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Swimming pool. Webcams of the city Apatity


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Live webcam overlooking the city pool, located in Apatity.

The lens covers the corner of the roof of the building, the car park and the sidewalk. In the background, a roadway and a multi-storey building with a supermarket on the ground floor are visible. The broadcast can be watched in real time.

The city of Apatity, whose webcams can be viewed online on this site, will delight its guests with an abundance of interesting sights and the beautiful nature of the Russian North.

One of the most popular urban cultural and educational facilities is the Museum of the History of the North. It was opened in the 70s of the last century and dedicated to various stages of the conquest of the Arctic. The first collection contained documents, books and photographs, as well as interesting artifacts collected by the researcher Boris Koshechkin.
Gradually, the museum fund was replenished with new storage units. These were archaeological finds, ancient household items, various units and devices, as well as personal belongings of the famous scientist Fersman. Here you can also see an old bell and a lot of other unique things.

Another interesting museum in Apatity is dedicated to Geology and Mineralogy.

It was founded almost simultaneously with the city, at the local Geological Institute. Unfortunately, the first expositions were badly damaged due to the fire. A few years later, the collection was restored in a new building. The museum bears the name of the outstanding scientist Igor Belkov. Within its walls is an amazing collection of minerals, rock samples and minerals found in different parts of the peninsula. Some exhibits are unique artifacts that have no analogues anywhere in the world. Of particular interest to visitors are bright, colored minerals.
In Apatity, as in many other cities of the Murmansk region, sights dedicated to the Great Patriotic War occupy an important place. In particular, Apatity, which was founded 15 years before the start of the Nazi invasion of the USSR, lost a huge part of its inhabitants. Local men and women went to the front. And only a few returned at that time. In honor of the heroes of the Second World War, a memorial monument was erected in 2013. It consists of three gigantic bayonets connected by a ribbon. The names of 299 soldiers and officers who accomplished a feat for the sake of the freedom of the Fatherland are carved on them. The monument can be seen at the Polyarny cinema.

If there are no plans to visit these places yet, Apatit webcams, which can be watched online in real time, will allow you to get to know this city better.

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The Apatit webcam broadcasts a view of the intersection of Stroiteley and Kosmonavtov streets in real time. The lens covers traffic along the road junction, two pedestrian crossings. Thanks to the online broadcast, you can track the current weather, the situation on the roads, as well as violations.
Apatity, Russia 18.11.22
Crossroads of Builders and Cosmonauts. Webcams of the city Apatity
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The webcam in Apatity broadcasts a view of the intersection of Lenin and Cosmonauts streets. In this area there is a well-maintained square "City Lights", shops, a cinema, beauty salons and other objects of urban infrastructure. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Apatity, Russia 16.11.22
Crossroads of Cosmonauts and Lenin. Webcams of the city Apatity
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Camera overlooking the crossroads of Zhemchuzhnaya and Gladysheva streets in Apatity. The review covers the traffic on the road junction, the pedestrian crossing and the adjacent territories. In this area of the city there are residential areas, supermarkets, public transport stops. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Apatity, Russia 15.11.22
Crossroads of Zhemchuzhnaya and Gladysheva. Webcams of the city Apatity
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Apatity webcam broadcasts a view of the intersection of Sidorenko Avenue and Warriors-Internationalists Street. Near this place is the square of the same name, as well as the Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. The broadcast is in real time.
Apatity, Russia 13.11.22
Crossroads of Warriors Internationalists and Sidorenko streets. Webcams of the city Apatity
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The Apatity webcam is broadcasting from the Yunost Sports Center. The device is located in the hall with a skating rink. Thanks to real-time broadcasting and high-quality video signal, everyone can watch the competitions and trainings taking place at the rink.
Apatity, Russia 10.11.22
Sports school Youth. Rink. Webcams of the city Apatity
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The Apatity camera is located near the sports center "Athlete" overlooking the square with an arch. The lens covers a large area, buildings under construction. Behind you can see the Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. The broadcast is in real time.
Apatity, Russia 09.11.22
Athlete. Square with an arch. Webcams of the city Apatity
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Camera overlooking the fountain near the sports complex "Athlete" in Apatity (Murmansk region, Russia). The lens captures the building itself and the landscaped area adjacent to it, as well as the Yunost sports complex. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, anyone can look at the fountain, the weather and the environment around it.
Apatity, Russia 06.11.22
Athlete. The fountain. Webcams of the city Apatity
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A device overlooking the intersection of Kosmonavtov and Moskovskaya streets in Apatity. Near this place is the Central City Park, administrative and commercial facilities. The lens covers the movement of vehicles at the intersection and adjacent areas. The broadcast is in real time.
Apatity, Russia 05.11.22
Crossroads of Kosmonavtov and Moskovskaya streets. Webcams Apatity
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Webcam Apatit broadcasts a view of the city stadium "Olympus". A fragment of a treadmill, as well as a football field with goals, enters the lens of the device. A wide sidewalk adjoins the stadium. Behind the city building is visible. What is happening can be observed in real time.
Apatity, Russia 04.11.22
Olymp City Stadium. Angle-2. Webcams of the city Apatity
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts, the intersection of Pearly - Commuter in the city of Apatity. Today Apatity is the second largest city in Murmansk region, there are more than 56 thousand people.
Apatity, Russia 08.02.20
The intersection of Pearly - Suburban. Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Webcam broadcasts Central square of the city of Apatity - the Lenin Square. Named after Russian and Soviet political and state figure of world scale
Apatity, Russia 08.02.20
Lenin Square. Webcam of the city of Apatity online
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Web camera in real-time translates the view of the city at Olimp in Apatity. Apatity is the geographical centre of the Kola Peninsula, one of its most beautiful locations: from the North surrounded by the Khibiny mountains, to the South of lake Imandra.
Apatity, Russia 04.02.20
City stadium Olimp. Webcam of the city of Apatity online
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Webcam broadcasts sports complex "Athlete" in Apatity. Big hall of size 24 m x 12 m equipped for playing football, volleyball, basketball.
Apatity, Russia 04.02.20
FSK "Athlete", big hall. Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Web camera in Apatity broadcasts in real-time the intersection of Fersman - Kozlov . Apatity is a town in the Murmansk region, located on the White river, 156 km South of Murmansk.
Apatity, Russia 25.01.20
The intersection of Fersman - Kozlov . Webcam of the city of Apatity
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Web camera in real time broadcasts the intersection of Victory and a crazy street in the heart of the Kola Peninsula Apatity. The city is located on the Eastern shores of lake Imandra, near the southern slopes of the Khibiny.
Apatity, Russia 25.01.20
The intersection of Victory - delusional. Webcam of the city of Apatity
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