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Live webcams Reggio di Calibria watch online - Strait of Messina

Webcams Reggio di Calibria, which you can watch online on this site, open up new horizons and allow you to enjoy a virtual journey through uncharted places without leaving your home or office. This city is considered the oldest in its region. It is famous for its stunning landscapes, interesting locations and ancient objects. And, despite the complex history, as well as the abundance of natural disasters that have fallen on its lot, Reggio di Calibria has managed to maintain its extraordinary charm and cultural diversity.
This is a city where many national traditions are combined. In his appearance there are true features of Byzantium, Greece, Spain, France, Albania. Today, Reggio di Calibria is a large port city located in the very south of the country, where people come to see all the beauty of Calibria or quickly get to the island of Sicily by sea.

Among the sights of Reggio di Calibria, whose webcams can be viewed online on this page, it is worth noting the city embankment.

It stretches along the sea and offers stunning panoramas of the coast. In good weather, you can see the famous volcano Etna, as well as the Sicilian landscapes. From there you can also observe the ruins of a Greek fortress, which were built before our era, as well as the ruins of Roman baths.
The embankment is landscaped with flower beds, palm and fruit trees, benches and lanterns. A string of luxurious villas and mansions stretched nearby.

The main street of Reggio di Calibria is Corso Garibaldi.

Walking along it, you can see a large number of shops, restaurants, as well as the main cult object of the city - the Cathedral. It is believed that its 21-meter building is the largest among the religious sites of the city. The first construction of the cathedral dates back to the 11th century. A large-scale reconstruction and rebuilding of the temple took place in the 18th century. The cathedral was rebuilt in a unique Sicilian baroque style. However, at the beginning of the last century, a strong earthquake occurred, which practically destroyed it. The cathedral began to be restored only 10 years after the natural disaster. After another 11 years, the work was completed. The temple was reconsecrated in 1928, and 50 years later received the status of a basilica.
The central facade of the building has three tiers, with three bronze portals, amazing stained-glass windows, and four graceful towers. Inside the temple are placed sarcophagi with the ashes of the bishops of Reggio di Calibria, dating back to the 5th-6th centuries. Here you can also see a huge number of works of fine art, as well as amazingly beautiful fonts, bronze bas-reliefs and a luxurious medallion.
The temple borders on a wide square, which has a staircase leading to the monument to the first bishop of the city, as well as the statue of the Apostle Paul.

Connoisseurs of dramatic art should visit the Francesco Cilea Theater, which is also located on Corso Garibaldi.

It occupies the first position among the largest theaters in the region. Near it is the church of Santa Maria Annunziata, which rises above Piazza Castello. In the temple, the floor, lined with ancient mosaics, has a special splendor. The building was built in the Byzantine-Arabic style, which was used here in the X century. It is noteworthy that the temple managed to carry through the centuries its original appearance and a large number of values, even despite the destructive effects of the elements.
The Church of the case of Graziella belongs to a later period. It was built at the end of the 17th century in the Calabrian Baroque style. The name of the temple comes from the Italian word for "thank you". The temple personifies gratitude to the heavenly intercessor Virgin Mary, who protects people in a difficult period of life. A large reconstruction was carried out here already in our century.
The heavenly patroness of Reggio di Calibria itself is Maria Santissima della Consoliatione. In honor of her, a large-scale celebration is held in the city. And on one of its streets is the sanctuary of Eremo.

Reggio di Calibria also has its own castle, Castello Aragonese, which is one of the most important historical and architectural monuments of the city.

Its foundation dates back to around the 8th century BC. According to some reports, the building was restored in the 10th century, and after another 300 years, fortifications were created here.
Other points of interest in Reggio di Calibria include the National Museum of Magna Graecia, Mount Aspromonte Park, and, of course, the mirage of Reggio Calabria, which can be seen over the Gulf of Messina at certain times of the day.
Those who have not yet been lucky enough to visit Italy should pay attention to the webcams of Reggio di Calibria, which broadcast interesting views of the streets of this ancient city in real time.
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The Reggio di Calabria webcam broadcasts a real-time view of the Strait of Messina from the Villa San Giovanni. Mediterranean trees, blue expanse of water and the opposite coast fall into the camera lens.
Reggio Calabria, Italy 15.03.22
Villa San Giovanni. Webcams Reggio Calabria
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Webcam Reggio Calabria online broadcasts a view of the sandy beach of Tonnara. It is located in the city of Palmi. It is the second largest city in the province of Calabria. This beach is recognized as one of the most beautiful, because the rocks are very close to the sea.
Reggio Calabria, Italy 09.03.22
View of Tonnara beach. Webcams Reggio Calabria
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The Reggio di Calabria webcam broadcasts a view of the port of Reggio di Calabria. The lens also includes the Strait of Messina and Mount Etna. The camera is rotatable and captures a large area, which allows you to fully enjoy the views.
Reggio Calabria, Italy 08.03.22
Strait of Messina. Webcams Reggio Calabria
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The Reggio di Calabria webcam broadcasts a view of the fishing village of Chianale in real time. The webcam lens captures the endless sea and a piece of ancient architecture. This place is considered a little pearl of Italy. It is sure to please any traveler.
Reggio Calabria, Italy 06.03.22
View of the fishing village of Kianalea. Webcams Reggio Calabria
97 0
The Reggio di Calabria webcam broadcasts a view of the embankment in real time. In real time, you can enjoy the blue Strait of Messina, Mediterranean vegetation and Italian architecture. The railway station also falls into the webcam lens.
Reggio Calabria, Italy 06.03.22
Embankment. Webcams Reggio Calabria
123 0
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