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Peterhof webcams online - a picturesque suburb of the northern capital

Peterhof, whose webcams can be viewed online on this site, is perhaps the most picturesque suburb of the northern capital of Russia. Tourists arriving in this town, first of all, tend to visit its main attraction - the palace and park ensemble, with luxurious fountains, residences, gardens. But there are other sights here that are worthy of attention.

In the era of the Russian Empire, the main entrance to the imperial residence was the Upper Garden, which stretched along the palace terrace.

This place has a regular, geometric layout with chic fountains, flower beds, green galleries. Marble sculptures in the spirit of ancient art are installed throughout. The main decorations of the ensemble are the Mezhuyemy fountain, towering at the entrance, as well as Neptune and Dubovy.
Of interest are the artificial islands created on Olga's pond. These plots of land, planted with lush gardens, symbolize the love of the monarch for his wife and daughter. They are located in Kolonitsky Park and are mounds from the soil of a foundation pit dug to create a pond. Along with lush vegetation, luxurious pavilions are installed on them. The islands are connected with the "mainland" and among themselves by narrow paths.
The Peterhof Chapel, which was built by order of Paul I, stands out among the general architectural appearance. The object is located in Alexandria Park and, despite its Gothic appearance, was an Orthodox church. It served as a home church for the imperial family.
The chapel has a symmetrical square layout with four gabled towers, rose windows, traditional for Gothic temples, and abundant stone decor of the facades.

An important part of the excursion around Peterhof is a visit to the Lower Park, which occupies 102.5 hectares.

The main avenues fan out from the Grand Palace. Lush flower beds, fountains, and small architectural forms are spread along them.
The English Park is considered the largest in Peterhof. Its main territory is occupied by water bodies. The complex was planted in the first half of the 18th century on the site where hunting grounds used to be. Artificial and decorative elements are harmoniously complemented by natural vegetation, natural landscapes and lakes.

An interesting object is the Chess Mountain water cascade.

It consists of steps, decorated with dark and light cells, reminiscent of a chess board. Streams of water flow down the steps into a semicircular bowl. Two staircases run symmetrically around it, surrounded by exquisite white stone statues. The object miraculously survived the Great Patriotic War. There are picturesque alleys next to the cascade. Not far from here is the Triton fountain and the greenhouse.

On the coast of the Neva Bay there is another Palace and Park ensemble called "Sergievka".

It covers an area of ​​120 hectares and is home to a large number of representatives of fauna and flora. Natural beauties are harmoniously complemented by architectural objects - the Leuchterberg Palace, English and Swedish houses, a farm, the Cavalry Corps and other interesting buildings.
Recommended for visiting is the complex of Voronikhinsky colonnades, erected in the 19th century. Unique frames can be taken near pavilions with white marble columns. Colonnades run along the Sea Canal. Its depth reaches 9 meters, and its length is 32 km. Along its shore there are cozy alleys, decorated with numerous fountains, the jets of which rise 4 meters into the sky and fall down into marble bowls.
The Samson fountain is considered one of the visiting cards of Peterhof. It is a graceful sculpture of a young man tearing the mouth of a fierce lion. The object has been rebuilt from the destroyed original. The statue is installed on a 3-meter stone pedestal.

You should definitely visit the Catherine's Building Museum.

It is a one-story building, not far from the Monplaisir palace. Inside the building are luxuriously furnished colored rooms.
And, of course, the most visited place of the Peterhof complex is the Grand Cascade fountain, which is included in the list of the most outstanding structures in the world. It was built in the first half of the 18th century. The laconic construction is lavishly decorated with gilded statues, sculptural images of animals and humans, and decorative flowerpots. The fountain acquires special splendor in the evening, as well as during various celebrations, turning into an open stage.

If it is not yet possible to visit St. Petersburg and its suburbs, Peterhof webcams, which can be watched online in real time, will help to plunge into the indescribable atmosphere of this place.

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Live webcam broadcasts the broadcast from Trinity Mountain in Peterhof. The object is located at the crossroads of Golitsinskoe highway and Chicherinskaya street. The device itself is installed on the house number 23/1. The lens captures a high hill, a road intersection, a vast green area. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Peterhof, Russia 22.10.21
Troitskaya Mountain. Peterhof webcams
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Camera with a view of the intersection of Botanicheskaya and Chebyshevskaya streets in Peterhof. The lens captures the road junction itself with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, as well as adjacent buildings - residential buildings and shops. The broadcast is broadcast in real time.
Peterhof, Russia 21.10.21
The intersection of Botanicheskaya and Chebyshevskaya streets. Webcams Peterhof online
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Peterhof - a city in Russia, founded in 1710 as an Imperial summer residence Palace and Park style located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Today it is an architectural Palace and Park Museum "Peterhof". The camera shoots fountains of the Grand cascade.
Peterhof, Russia 19.10.13
Fountains Of The Grand Cascade. Peterhof web camera online
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