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Webcams of Saint-Vit can be watched online to enjoy the views of the Belgian city live. Cultural and business center, a region for gourmets and hikers - this is the name of this settlement. For decades, the region has boasted an exceptionally wide range of hotel and restaurant businesses of all categories, including one of the best restaurants in Belgium.

Saint-Vith lies along the border with Germany and consists of the so-called rédimés ("redeemed cantons") of Eupen, Malmedy and Saint-Vitus.

Until 1794 the region was part of the Duchy of Limburg, the ecclesiastical Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy and the Duchy of Luxembourg. Under French rule from 1794 to 1814, it belonged to the department of Ourthes (today's province of Liège). Most of the region was annexed by Prussia as a result of the Treaty of Vienna and the Congress of Vienna (1815). It then included Moresnet, which was heavily contested due to its zinc mines and divided. One part was given to Prussia, the second to the Netherlands, and the third became a condominium called Neutral Moresnet. After the First World War, under the Treaty of Versailles, Eupen, Malmedy, Saint-Vith, Prussian Moresnet and Neutral Moresnet were transferred to Belgium. This was ratified by a plebiscite (1920) and Germany recognized the new frontier in the Locarno Pact (1925).
However, these territories were occupied by Nazi Germany from 1940 until the liberation of Belgium (1944), although some of the heaviest fighting of World War II continued here until January 1945, when the region was the main site of the Battle of the Bulge.
Post-war border adjustments and land transfers between Belgium and West Germany in 1949 and 1958 (confirmed by an agreement signed in 1956) led to the fact that the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe territories was about 1060 square meters. km. Most of the inhabitants spoke German. Since 1963, Eupen and Malmedy have existed as a German-speaking region, consisting of two geographical entities. One of them, around Eupen, includes the communes of Eupen, Kelmis, Lontzen and Raeren. The other, around St. Vith, consists of Amel, Büllingen, Burg Reuland, Butgenbach and St. Vith.
The region is mostly forested and swampy, with areas cultivated for forage. Eupen manufactures textiles, electrical cables, metal wires, chocolate and soap. Malmedy has a thriving paper industry and a brewery. Saint-Vit is a well-known cattle market, and there is a furniture manufacturer.

Webcams Saint-Vit make it possible to watch picturesque views of the region online on the site.

By the way, it is a paradise for tourists, as well as for climbers who will find their Eldorado with more than four kilometers of inclined routes. A section of the great Ravel bike trail from Waimes to Saint-Vit, which makes for an attractive crossing of this beautiful countryside, is another highlight. Another trail called the "Planet Route" allows tourists to get acquainted with the vastness of the solar system and the size of individual planets in relation to each other.
In the slate gallery in the village of Recht, visitors return to bluestone mining and immerse themselves in the daily lives of the industrious population of the 19th century. Although the route in the mine itself is small for visitors, an exciting journey awaits all tourists. We'll have to wade underground in helmets. The 800 m round-trip hike through galleries and mining halls conveys the image of the hard and dangerous life of miners in their daily work.

The region around Saint-Vith offers a variety of activities to visit at any time of the year.

For example, the Rodt ski hut, which is also an interesting beer museum, is considered the perfect place for long cross-country skiing sessions (with ski equipment rental).
The Triangel Cultural, Conference and Exhibition Center is today the new main point of attraction for the event infrastructure. Whether it be symphony concerts, conferences, theater, fairs, banquets - the modern center offers a wide range of conditions for successful events. Therefore, in Saint-Vith you can not only visit natural or historical sights, but also look at an interesting event.
It is worth noting that today the city also offers its guests many attractive opportunities for shopping or dining on one of the many terraces. Regular market events also attract thousands of visitors, with the traditional antique and flea market Katharinenmarkt being the highlight.

Webcams of Saint-Vit can be viewed online on this site to see the whole flavor of this city.

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Camera overlooking the Town Hall Square in Saint-Vit (Belgium). The review covers a landscaped area with a fountain, surrounded by colorful buildings. This place is one of the most popular among locals and visitors to the city. Various events are often held on the square, which can be observed in real time.
Saint Vit, Belgium 11.07.22
Town Hall Square. Webcams Saint-Vit
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