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The intersection of streets of Shchors - Esenina. Belgorod webcam online


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The Russian city of Belgorod– this beautiful, bright, clean city that matches its name. However, the name of the city has gained not because of the presence of many buildings, built of bright stone, and because of the presence towering on the edge of town the chalk cliffs. Belgorod is a regional centre and, despite the relative youth of the building, has a rich and glorious history, which, unfortunately, is not too preserved in the modern form of a rapidly emerging border city. For those who are not accustomed to judge a book from the first glance at the cover, and likes to look as it should, going over every line, Belgorod made a considerable number of architectural masterpieces, commemorative monuments, interesting museums, the Golden glow of the Cathedral domes and gorgeous cultural heritage. The most visited place for lovers of history was the Museum-diorama "battle of Kursk. Belgorod direction", which tells about the great tank battle of Prokhorovka during world war II. Much attention also deserve the oldest in the region, the establishment of a culture of Belgorod state historical Museum and state art Museum, a building which was built in the art Nouveau style, a relatively new Museum of popular culture, the literary Museum, housed in the building of a merchant Selivanov, which is an architectural monument of the XVIII century, Museum of communications, MOE, etc. the city has a very large number of theatres and theatrical studios, such as the state academic theatre. Shchepkin placed near the building of the monument to the founder of the Russian school of acting, the state puppet theatre, theatre of clowning "Two monkeys", youth theatres and schools, children's musical theater, state Philharmonic hall. The city-warrior, famous for his victories in the greatest battles, of course, immortalized the valor of its defenders in a wide collection of different monuments and statues. This memorial to soldiers "who Died in Afghanistan", Avenue of Heroes of the Soviet Union and HeroesRussia– Belgorod, a mass grave of Soviet soldiers who died in the defense of Belgorod in 1941, the memorial complex-a mass grave of soldiers who died in the struggle against the fascist invaders and a memorial of victims who died for the Soviet power in 1918-19, and of soldiers killed in world war II. In Belgorod built many iconic buildings and monuments such as the monument to Prince Vladimir, the chapel-rotunda in the name of the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ, Martha and Mary working monastery, assumption Nicholas Cathedral, intercession Church, the Smolensk Cathedral, the Church of Archangel Gabriel Church of the intercession, Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Church of St. John of Kronstadt and other cathedrals and churches of the Orthodox diocese, and Catholic cathedrals. The town has several modern bronze sculptures, humorous topics, such as "the statue incorruptible cops" and "monument to Shuttle traders". Beautiful decoration of the city is considered a huge granite sundial, with a gilded arrow and bronze figures, the peculiarity of which is that in addition to the time clock to demonstrate the brightest and largest constellations in the Northern hemisphere. Among other attractions it should be noted the presence of a huge number of cultural centers, centers of children and youth creativity, exhibition halls.
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Main professional concert organization of Belgorod region.
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Belgorod state Philharmonic web camera online
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Stop Homeland. Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue. Belgorod webcam online
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Stop Homeland. Prospekt Bogdana Khmelnitskogo
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A webcam broadcasts the street of the 50th anniversary of Belgorod region, Department of lighthouse and Belgorod
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Department The Lighthouse. Belgorod webcam online
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The intersection of Bogdan Khmelnitsky street and Zheleznyakova.
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Shopping and entertainment complex "Mega-Grinn" web camera online
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The intersection of Gubkin - Bishops. Belgorod webcam online
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
The intersection of Gubkin - Bishops. Belgorod webcam online
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Construction of residential complex "Imperial", Belgorod, Holy Trinity Boulevard
Belgorod, Russia 14.05.17
Construction of residential complex "Imperial"
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The camera is located at the intersection of Schorsa and Konev located in the city of Belgorod. Belgorod is one of the ancient and wonderful cities located in the Western part of the Russian Federation. Belgorod is a City of military glory.
Belgorod, Russia 31.08.14
The crossroads Shchorsa - Koneva live. Belgorod webcam online
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The camera captures the intersection of Vatutin and Kostyukova, located in the city of Belgorod. The city is unusual with its unique flavor, but very beautiful and attractive. In the city you can find also a lot of monuments and museums.
Belgorod, Russia 31.08.14
The intersection of Vatutin and street Kostyukova
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The camera is located at the intersection of Queen and Vatutin, in the Central district of the city of Belgorod. Belgorod, the first town which received the title of city of military glory, located in the South-Western part of Russia. During the war the city suffered greatly from what was destroyed historical buildings.
Belgorod, Russia 28.08.14
The Intersection Of Vatutina - Queen. Belgorod webcam online
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