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The Laem Nan beach web camera online (Laem Nan Beach)


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Looks like the best place on earth? Pelican, cut through the sky with a heavy beating of wings? As if bent under the weight of a coconut palm tree on a lonely beach? Or trembling flowers of the millions of butterflies, densely covered shrub Lotus? No. It looks likeSamuihot, intoxicating aromas, dazzling with green island on the very edge of the Gulf of Thailand. Chosen by man in just a couple of decades ago, the island retains a pristine beauty created by mother nature, interspersed with human buildings to satisfy tourists ' needs in comfort. The root cause of visiting the island, of course, are a huge number of beaches with blinding white sand and sparkling waters. The nature of the stay may vary from place to place. Entertainment is there for every taste and price category. These beaches such as "From" and "Taling Ngam" for all you lovers of secluded relaxation with a minimum of stray traders who violate the peaceful calm of rustling palms and lapping of the sea waves with their cries. The kinds of the local landscapes like no other, fit the description of idealistic scenes from the movie "the bounty". But the underwater world is not to consider and a couple of days with his constant luminous inhabitants of coral reefs. Tired from "hanging" on the beach is to go to local attractions. And in order not to disrupt the measured pace of the rest, choose a position to this location. As an option – "Secret Buddha Garden". With its sculptures and monuments on religious themes, surrounded on all sides by assorted trees, and cozy paths, encouraging leisurely strolls of the murmur of the surrounding next to the river. Unfortunately, the island does not so many institutions on cultural topics in addition to religious. And if there is a desire to penetrate deeper into the historical landmarks of Thailand and to understand the local mores, you should visit the "Cultural center Samui". It is not part of most tours. The crowds will not interfere to appreciate the spirit of the people, vyistavki surrounding monuments and bas-reliefs. Also here you can be photographed in traditional attire, and perhaps to see the wedding procession. Often, local shrines are one of the mandatory places to visit. Often because they are located in picturesque places. And like "Wat Plai Laem" is a unique fusion of several architectural styles. For example, the statue of Buddha coexists in the same area with the goddess Guanyin while Vihren designed in Thai style. The Central building is located among ponds, giving the impression of constant movement. Many beautiful locations to be seen by visitors in different ways depending on the time of day that you will want to pay a visit to them on new, will not get bored and tired.
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The web camera broadcasts the beach of the Tango Beach Resort located in the shopping area of ​​Chaweng, a 15-minute walk from the Solo Bar. Opened in 1998, the friendly hotel attracts visitors with Thai-style architecture.
Samui, Thailand 19.09.18
Beach hotel Tango Beach Resort in real time
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The webcam shows street Lamai Walking Street on Koh Samui in Thailand in real time. Street Lamai Walking Street is located in the beach resort of Lamai, which is a large number of shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, fitness centers and Nightclubs located along Lamai beach in the North-Eastern part of Koh Samui.
Samui, Thailand 26.08.18
Lamai Walking Street. Webcams Samui online
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Web camera in real time shows a bar, Sweet Soul Cafe on Koh Samui in Thailand. Bar "Sweet Soul Cafe" is located in the heart of Chaweng beach (Chaweng beach) in the North-Eastern part of Koh Samui in Thailand, it is more like a night club.
Samui, Thailand 26.08.18
Cafe Sweet Soul. Webcams Samui online
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This webcam Koh Samui is located on the facade of another popular places — a cafe with the original name Sweet Soul (Sweet soul). This nightclub is very "hot" vacation spot with professional bartenders, loud music and a large number of visitors.
Samui, Thailand 26.08.18
Sweet Soul Café Samui. Webcams Samui online
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Shamrock Irish pub is located in the heart of Lamai, two minutes from the most beautiful beach of Koh Samui. Since its inception in 2005 it has become one of the most famous and busiest bars in Samui, demonstrating high-quality online broadcasts of sporting events.
Samui, Thailand 26.08.18
Irish pub Shamrock. Webcams Samui online
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The Bondi Chaweng Restaurant is a sports bar in which you can watch Premier League or other sports. Every Friday from 10 pm until morning you can listen to energetic live music performed by a local band. Bondi is one of Chaweng's favorite restaurants because of its atmosphere and for the quality of the products.
Samui, Thailand 26.08.18
Restaurant Bondi Chaweng. Webcams Samui online
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The camera is in a large yoga center and hotel Vikasa Yoga on Koh Samui in Thailand. The hotel area, with numerous modern buildings, landscaped gardens with exotic plants and flowers. And the surrounding sea give to local landscapes truly a heavenly look.
Samui, Thailand 12.02.18
The hotel Vikasa Yoga Retreat Samui web Cam online
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Camera overlooking Laem Nan beach, located on Koh Samui, Thailand. White sand, crystal clear water, palm trees, warm weather, tropical birds and the scent of exotic flowers that still need to believe in the existence of Paradise on earth?
Samui, Thailand 08.03.16
The hotel Crystal Bay Beach Resort web Cam online
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The camera is mounted near the hotel Villa Moon Shadow on one of the most prestigious resorts of Thailand – Koh Samui. Looking at the endless sea and the pristine greens of the palm groves, covering the Eastern part of the island, you can feel relaxation and peace. No wonder this resort many consider a Paradise on earth.
Samui, Thailand 08.03.16
Villa MoonShadow. Villa the Shadow of the moon webcam online
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The camera is in Serevo-Western part of Koh Samui, which is one of the favorite resorts of Thailand. The view from the village of Santi Thani. The review covers a vast panorama of Koh Phangan and the Gulf of Thailand, with a stunning sight of the sea.
Samui, Thailand 08.03.16
Santithani web camera online
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This webcam takes you into a real Paradise on earth – island of Koh Samui in Thailand. The view covers the Samujana Villa complex, surrounded by a unique panorama from the tropical forests that cover the high hills, and small uninhabited Mat-lang island, surrounded by azure water of the South China sea.
Samui, Thailand 08.03.16
Samujana web camera online
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