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Jubilee bridge in Omsk webcam online


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Nice SiberianOmsksoon celebrating its 300th anniversary. During its historical path, he has experienced a lot of exciting events, UPS and downs, periods of dawn and challenging times. He was both a fortress and the capital of the Cossack, and place links and the center of the white movement in the post-revolutionary era. But, despite the sometimes difficult path that has managed to preserve the priceless treasures of culture, architecture, art, as well as a unique and majestic appearance. Those who first saw Omsk, it may seem harsh, like a Siberian winter. But after spending some time here, guests of the city begin to experience his pure and bright energy and hospitality. A large area occupied by the city, allowed the city planners to lay many wide squares, squares, and places to stay. Many in Omsk and theatres. After all, this city is considered the most "theatrical" city in Siberia. On the development of dramatic art of Omsk wrote in the thematic publications devoted to the head on Wikipedia. This beautiful city gave the country of such famous figures of theatre and cinema as Sergei Chonishvili, Mikhail Ulyanov. Omsk academic drama theatre is not only an outstanding cultural landmark. The building is a jewel of urban architecture, a work of art. It's size, design, decor and finish – all this inspires to take in the unique atmosphere of productions, festivals and holidays. In addition to theater, the city boasts such famous and prominent natives, as Mikhail Vrubel, Dmitry Karbyshev, Valerian Kuibyshev, Innokenty Annensky, Leonid Martynov, and many others. Strolling through the city, you also can not go past the Tara gate, standing on the very spot where in antiquity stood the defensive line of the city fortress walls. One of the local tales says that passing through the arch of the gate to make a wish which will come true. Unique vintage appearance has also the mansion of the merchant Batiushkov, where after the revolution was the residence of Kolchak, and today operates the registry office and the Museum exposition devoted to the Civil war. Special attention should be paid to the famous Omsk bridges. Favorite Omsk is crossing the Jubilee bridge over the river om. This bridge offers extensive and picturesque city panorama. Public holidays – motor traffic is blocked, providing the opportunity for lovely walks.
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The Omsk webcam broadcasts from two iconic bridges over the Om River, providing spectacular views of the waterway and architectural delights. Tune in in real time to truly appreciate the beauty and dynamics of the city of Omsk.
Omsk, Russia 23.05.24
Om River, Yubileiny and Komsomolsky Bridge. Omsk webcams
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The Omsk webcam illustrates the intersection of Leningradskaya and K. Marx, creating a complete overview of the dynamics of city traffic and its atmosphere in real time.
Omsk, Russia 21.05.24
Crossroads of Leningradskaya and K. Marx. Omsk webcams
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The Omsk webcam provides a unique opportunity to observe life and traffic at the intersection of Zhukov and Maslennikov, immersing you in the atmosphere of city streets online.
Omsk, Russia 18.05.24
Crossroads of Zhukov and Maslennikov. Omsk webcams
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The Omsk webcam provides live broadcast from Martynov Boulevard, showing cozy places for walking and popular recreation areas among residents.
Omsk, Russia 15.05.24
Boulevard Martynov. Omsk webcams
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Enjoy the stunning connection of the Irtysh and Om rivers using a webcam in Omsk. This breathtaking natural phenomenon is available to you online at any time of the day, providing unique and ever-changing footage.
Omsk, Russia 14.05.24
The Irtysh and Om rivers. Omsk webcams
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The Omsk webcam broadcasts with sound a fragment of Lenin Street, next to a cafe located in an old building. Behind you can see other historical buildings, public transport stops. In this area of the city there are many attractions, catering establishments, shops, squares and cultural institutions. The broadcast is in real time.
Omsk, Russia 16.02.23
Lubinsky prospect. Webcams Omsk
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The web camera transmits a view of the intersection of Karl Marx Avenue and Lermontov's views on Lenin square.
Omsk, Russia 08.10.17
Lermontova Street. Omsk webcam online
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The web camera transmits a view of the street Maslennikov, Kuibyshev street, Park in the CCM them. V. Blinova.
Omsk, Russia 09.07.17
Street Maslennikov 66. Omsk webcam online
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The webcam will broadcast a view of the TC "Oscar", street 2-I Solar, street Cottage.
Omsk, Russia 09.07.17
Street Dianova 30. Omsk webcam online
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Russkaya Polyana is an urban-type settlement in the Russian-Polyansky district in Omsk region Russia. CENTR Russko-polyanskogo urban settlement.
Omsk, Russia 09.07.17
Russkaya Polyana. Omsk webcam online
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A webcam broadcasts the view of the street 70 years of October.
Omsk, Russia 09.07.17
Street 70 years of October. Omsk webcam online
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The web camera transmits a view of the intersection of Herzen and Yakovlev.
Omsk, Russia 09.07.17
Street Herzen. Omsk webcam online
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The web camera transmits a view of the intersection of 4th Cheluskintsev street 21-I Amur.
Omsk, Russia 09.07.17
4th street Chelyuskintsev. Omsk webcam online
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Views of the surrounding Leningrad area.
Omsk, Russia 09.07.17
Street Maslennikov. Omsk webcam online
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A webcam broadcasts the view of the street Dianova, street Star
Omsk, Russia 09.07.17
Street Dianova. Omsk webcam online
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