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The Intersection Of Vatutina - Queen. Belgorod webcam online


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Belgorod,Russiathe city, located in the South-Eastern part of the Russian Federation. The city was founded as a settlement, which was built on chalk hill. No definite date of Foundation of the city is 1593 year. Belgorod also mentions a statesman of Musin-Pushkin. At the turn of the 17th century the town was formed Belgorod regiment, which also influenced the education of the military district. The military importance of the city lasted until the early eighteenth century. But, later the city became the center of the provinces. Its membership included many of the city. Belgorod is the first who received the title of City of military glory. During the war, the city and its surroundings was conducted a strong, fierce battles. In this period the city was severely damaged, remained intact only a few dozen buildings. All historical buildings were destroyed. Fifth of August, the forty-third year, the city was liberated, since the day is celebrated on 5 August. Since the mid-50s in the city begins a rapid development of the industry and its economic recovery. At that time there were active procedures for the extraction of chalk. The quarry was directly on the spot where stood the Belgorod fortress. Unfortunately this has led to the disappearance of a unique historical monument.
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The webcam is located in Belgorod (Russia) overlooking the Rio public transport stops towards the Bus Station. Near this place there is an amusement park, the Church of St. John of Kronstadt, residential buildings, shops. The broadcast is carried out in real time
Belgorod, Russia 02.11.21
Stop Rio towards the Bus Station Webcams Belgorod
Camera with a view of the Rio stop towards the Airport in Belgorod (Russia). The lens captures a public transport stop, part of the sidewalk and the road. In this area of the city there is an amusement park, shops and cafes, residential buildings, the Church of John of Kronstadt. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Belgorod, Russia 02.11.21
Stop in Rio towards the Airport. Webcams Belgorod
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Main professional concert organization of Belgorod region.
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Belgorod state Philharmonic web camera online
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Stop Homeland. Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue. Belgorod webcam online
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Stop Homeland. Prospekt Bogdana Khmelnitskogo
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A webcam broadcasts the street of the 50th anniversary of Belgorod region, Department of lighthouse and Belgorod
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Department The Lighthouse. Belgorod webcam online
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The intersection of Bogdan Khmelnitsky street and Zheleznyakova.
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Shopping and entertainment complex "Mega-Grinn" web camera online
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The intersection of Gubkin - Bishops. Belgorod webcam online
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
The intersection of Gubkin - Bishops. Belgorod webcam online
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Construction of residential complex "Imperial", Belgorod, Holy Trinity Boulevard
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Construction of residential complex "Imperial"
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Stream the webcam runs from the intersection of Schorsa and Esenin in Belgorod, which for the first time in the history of the country, was awarded the title "City of military glory". Suggest to make in advance a guided tour of the Belgorod, if You want to come here to relax and not to miss anything interesting or important, because in this city there really is something to see.
Belgorod, Russia 07.12.14
The intersection of streets of Shchors - Esenina. Belgorod webcam online
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The camera is located at the intersection of Schorsa and Konev located in the city of Belgorod. Belgorod is one of the ancient and wonderful cities located in the Western part of the Russian Federation. Belgorod is a City of military glory.
Belgorod, Russia 31.08.14
The crossroads Shchorsa - Koneva live. Belgorod webcam online
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The camera captures the intersection of Vatutin and Kostyukova, located in the city of Belgorod. The city is unusual with its unique flavor, but very beautiful and attractive. In the city you can find also a lot of monuments and museums.
Belgorod, Russia 31.08.14
The intersection of Vatutin and street Kostyukova
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