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The history of Berdyansk begins in 1817, when Governor-General of the Novorossiysk territory was the French and Russian statesman Duke Rishele, the question of the construction of the port of Azov was discussed by the Governing Senate. Construction began at the mouth of the river Obitochnaya, where arose the present town of Primorsk.

However, it soon became clear that for the port the location was badly chosen. In 1824 count M. S. Vorontsov, the new Governor-General, instructed Admiral Alexey Greig to an expedition, headed by captain of the second rank of Cretan and surveyor Manganari, which was to find a convenient place for the construction of the pier on the North sea of Azov.

In damp, cold, windy autumn 1824 Cretan fulfilled his assignment and in the report of M. S. Vorontsov wrote: "Berdyansk spit incredibly superior dignity of his Obitochnaya, and you can have the Marina and the port is Sevastopol will give in..."

The obvious benefit of choice of location for the port of Berdyansk had convinced the Emperor, Nicholas I, who visited the Azov sea region, 20-21 October 1828, following from Mariupol to the Crimea.

July 1, 1830, took place the solemn opening of the pier, which is notified Newspapers of Russia. Authority new port grew rapidly, and in 1835 Berdyansk has received the city status.

In 1838 was built Nizhneserginskiy lighthouse, which is a 23-foot octagonal white stone tower with an orange stripe in the middle. The first weak beacon lights sailing ships plied the sea of Azov, saw in 1840. And after almost half a century, in 1883, to replace the kerosene lamp came electric. The beacon-veteran reconstructed and equipped with new equipment, and now carries his watch, pointing the way to the ships to native coast.

The city of Berdyansk were growing and developing, although at first development was carried out haphazardly and chaotically. In the centre was erected the mansions of the nobility, merchants, priests, office space.

And on the outskirts there were Berdyansk colony: a sailor, a German, a Soldier (better known as Liski), Dog bar, gavrilovka, Near and Far Macarty...

In the middle of the last century in Berdyansk the main "employer" was still a seaport. Completed the construction of the breakwater, which was adopted by the special Commission of March 24, 1869. This stone building is 640 meters long with two port lights on the ends — the signs of passage into the Harbor, located at a distance of 859 meters from the shore, and still faithfully serves the port. In the late afternoon, when the breakwater the sun is setting, they can be enjoyed from the coastal area or the waterfront in Gorky street.

In the second half of the century in the city there were small industrial companies, opened banks. In the whole of Europe was aware of the plant D. Grievza production Greek. Factories of agricultural machinery was opened by schröder and Matias. Like mushrooms after the rain appeared rope and twine factory of the Crown and Janzen, sochno-wax Sellstrom plant, sausage factory Licona, brewery Fetter, pasta factory Claudina, the printing house of Ediger. The Italians built the city's power plant.

The transformation of Berdyansk in the port-industrial and merchant city, the efforts of democratically-minded circles was accompanied by significant changes in its appearance. By this time in the city came out two daily Newspapers, worked three libraries, four of the bookstore, running water, and there was light. In 1899, after many bureaucratic difficulties and delays, Berdyansk finally received a railway connection with the station Chaplino.

In about ten Orthodox churches, two Jewish and one Karaite synagogue, there are male and female grammar schools, nautical classes, city College, and several credit institutions.
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The webcam broadcasts entertainment complex RIO in the city of Berdyansk, located in the Park named after Lieutenant Schmidt - the largest Park in the center of Berdyansk. Previously, he was a lot more and was a green oasis in the city centre.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 11.01.20
Entertainment complex RIO. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Web camera in real-time translates the Lutheran street in the center of the city Berdyansk, Ukraine. Broadcast from the building of Berdyansk of the Registrar.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 11.01.20
Lutheran street. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Webcam real-time broadcasts - the Centre of administrative services (of tspau) in Berdiansk Ukraine. Center of providing administrative services is the way to a European level of service in the sphere of providing administrative services under the system of "single window"
Berdyansk, Ukraine 03.12.19
Of tspau. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Web camera online from the Seaside area in the city of Berdyansk. The seaside area is a favorite family vacation spot for many citizens and tourists coming to Berdyansk.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 03.12.19
The seaside area. Cafe-bar Greenwich. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts beach resorts Brigantine in the city of Berdyansk. Recreation Brigantine is located in the resort area of Berdyansk spit, Central part of it. This is ecologically clean area of the Azov coast are well maintained and very clean.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 17.11.19
Beach Brigantine. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Web camera in real-time translates the walk of Fame in the city of Berdyansk. Berdyansk is a small resort town located on the Northern coast of the Azov sea between two sand spits Berdyansk and Obitochnaya that form Berdyansk Gulf.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 17.11.19
The Walk Of Fame. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Web camera in real-time broadcasts of Primorskaya square in the city Berdyansk. Berdyansk, a resort town can offer its guests not only sea and beaches, but a well-developed infrastructure of entertainment.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 21.10.19
The seaside area. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Web camera in real time shows the Park of Pushkin in the city of Berdyansk. Park of A. S. Pushkin, now occupying a small area of 0.44 hectares in the heart of the old town, has a triangular shape and is limited Azov Avenue, streets of the Lutheran and Schmidt.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 16.10.19
Park Of A. S. Pushkin. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Web camera in real time shows the Central entrance to the city Council in the city of Berdyansk. Berdyansk is the capital of the Azov sea resorts and southern sea gate of Zaporizhzhya region, tourist life which boils in the summer and won't freeze even in the cold season.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 16.10.19
The main entrance to the city Council. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Web camera in real time shows the Park named after Lieutenant Schmidt in the town of Berdyansk Ukraine. The place where now is a Park Schmidt, with the first half of the XIX century Berganza called the customs area, because located next to the customs post.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 16.10.19
The Park is named after Lieutenant Schmidt. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Web camera online broadcasts Bus station in the city of Berdyansk. Berdyansk is one of the most famous and popular resort cities on the Azov sea coast. Every year for vacations of more than 600 thousand tourists from Ukraine and abroad.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 06.10.19
Bus. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Webcam in real time translates the Center of providing administrative services (of tspau) in Berdiansk Ukraine. Berdyansk is the capital of the Azov sea resorts and southern sea gate of Zaporizhzhya region, tourist life which boils in the summer and won't freeze even in the cold season.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 06.10.19
Center of administrative services. Webcam Berdyansk online
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Webcam overlooking the beach of base of rest "arcade" in Berdyansk. The review covers the line of the shore, equipped with sun loungers and parasols, as well as a fragment of the sea surface. The complex has a swimming pool and sauna, sports and children's playgrounds, a gym, Bicycle hire and a video-game arcade.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 09.05.16
Beach recreation ARCADE. Berdyansk webcam online
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The camera is at the base of rest "arcade" in Berdyansk. Overview covers pool around his body and extensive parkland, which overlooks the sea. The Guesthouse has a very good infrastructure and 8 buildings with rooms of different categories. For vacationers offers a wide range of services on improvement and rest.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 09.05.16
Recreation center ARCADE. Berdyansk webcam online
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Seaside square – a popular place for residents and visitors of Berdyansk for leisure and recreation. The view from the webcam on the Seaside area covers the town's waterfront of Berdyansk is a huge amusement Park, itself Primorsky Boulevard with bronze sculptures and wooden benches seaport, and houses and buildings of the cultural institutions and hotels.
Berdyansk, Ukraine 30.11.14
Berdyansk Maritime square web Cam online
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