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Lenin Square. Webcam of the city of Apatity


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Apatity — city, Murmansk region, located in the center of the Kola Peninsula within the Arctic circle, on the Eastern shore of the Imandra lake just South of the massif, Khibiny, 195 km North of Murmansk and 12 km South-West of Kirovsk. It is the 5 largest city North of the Arctic circle, with an area of 37.5 km?, with a population of about 55 thousand people. Here is moderate, Atlantic-Arctic climate, which has a strong influence of the Khibiny mountains. The winter temperature is kept around ?15°C and rarely severe frosts. Cold summer, average temperature is +13°C. Lenin Square in Apatity is a circular intersection of streets of Lenin and Fersman.
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts, the intersection of Pearly - Commuter in the city of Apatity. Today Apatity is the second largest city in Murmansk region, there are more than 56 thousand people.
Apatity, Russia 08.02.20
The intersection of Pearly - Suburban. Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Webcam broadcasts Central square of the city of Apatity - the Lenin Square. Named after Russian and Soviet political and state figure of world scale
Apatity, Russia 08.02.20
Lenin Square. Webcam of the city of Apatity online
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Web camera in real-time translates the view of the city at Olimp in Apatity. Apatity is the geographical centre of the Kola Peninsula, one of its most beautiful locations: from the North surrounded by the Khibiny mountains, to the South of lake Imandra.
Apatity, Russia 04.02.20
City stadium Olimp. Webcam of the city of Apatity online
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Webcam broadcasts sports complex "Athlete" in Apatity. Big hall of size 24 m x 12 m equipped for playing football, volleyball, basketball.
Apatity, Russia 04.02.20
FSK "Athlete", big hall. Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Web camera in Apatity broadcasts in real-time the intersection of Fersman - Kozlov . Apatity is a town in the Murmansk region, located on the White river, 156 km South of Murmansk.
Apatity, Russia 25.01.20
The intersection of Fersman - Kozlov . Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Web camera in real time broadcasts the intersection of Victory and a crazy street in the heart of the Kola Peninsula Apatity. The city is located on the Eastern shores of lake Imandra, near the southern slopes of the Khibiny.
Apatity, Russia 25.01.20
The intersection of Victory - delusional. Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Web camera with view of the square of Geologists in the city of Apatity. Area Geologists is named in honor of geologists who made a huge contribution to the development of scientific and industrial potential of the city. These geologists were: A. E. Fersman and A. V. Sidorenko, A. G. Zinov'ev, and E. K. Kozlov.
Apatity, Russia 07.01.20
Area Geologists. Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Web camera in real-time translates the great hall of the sports complex "Atlet". Sports facilities "Athlete" is located in the centre of the city of Apatity, in the most picturesque part. Within walking distance are the Palace of sports, swimming pool, ice rink, forest area with lighted ski trails.
Apatity, Russia 07.01.20
Sports complex "Atlet". Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Web camera in real time broadcasts the intersection of crazy Astronauts in Apatity. The main tourist attraction Apatite acts Khibiny massif. The place is unique because of year-round mountain interesting to fans as a mountain, so Hiking tourism.
Apatity, Russia 24.11.19
The intersection of crazy Astronauts. Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Web camera online broadcasts in real-time ski stadium "Athlete" in Apatity. Total length of tracks including illuminated ski trail is 23 kilometers.
Apatity, Russia 24.11.19
Ski stadium "Athlete." Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Online web camera shows the view of the Academic rink in the city of Apatity. The rink is located on the street Fersmana, 43A.
Apatity, Russia 12.03.19
Academic skating rink. Webcam of the city of Apatity
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