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The Madeira webcam broadcasts a live view of the Madeira Ritz.

This is one of the oldest grand cafes in the center of Funchal, located on the main street of Avenida Arriaga opposite the beautiful municipal gardens. The webcam allows you to see the impressive flowering of Jacaranda trees, which bloom beautifully every year from mid-April to early May.

Madeira, whose webcams are available on the website, has an area of ​​741 sq. km.

Due to their favorable geographical position and many mountain peaks, these islands enjoy a mild climate with moderate humidity and comfortable average temperatures of 25°C in summer and 17°C in winter. The sea temperature, due to the influence of the warm Gulf Stream, averages 22°C in summer and 18°C ​​in winter.
The archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean at the same latitude as Casablanca, about 1000 km southwest of Lisbon and 500 km west of the African coast. It is formed by the island of Madeira with an area of ​​741 sq. km, Porto Santo - 42.5 sq. km and the Desertas Islands with a total area of ​​14.2 sq. km. Also on its territory are 18 uninhabited islands. In general, only two are inhabited and accessible - Madeira and Porto Santo.

Funchal is the capital of the Madeira archipelago, online webcams allow you to enjoy the views of the archipelago.

More than half a million passengers a year disembark in the city. For hundreds of years, it was the only settlement of the autonomous region of Madeira, until 5 other cities received this status at the end of the last - the beginning of this century: Camara de Lobos, Santa Cruz, Machico, Santana and Vila Baleira.
Madeira Island has rugged terrain, with the highest points being Pico Ruivo (1,862m), Pico das Torres (1,851m) and Pico do Arieiro (1,818m) being considered the third, fourth and fifth highest points Portugal. The north coast is dominated by high cliffs, while in the western part of the island you can find the only plateau on the island of Pol da Serra.
Tourism is currently the main driver and largest source of income for the Madeira economy. Agriculture is dominated by banana production, primarily for regional and national consumption. Flowers are also grown here and the famous wine is produced.

Madeira, whose live webcams are available on the site, has been an autonomous region of Portugal since 1976. On July 1, the Day of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and Madeiran Communities, or simply Madeira Day, is celebrated here.

Also, religious holidays and pilgrimages are often celebrated on the islands. At these events there is always entertainment with philharmonic and modern bands. The districts and streets surrounding the church are decorated with colorful flags hoisted on wooden masts adorned with laurel or boxwood.
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Madeira webcam overlooking the marina (Funchal). The device has a swivel mechanism, so it opens up an overview from different angles. In real time, you can watch what is happening at the pier, see the picturesque bay, as well as the luxurious marina.
Madeira, Portugal 04.06.22
Marina for yachts. Webcams Madeira
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Panoramic (overview) webcam overlooking the Praia de San Roque in Machico in Madeira. The lens captures the picturesque view of the city street, mountains, palm trees, the coast and the bay. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Madeira, Portugal 02.06.22
Praia de San Roque in Machico. Webcams Madeira
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Madeira webcam broadcasts live views of Calheta Beach. The lens captures panoramic views of the golden beach, marina and promenade of the municipality of Calheta, which is located on the south coast of the island. The beach is a tranquil tourist hotspot with two artificial golden sandy beaches, excellent accommodation, restaurants and shops.
Madeira, Portugal 26.05.22
Calheta Beach. Webcams Madeira
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Madeira webcam in real time gives you the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of Pauldo Mar. It is a traditional fishing village with two popular beaches and a surf spot offering powerful waves and crystal clear waters. Every year in July, the picturesque harbor (Porto de Abrigo) hosts the popular Limpet Festival, offering great entertainment, concerts, traditional food and beer.
Madeira, Portugal 17.05.22
Paul DeMarCum. Webcams Madeira
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The Madeira webcam allows you to see in real time the Middle TO MAR Chrosswalk. The lens captures a view of the Funchal waterfront on Avenida do Mar. Live, you can enjoy the sunset and what is happening on the streets of the city.
Madeira, Portugal 16.05.22
M.A.R. Crosswalk. Webcams Madeira
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The Madeira webcam online shows a view of the Caniçal Whale Museum. The broadcast allows you to enjoy the view of the village of Caniçal, Praia da Ribeira de Natal and the promenade, around the Commercial Port, including a close-up of the central swimming pool complex, Lord's Lighthouse and Ponta de Sant Lourenço.
Madeira, Portugal 14.05.22
Whale Museum. Webcams Madeira
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Madeira webcam in real time shows a view of Penha França Mar. This is a hotel that is located in the best area of Funchal, 10 minutes walk from the center. Its magnificent tropical gardens and access to the sea are two of its perks. The 109 well-appointed rooms offer beautiful views of the gardens or the sea.
Madeira, Portugal 12.05.22
Penha Franca Mar. Webcams Madeira
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