. The owners of the car brand Porsche, often falls on the original parts. This is due to the inability to replace parts with cheap alternatives, as these experiments can have a negative impact on further work of the car. However, if You do not live in Germany, and, for example, in Russia – You may have difficulty finding genuine parts. Also, it is known that even in specialized, branded showrooms, often have to wait for the receipt of necessary spare parts. And our era is one of the most valuable assets.

That's why we are pleased to offer You original spare parts, directly from Germany, for Porsche 924, 924 S, 944, 944S, 944 S2, 944 Turbo, 968, 968 Cabrio. Turning to our organization, You get high quality components at an affordable price. In addition, You save not only money but also time. We are ready to give qualified answers to all Your questions and quickly process and send Your order. We offer a broad, ever increasing range of parts to repair the car body, engine, or chassis of Your vehicle. Therefore, You do not have to make the grueling search for the desired names on the Internet.

We are happy to offer our services not only to private car owners of Porsche, but also to those who are professionally engaged in the automobile business and maintenance of these cars, providing them with a regular supply of original parts.

 To order used parts for Porsche from Germany, You will be able to:
find us
- by calling 00491797538722, or via Whats App
- also email us

Our contacts:
My USt-IdNr: DE281685811
Managing Director: Waldemar Lik
Address: Hauptstraße 220
76684 Östringen
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