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Komsomol Park. Pyatigorsk in real-time


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Pyatigorskis the center of the Caucasian mineral waters, the oldest Spa resort, one of the most populated cities in the Stavropol region. This city is considered a Museum-city, because in order to get around all of its natural, cultural and historical attractions will need more than one day. Among the most popular attractions include the grotto Failure, which is unique in its mineral composition and a subterranean lake. The city has many mineral water sources and drinking galleries, which in addition to the healing water will give its guests the rapturous beauty of the ancient architectural forms of the buildings themselves, built about 2 centuries ago. Among the five main peaks of Pyatigorsk it is necessary to allocate the highest mountain – Mashuk, which offers indescribable beauty of the panorama of the city and its surroundings. The observation deck can be reached on foot or by cable car, where you can see the amazing, immersed in the dense vegetation of the Academic building of the gallery, made of white stone in an elegant Italian style, and connects the Mikhailovsky spur of Mashuk mountain and the mountain is Hot. Near the gallery is a grotto of Lermontov and a beautiful old rotunda Aeolian Harp, which, besides the visual impressions also has a great effect on hearing enchanting music of the wind. On the other side of the gallery is one of the oldest hospitals of the city – Pushkin baths, which is a monument of Federal significance. The Hot foot is one of the most prominent parks of the city – the Elizabethan flower garden. There are a collection of natural, cultural and architectural monuments – the most beautiful building of the Lermontov gallery, the Opera house and the Vernissage, as well as Diana's grotto. On top of the mountain is a majestic symbol of Pyatigorsk – giant eagle, which, according to legend, he healed from the terrible venom of the local mineral water. Among other popular attractions, allocate Pyatigorsk Hippodrome, Komsomol Park, and the old necropolis, a place where there are many historical monuments – graves of political figures, scholars, warriors and writers, among them the site of the original burial Lermontov. The city also houses the Museum of Lermontov's House, where once lived the famous writer.
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Translation is carried out with the Boulevard street in Pyatigorsk. This is the first street built in the district of White Daisy that began to settle in the 60-ies of XX century. In the early years the street was called Travel, and a little later they. Patrice Lumumba. The current name of this site was in 1994.
Pyatigorsk, Russia 13.09.15
View of the Boulevard street. Pyatigorsk in real-time
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This webcam displays a view of Lermontov's Market located on St. 295 Shooting Divisions in Pyatigorsk. In this area there are various shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and kebab houses, car parks, shops and train station Lermontovskiy.
Pyatigorsk, Russia 13.09.15
Lermontov market. Pyatigorsk in real-time
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Webcam shows a view of the fountain, located at the shopping center Horseshoe in the center of the White Daisy in Pyatigorsk. It was opened in 1974 and pleasing to the eye for over 30 years. After a short period of neglect, the fountain was renovated for the 230-year anniversary of Pyatigorsk. It is equipped with beautiful colored highlights and new hydraulic mechanisms, and updated the pool itself.
Pyatigorsk, Russia 13.09.15
The fountain at the center of the Horseshoe. Pyatigorsk in real-time
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Webcam shows a view of the fountain at the shopping center Horseshoe in the administrative district of Pyatigorsk, under the name "White Daisy". The fountain is located at the entrance to Komsomol Park. The waterworks were established here in the 70-ies of XX century and was called "Giant". The last reconstruction of the sights were held in 2010.
Pyatigorsk, Russia 13.09.15
The fountain at the center of the Horseshoe. Pyatigorsk webcam online
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This web camera is installed in Pyatigorsk, in the building of JSC "sevkavgiprovodhoz", located on the Avenue of Kirov, 78. The view covers a small square near the old granite boulder, brought by the debris flow in the town of Tyrnyauz of the CBD. The stone's age is estimated 250-300 million years. The review also gets the car traffic on the crossroad with the street Malygina.
Pyatigorsk, Russia 13.09.15
Prospekt Kirova 78. Pyatigorsk webcam online
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