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Webcams Oamaru online - landscapes of New Zealand

Webcams of Oamaru, the largest city in North Otago on the South Island of New Zealand, will help you make a virtual walk to distant shores without leaving your home and get a lot of pleasant impressions. After all, Oamaru is located on the Pacific coast, which means that there is always an opportunity to admire the amazing nature. In addition, Oamaru is home to many unique attractions.
The history of this city begins a long time ago. The first settlers appeared here even before our era. Confirmation is the fact that it is near Oamaru, where the Waitaki River originates. and also near the settlement of Avamoa there are several settlements discovered by archaeologists. The first excavations were carried out here in the 19th century. In the course of research, ancient furnaces and shelters were discovered near Waitaki. And not far from Cape Wenbrow and Beach Road, smaller ancient settlements have been found.

The name of the city in the Maori language sounds like "the place of Maru", however, who such Maru is to this day is not known for certain.

Historians put forward all sorts of versions, but still have not come to a consensus.
There is also controversy about the origin of the settlement itself. According to legend, the Maori, representatives of the Kahui Tipua people who lived in these lands, built a huge canoe, on which they departed from the southern coast of New Zealand in search of sweet potatoes. However, on the way home, the ship was wrecked. It happened just near the mouth of the Waitaka. Baskets of sweet potatoes were thrown by the sea to the shores of Moeraki Beach, and the sunken ship turned into the Dangerous Reef. One of the crew members who had landed on the shore wandered off in search of fresh water and found Huitaki. However, he could not get back to the camp, turning into Shag Hill. Historians suggest that this legend is also an allegorical rationale for why sweet potatoes do not grow south of the Banks Peninsula.

Another story of Oamaru is connected with the name of James Cook, who with his expedition passed by the mouth of the Waitaka.

There is even an entry in the traveler's diary about this. The area he described as a wide plain that stretches to a long line of hills, and appears to be completely barren. Cook spent several days on the coast near modern Oamaru. Many people know how his journey ended.
In the 19th century, these lands were visited by whalers. In the middle of this century, a large number of Europeans arrived on the coast. They built huts for themselves, established farms and businesses. Gradually, the village was transformed into a city, and then became a developed port.
Today, Oamaru offers a huge variety of options for recreation and leisure. There is a luxurious opera house, which was opened at the beginning of the last century. It hosts many performances, entertainment programs. The building is an architectural monument of national importance.
Another attraction of Oamaru is the branch of the Waitaki District Library. It was built at the Mechanical Institute in the second half of the 19th century. After just under 100 years, the institution was moved to a new, more spacious building.

An important cultural site of Oamaru is the Repertory Theater located on Itchen Street.

Much attention is paid to sports in Oamaru. Facilities for playing rugby, tennis courts, swimming pools, cricket, golf and hockey grounds have been built here. The main sports center of the city is Centennial Park. It hosts training sessions for the team of the Northern Otago Football Union in rugby and cricket competitions.
The architectural objects of Oamaru are also of interest. Most of the buildings here are built from local limestone, also called the Oamaru stone. When traveling here, be sure to see the Victorian Quarter, which is located south of the city's main business district. Buildings dating back to the 19th century have survived here. Some architectural monuments can be found on Harbor Street, as well as the streets of Thames, Itchen, Tyne. Among the important monuments of that period, the Palladian Basilica of St. Patrick is worth noting.

Another interesting fact about Oamaru is that this town is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the place with the largest concentration of steampunk.

There is even a Steampunk Museum in the city, which is filled with all kinds of mechanisms and inventions.
Do not forget about the beautiful nature of Oamaru. Here, in an abandoned harbor near the historic heart of the city, a colony of little blue penguins lives. Representatives of this rare species have chosen the land of Oamaru back in the 90s of the last century. Thanks to the initiative of local residents, it was possible to preserve and increase this population. Now organized excursions are conducted to the place of residence of the colony.

Also, near this place, Oamaru webcams are installed, which you can watch online at any convenient time, this lesson will help you discover a completely new, amazing world.

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Live webcam is located on the beach of a colony of young penguins in the city of Oamaru (New Zealand). The smallest penguins in the world can be observed in real time. Also, thanks to this online broadcast, you can see fur seals who love to relax here.
Oamaru, New Zealand 14.01.22
Colony of small penguins (review). Oamaru webcams
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The device is installed in the nest of a small (blue) penguin on the territory of a conservation institution in Oamaru (New Zealand). Thanks to the broadcast in real time, you can watch the life of this cute and amazing bird, regardless of the location of the viewer.
Oamaru, New Zealand 12.01.22
Little penguin nest. Oamaru webcams
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