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A city with almost 600 years of history is the city of Kingisepp. In those days, the city belonged to the territory of Veliky Novgorod. Later it was assigned to the Petersburg Province, and now it is part of the Leningrad Region. In 1384, the great fortress of Kingisepp, the fortress of Yam, was built. The fortress was built by the best masters-masons and carpenters of the time, skilled governors and posadniki. The fortress was built in 33 days and became the most powerful fortress of the entire Novgorod region, and maybe the whole of Russia.

Yam became not only a mighty fortress but also a city that had great administrative significance for the Great City. Roads passed through the fortress, which at that time had important trade relations with Novgorod and with the cities of the Baltic states. Subsequently, the fortress city Yam became known as the city Yamburg. It happened in the middle of 1703 by decree of Peter I.

Since 1558, the Livonian War was going on, it ended already in 1582. For the city of Yama, it became fatal. Because then Sweden seized the Pit. For many decades and even centuries, the Russian state tried to regain the city of Yam. In 1595 she succeeded, but in 1617 she was returned to Sweden again, due to the forced signing of the “Stolbovsky Peace Treaty” with Sweden.

The 18th century came, and then, still, young Peter I, began the war against Sweden. And in 1703, the army of Major General Verdina besieged the fortress and took the city. Since then, the city of Yam and became known as Yamburg. After a while, Peter I handed over the city to Alexander Menshikov. Soon Menshikov was sent into exile and the city moved to the treasury.

With the reign of Catherine II, Yamburg was the decision to turn into an industrial city. Then began its active building up. Began to build various factories for the processing and manufacture of silk, cloth, cambric, and chintz. It was decided to build the Gostiny Dvor, which had about forty shops and a covered gallery. And by 1782 the famous Italian architect Antonio Renaldi built the Cathedral of St. Catherine, the main attraction of that and our time. Renaldi planned to build an octagonal square in Yamburg, but its construction was completed only in 1836. At this time, the rules of Nicholas I and a large number of buildings of the Board of Catherine redid. Under his leadership, the architect Tradlenburg redid Gostiny Dvor in the royal barracks and built the Manege. Near the town is the estate Romanovka, belonging to the hero of the war of 1812 K.I. Bistrom. Nowadays, the manor is a place of rest for the citizens, a better place than rest in a hotel. All this is still the architectural heritage of the time.

At that time, Yamburg was developing. Factories for the production of mirrors, tableware, paper and fabric factories were built. Brick, lime, sawmills, leather and glass factories were built. The city became one of the poorest cities of the Petersburg province at the beginning of the ninth century. Then the majority of the inhabitants of the city were soldiers. And all of them were "lower military ranks." Here, the main income was renting houses to quartering troops.

But at the beginning of the twentieth century, the city of Yamburg again became a significant defensive city. Yudenich's troops in 1919 attacked Petrograd several times and occupied Yamburg. In February 1920, the USSR and Estonia signed a peace treaty, according to which Yamburg became a border town. The border passed between the two villages of Komarovka and Dubrovka. And two years later (in 1922) Yamburg has renamed the city of Kingisepp.

Kingisepp was named after a certain Estonian communist Victor Kingisepp. Now the city plays a big role in the economy and culture of the Leningrad region. The uniqueness of the city in the railway line connecting Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. Also through the city passes the highway "St. Petersburg - Tallinn".

Kingisepp city was awarded the "Order of the Patriotic War of the first degree." During the war years, a partisan movement was operating in the city, which carried out sabotage and subversive activities against the Nazis.
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The web camera transmits in real time the Catherine Cathedral in Kingisepp, Leningrad region.
Kingisepp, Russia 10.05.19
The Cathedral of St. Catherine. Web camera, online
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Webcam broadcasts in real-time the intersection of Octabrskaya and street Ivanov in the town of Kingisepp, Leningrad region.
Kingisepp, Russia 10.05.19
TK "NORD". Web camera, online
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Webcam broadcasts in real-time the intersection of Karl Marx Avenue and Krichevskogo highway in the town of Kingisepp in Leningrad region.
Kingisepp, Russia 10.05.19
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