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Madame Tussauds museum. Webcams Amsterdam


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Panoramic webcam of Amsterdam is attached to the Madame Tussauds museum building.

The device alternately opens different views of the old buildings near the city museum. Near this place is the famous architectural monument of the Royal Palace and the subway. The broadcast is in real time.

Amsterdam, whose webcams are available online on this site, is not only the capital of the Netherlands, but also one of the most developed cities, both in its country and in the world.

An incredible cultural and historical heritage has been preserved here. And the abundance of unique museum expositions will amaze even seasoned travelers.
One of the most interesting museums in Amsterdam is the Rembrandt House, where the artist lived during the heyday of his career. It was here that the master created his famous "Night Watch" and many other brilliant paintings.
The interior of the workshop, as well as other premises, has been authentically recreated in the house. Known and unpopular canvases of the artist, his personal belongings, books, tools are kept. Along with the exposition, art master classes are held within the walls of the museum.

Another Amsterdam museum dedicated to the famous artist is the Van Gogh Gallery.

Here you can learn many interesting facts about the life and professional path of the artist, as well as enjoy the contemplation of the world's largest collection of his paintings. The collection contains not only famous paintings. But also quite unpopular, early work. Therefore, walking through the gallery, you can see how the artist's style has changed, starting with mediocre sketches, ending with bright sunflowers and other non-trivial masterpieces.
Along with the works of Van Gogh, the museum contains works by contemporaries of the great artist. These are Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Monet and others.
There is also a branch of the famous London wax museum Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam. The institution was founded back in the 70s and quickly fell in love with the townspeople and guests of the Dutch capital. Today, the exposition can be seen within the walls of a colorful building on Dam Square. Sculptural images authentically convey the revived images of famous political figures, actors, historical figures.
The Willet-Holthausen Museum has a special charming atmosphere, located in an old mansion built almost 340 years ago for a local mayor. 50 years after its construction, the house was rebuilt. It was inherited by the daughter of a local merchant, after whom this museum was later named. The love of luxury and the lifestyle of the owner of the mansion affected its interiors. Louise Willet-Holthausen bequeathed her property to the city. Therefore, today anyone can see the unique collection of the museum.

For those who have not yet been able to visit these places, Amsterdam webcams, which can be watched online in real time, will allow you to immerse yourself in the unique flavor of this city.

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Amsterdam webcam broadcasts a view of the Red Light District. The lens covers a picturesque embankment near one of the canals, a bridge, a street cafe. You won't be able to see everything that this area is famous for. However, anyone can admire the views of the old city, scurrying boats. Broadcast with sound is transmitted in real time.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 30.11.22
Red light district. Webcams Amsterdam
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View of the Singel Canal from the hotel of the same name in Amsterdam. The rotary device covers alternately different angles of the water artery and adjacent territories. The broadcast is in real time. Therefore, you can observe the current situation and weather from anywhere in the world.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 29.11.22
Singel channel. Webcams Amsterdam
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Panoramic web camera online broadcasts in Amsterdam Central train station Amsterdam Centraal Station, the port, the river ij.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 09.02.18
The Central train station in Amsterdam web Cam online
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Dam square – Central Amsterdam, which hosts fairs, concerts and other festive events. It is at this place in 1270 it was built a dam between the settlements, located on opposite banks of the river Amstel.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 26.07.17
The Dam Square. Amsterdam web Cam online
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Dynamic webcam is broadcast from the Central square of Amsterdam. Here you can see the Royal Palace, the national monument Dam the beer establishment Europa, and, of course, tourists from different countries.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 01.04.14
Dam Square - Amsterdam. Panoramic webcam
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Amsterdam is one of the great and at the same time little by nature city V. Together with its channels with world-famous attractions and museums. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The camera captures the city centre with Hotel Nes. Amsterdam web Cam online
Amsterdam, Netherlands 12.11.13
The webcam will show an amazing look. Amsterdam web Cam online
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Amsterdam is the cultural and financial capital of the Netherlands. The camera takes Koningsplein square (Koningsplein). Modern square Koningsplein shops, library, University of Amsterdam, the famous bookstore Scheltema.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 03.11.13
Square King Square. Amsterdam web Cam online
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