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Bastia online webcams - economic capital of Upper Corsica

Bastia is considered the most advanced business center of Corsica. It combines the industrial power and charming old buildings. Bastia's webcams, which can be viewed online on this site, will allow you to see what is happening in this far side from the comfort of your home.
The city is divided into several administrative units. This is the terra Vecchia quarter, where among the disorderly network of streets huddle magnificently decorated baroque temples, high-rise houses with golden-gray walls. As well as the terra Nova district, which is considered a historical center. It is located on the other side of the Old Port and is a prestigious, well-groomed quarter where tourists and locals like to walk.
Bastia was founded in the Roman era and began its chronicle with the appearance of the colony near the freshwater lagoon, which is located a little south of the city borders. To this day, the remains of Pisan temples have reached the site of the base's existence.
Bastia flourished during the reign of Genoa. At that time, wine was supplied from Porto Cardo (now the Old Port or Terra Vecchia) to Italy.
From 1811, when Napoleon III moved the administrative center of Corsica to Ajachcio, to this day the rivalry between this city and Bastia has remained. But perhaps this event led to the fact that the latter successfully established trade ties with the french mainland.
In 1862, a new port was built, which was necessary to provide communication with France and Italy and subsequently became the foundation for the local economy. Agricultural products from all over Cap Kors, Balani and the plains of the eastern coast were exported through it.
Now Bastia is one of the largest resorts in Corsica, despite its modest size. Local attractions can be covered in just one day. And some of them can be seen if Bastia's webcams look online.
Introduction to the city is worth starting with a visit to the square of Saint-Nicolas, surrounded by sprawling trees and various cafes. This is the main social center of the city. Parallel to the square are the main trade arteries - Paoli Boulevard, Cesar Campinca Street.
The main part of the unique historical attractions is located in the area of Terra Vecchia, which, incidentally, adjoins the Square of St. Nicholas. Some monuments can also be found in the Terra Nova area around the old tower. It is there, under the massive walls is the calling card of the city - the Old Port. It is filled with various pleasure craft. And around rise dilapidated houses of the 18th century. In contrast to this place, the new port has more modern features. But there are no special monuments and interesting locations, except for catering establishments there.
The Terra Vecchia area can be accessed by walking from Saint-Nicolas to Napoleon Street. There are several old shops and lavishly decorated a cappella. One of them was built in the 17th century. It is a classic example of baroque architecture, with abundant decorations both outside and inside the structure. The gilded organ is of particular interest.
A little further is the second chapel, the construction of which took place 7 years later than the previous one. The object symbolizes the power of the Genoese over Corsica. It was once used for public events. Externally, the structure has strict, laconic features. But the interior is distinguished by a special luxury and delights. The interiors generously use velvet, marble, gilding, crystal. Within the walls of the sacristy there is a small museum, which houses works of art on religious subjects. The sculptural image of the patron saint of all anglers - St. Erasmus dating back to the 18th century. It is also interesting to see a pebble mosaic with a stylized image of the Sun.
Near the oratorio is another square, which bears the official name of the Hotel de Ville and the unofficial name "Market". Every day there is a market for farm products.
Walking a little to the southwest, you can see another iconic building of Bastia - the church of Jean-Baptiste, built in the first half of the 17th century. The temple has an extraordinary architectural appearance with two identical bell towers, which became one of the symbols of the city. Several works of the Italian Renaissance have been preserved inside the building. The rococo-style interior is decorated with multi-colored marble.
The area around the church is the oldest part of the city, where you can find several historic houses, which at different times lived public and political figures who made a significant contribution to the struggle for independence of Corsica. Walking along one of the historic streets of Saint-Jean, you can go to the ancient church of St. Charles, which is a Jesuit chapel with a wide staircase, where locals like to make appointments.
If you do not have the opportunity to go to Corsica yet, Bastia webcams, which can be viewed online in real time, will help you make a fascinating online walk through the ancient streets.
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The online broadcast of the port city of Bastia is the former administrative and current economic capital of Upper Corsica. The bulk of ferries from the continent arrive here, not far from Bastia, one of the island's main airports.
Bastia, France 29.11.20
Port of Bastia in real time
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The web camera broadcasts the Bastian ferry passenger port online. Bastia is the main port and important economic center of Corsica. It is called the "sea gate" of Corsica. It is from this city begin their journey on the island most tourists from the mainland.
Bastia, France 29.11.20
Bastian ferry passenger port
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