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Pervomayskaya, 14A. Camera 2. Dyurtyuli webcams


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Dyurtyuli's webcam broadcasts live from the local area along Pervomaiskaya Street, 14A.

Entrances to entrances, a front garden and parked cars fall into the foreshortening. Due to the high quality of the video, as well as real-time broadcasting, you can track not only the weather and the situation, but also possible offenses.

Dyurtyuli, whose webcams can be viewed online on this site, is an interesting city in Bashkiria.

It has a rich history. Founded in 1795 by four Russian merchants. The merchants settled in a picturesque place on the banks of the Belaya River, built houses for their families and laid the first street, giving it the name Bolshaya. It is noteworthy that it was this historical fact that formed the name of the glorious city. The peasants located near the Bashkir villages began to call among themselves the settlement "Dүrtөylogә", which in translation from the Bashkir means: "dүrt" - four, "өy" - house.

Watch Dyurtyuli webcams online to get acquainted with a small town with a rich history.

The main and most important attraction of Dyurtyuli is the embankment. However, this is typical for most settlements located on large full-flowing rivers. The most significant object on the embankment, which immediately catches the eye even from a long distance, is the conveyor belt of the elevator. The elevator has become one of the city-forming enterprises, because grain has always been the leading commodity in this area. To date, this is already a new building, while the conveyor belt itself has not changed much over the past 100 years.
If you walk along the embankment towards Mount Tartau, then immediately after the end of the paved road you can see a small pier, on which there is a pleasure boat. It was put here by one of the local entrepreneurs. Everyone can buy tickets and take part in a small impromptu tour.
The length of the Dyurtyuli embankment is insignificant; it will take no more than an hour to bypass it completely. During the walk, you can relax in a shady square. There are benches on the territory of all alleys, many of which stand right on the river bank. Especially beautiful views from here can be observed during summer sunsets.
The Belaya River is navigable. But due to the relatively shallow depth of the reservoir, only small barges or small-capacity double-deck tourist steamers can walk on it. In the past, the river was an important trade route that transported timber, grain, and many other goods. The development of steamship transport on Belaya began in the 1850s. However, at that time, an incompetent commission made many mistakes in studying the reservoir, so regular navigation was organized only in 1870, when a special organization "Belskoye Shipping Company" was created.

Most of the sights of this unusual city can be viewed online on Dyurtyuli webcams.

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The third view of the local area along Pervomaiskaya Street, 14A in Dyurtyuli. The camera goes out to the outside of the courtyard. Covers entrance, road, neighboring houses. Thanks to the high quality video and real-time broadcast, everyone can monitor the weather and the current situation in this area.
Dyurtyuli, Russia 26.03.23
Pervomayskaya, 14A. Webcams Dyurtyuli
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Webcam Dyurtyuli with a view of the courtyard of the house 14A on Pervomaiskaya street. The lens covers the entrance to the local area, car parking, control room, front garden. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can monitor the current situation in this area.
Dyurtyuli, Russia 23.03.23
Pervomayskaya, 14A. Camera 1. Dyurtyuli webcams
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Webcam in Dyurtyuli (Bashkortostan) with a view of the local area near the house number 27 on Sadovaya Street. The lens captures a view of the car park, behind which is a playground and other apartment buildings. The broadcast is in real time.
Dyurtyuli, Russia 10.03.23
Sadovaya street, 27. Dyurtyuli webcams
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Dyurtyuli's webcam shows a view of the courtyard near the house number 25 on Sadovaya Street. The lens covers approaches to entrances, car parking, children's and sports grounds. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can monitor the current situation in the local area, the weather, the availability of parking spaces.
Dyurtyuli, Russia 07.03.23
Sadovaya street, 25. Dyurtyuli webcams
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Dyurtyuli webcam with a view of the courtyard near the house 23/2 on Sadovaya Street. The lens covers a wide viewing angle of the courtyard, with playgrounds, front gardens, car parks. Thanks to the live broadcast, you can track the weather, the situation, possible offenses.
Dyurtyuli, Russia 05.03.23
Sadovaya street, 23/2. Webcams Dyurtyuli
29 0
Dyurtyuli webcam with a view of the courtyard of the house number 23 on Sadovaya Street. The lens covers the local area, with parking lots, front gardens, children's and sports grounds. Due to the broadcast in real time, everyone can monitor the situation in their yard, the availability of free places for cars, possible offenses.
Dyurtyuli, Russia 02.03.23
Sadovaya street, 23. Yard. Webcams Dyurtyuli
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