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The Jews lived in dunaivtsi from the XVI century. In 1648, almost all the Jews were killed by bandits Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

In 1765, the Jewish community numbered 1129 people, but by 1775 was reduced to 484 in the result of the uprising of the Haidamaks. In 1780, the community revived again. Since the beginning of the 19th century many Jews found employment as workers, dyers, and traders in the thriving textile industry Dunavec.
The Jewish population numbered 2020 people in 1847 and approximately 10,000 before the outbreak of the First world war (about two-thirds of the total population).
In the mid-nineteenth merchant Roitman opened a tobacco factory.
In 1847 the town had two synagogues. In 1871-72 he was bought land for a Jewish cemetery.
In 1882, in dunaivtsi were 6 synagogues, in 1890, 11 synagogues, a Jewish hospital, an almshouse, a Talmud Torah and a few headers.
In 1899, Jews leased the sugar factory, distillery and from 1907 - ironworks (among the employees there were also many Jews).
In 1906, Jews owned two printers, the tannery plant and several textile factories as well as shops, hotels, pharmacies.
After the establishment of Soviet power in the city, the Jews impoverished. Many emigrated or moved to other cities.

In 1926 5186 Jews were 60.5% of the total population Dunavec.
Since 1931, was created Dunayevetsky Jewish village Council. In the Jewish collective farm in 1933, there were 362 Jews.
The Germans occupied dunaivtsi 11 July 1941.
In November 1941, the Nazis hanged 19 Jews.
The Germans concentrated the local Jews and Jews from surrounding villages into a ghetto. Market entry was permitted only once during the 1 hour a week. Every day in the ghetto were killed dozens of people.
May 8, 1942 approximately 2300 Jews were thrown alive in the phosphate mine (this place advised the Germans of the local engineer). The mine was walled up. Three weeks, people heard cries for help, moaning, crying. They died of thirst, hunger and suffocation.
All the remaining Jews from the ghetto were transferred to a labor camp. In the second half of may 1942 were brought there, Jews from Balin, Velikiy of the Zhvanchyk river Zinkova, canyon. Prisoners were forced to work at the train station. After the beginning of the epidemic, the Germans decided to liquidate the camp.
19 Oct 1942 circa 1820 Jews from the camp were removed in Solomenskiy the woods and shot.
October 27, 1942 were killed another 1,500 Jews.
Next to the former Jewish collective farm, the Germans shot 68 people from mixed families.
One of the Judenrat heads, Shiko mountain, tried to strangle one of the German soldiers, but was shot by the Ukrainian police.
During the Second world war in dunaivtsi, killing more than 8,000 Jews, 2500 of them were locals. Just Dunaevetsky the district were killed over 12,000 Jews.
Dunaivtsi was liberated by the red Army on 31 March 1944.
After the release of several Jewish families returned to dunaivtsi. In 1948 was about an illegal minyan.
In memory of the victims of the Holocaust in dunaivtsi in a cemetery in new York was erected a memorial (in 1965).
In the 1970-ies and 1980-ies most of the Jews immigrated to Israel and the United States.
In 2013, the Jews in dunaivtsi not live.
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Web camera in real-time translates the monument erected in honor of the 10th anniversary of independence of Ukraine in the city of dunaivtsi.
Dunaivtsi, Ukraine 05.10.19
10 years of Ukraine's independence. Webcams online Dunaivtsi
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts an intersection of streets Shevchenko and Franz Lender in the city dunaivtsi. Dunaivtsi is a city in Khmelnytskyi oblast of Ukraine, the administrative center of Dunaevetskogo district.
Dunaivtsi, Ukraine 05.10.19
The intersection of streets Shevchenko and Franz Lender. Webcams online Dunaivtsi
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The camera takes the main square of the Ukrainian city of dunaivtsi. Dunaivtsi is an ancient city and has the status of historical significance. The city contains many historical monuments. Among them are also many buildings Dating from the XIX century.
Dunaivtsi, Ukraine 27.10.14
Dunaivtsi, Central square
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