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L’Île-Rousse webcams online - French Riviera in Corsica

L’Île-Rousse is a small picturesque city in Corsica, featuring unsurpassed nature and interesting locations. Here is a beautiful rocky port, topped by an ancient Genoese tower - the hallmark of the city. The village is located in one of the popular tourist areas - Balagne, where the warm climate is combined with the gentle sea and white sand. Such climatic features are due to the abundance of hills that close the bay. But if the journey to these places is not possible, the webcams L'zle-Rousse, to watch online which you can on this site, will help to immerse yourself in the unforgettable Corsican atmosphere.
The city appeared as a result of the attempt of the inhabitants of Corsica to reclaim these lands from the Genoese and came under French rule. But local nationalist sentiment still hovers in these places. Thus, the inhabitants of the city call it not the French name "Il Rus" but the Corsican version of Isula Rossa.
The founder of Il Rusa is Pascal Paoli, who built a port in this place, which was not to be located in the rivers of Genoese and block the sea route between Calvi and Genoa. Until 1848, the state language here was considered Italian, so the first name of the city sounded like Isola Rossa, meaning "red island". The city most likely owes its name to the local rocks, which have a reddish tide and form a natural port.
Before the founding of these lands of the urban settlement, they were still inhabited by people. The first inhabitants appeared here in the fifth millennium BC And in 1000 BC a thriving settlement called Agilla was formed here. The city was eventually destroyed by the Phoenicians and handed over to the Roman rulers who ruled it until the 4th century AD. This caused prolonged desolation (except for fishermen and peasants who lived off the sea).
In the 17th century, a large shopping complex was founded here, consisting of various shops owned by merchants from nearby Santa Reparata. They traded with various coastal settlements up to the base of the seaport.
Today, L'zle-Rousse webcams to watch online, which can be viewed in real time, allow you to see a lot of interesting sights of the city. Among them are an abundance of temples and architectural and historical monuments.
An interesting look has an ancient temple of the Immaculate Conception, erected in 1892. Unfortunately, the original building was badly destroyed by fire in the early 20th century. The church was restored only in the 30s. Within the walls of the building are two valuable paintings on religious themes dating back to the 17th century. One of them is called "The Temptation of Christ" and the second is "St. Jerome." Both works belong to the monuments of the history of national importance.
Another ancient church, Mercy (or Monastery) is located to the east of the temple mentioned above. The global reconstruction of this building was carried out in 2010-2011.
All the romantics of the sea, who arrived in Il Rus, should certainly see the local lighthouse, erected in the first third of the 19th century. The monument is included in the list of cultural heritage sites in France and together with the madonetta lighthouse (port of Bastia), as well as the lighthouse of Lavezzi islands is designated in the island's lighting program.
Initially, a red light lamp was installed in the lighthouse. After 30 years, the lighter was replaced by a white, more power. From the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, this lantern flickers three times every 12 seconds. The modern building has a fully autonomous power supply from solar cells located on the roof and works automatically. The entrance inside the building is closed to tourists. But in the background of this object you can take amazing photos.
Uniquely built is the L'zle-Rousse Indoor Market, built in the 44-46 years of the 19th century. Since 1993 it has been included in the register of monuments of the country's history. It is noteworthy that the market is valid to this day. In the morning you can buy the freshest fruits and vegetables, which are imported from different parts of the Balagne region.
Later attractions include a garden on the grounds of the Napoleon Bonaparte Hotel. Despite the relatively young age, the object is included in the list of cultural heritage monuments of the country.
Fans of the same plunge into antiquity, it is necessary to climb to the Genoese tower, which towers over the rocky archipelago. The building for its age is perfectly preserved to this day. You can get here without reaching the lighthouse. Alternatively, by making a virtual journey with the help of the webcam L'zle-Rousse, look online, which you can watch from the comfort of your home.
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The webcam broadcasts online views of the port of L'Il-Rus. With the warmest climate in Corsica, thanks to the Balan hills that surround the city and give it shelter from the weather, and with its gently stretching beaches, L'Il-Ros is the perfect place for a family holiday.
L’Île-Rousse, France 02.12.20
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Online broadcast of the port of L'Il-Rus. Founded by Pasquale Paoli in 1759 to counter the mass presence of Genoese in Algayola and Calvi, L'Il-Ros was named after its reddish-brown hues at sunset.
L’Île-Rousse, France 02.12.20
Port L'Ile-Rus webcam online No2
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The web camera broadcasts the port of L'Il-Rus in real time. The ferry port of Ile-Rus is located in the northwest of Corsica, and was founded in 1758. You can get on ferries from Corsica, which follow the route from the port of Ile-Rus to the port of Nice, or to the port of Toulon in the south of France.
L’Île-Rousse, France 01.12.20
Port L'Ile-Rus webcam online No.1
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