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Webcams Nova Vesa online - province of the Czech Republic

Nova Ves webcams, which you can watch online on this website, will allow you to take a fascinating walk through the provinces of the Czech Republic.
Ostrozska ​​Nová Ves is a spa resort in one of the most picturesque Czech regions. It is located in the southeast of the Czech Republic, surrounded by lakes, endless vineyards, orchards and protected green areas. But this town is rich not only in external beauties. The most important jewel that made it a famous spa resort is hidden underground. These are two mineral springs, the water in which has healing properties and has been skillfully used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases for more than a century.

For the first time, they started talking about the medicinal properties of water in the springs of Nova Ves at the beginning of the 20th century.

Then the local scientists carried out laboratory tests, which confirmed the rich mineral composition of the local water. At the same time, a huge sanatorium complex was built, which turned Nova Ves into a famous resort throughout the country. People came here wishing to improve the health of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system. Later, the methods with the use of peat mud, which were mined in the vicinity of Nova Ves, were added to the hydrotherapy procedures, various baths and aqua gymnastics.
At the end of the 20th century, the sanatorium was reconstructed and expanded. In our century, a large annex was added here, which housed a new dining room, swimming pool, fitness center and other infrastructure facilities. Also, in the last decade, the programs of the Nova Ves sanatorium have been supplemented with methods of aesthetic and medical cosmetology. The spa guests can now get rid of such problems as aging of the skin of the face and body, cellulite, acne and other imperfections.

In addition to the sanatorium, there are many other interesting sights in Nova Ves and its surroundings.

For example, here you can see the Buchlovice castle, which is a monument of Baroque architecture. The building was erected in the style of Italian Renaissance estates. The object is located next to the oldest fortress in the country, Bukhla, which appeared here in the Middle Ages. The castle was erected for the wife of John Detrich, who was cold to live in the fortress.
Dominica Martinelli was the creator of the project for the beautiful Italian manor house. It was in this castle that the famous Austro-Russian agreement was concluded at the beginning of the last century. The castle was transferred to the state balance after the end of the Second World War.
The building consists of two buildings with luxurious facades. There is a large fountain between the buildings. The castle is adjacent to two parks created in the English and French style. The entrance to the complex is decorated with two statues. Various concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events are held on the territory of the castle.

Another monument of castle architecture is located in the town of Milotice, not far from Nowa Ves.

It was also built in the Baroque tradition. The first mention of the building dates back to the XIV century. Initially, the building was of a defensive nature. And with the advent of the Renaissance, it was converted into a residential building.
Milotice Castle has been rebuilt many times. The building acquired its final appearance in the 17th century, when the towers at the corners were redesigned. The building was opened for visiting in the middle of the last century. Today it also hosts concerts and folk music festivals, significant celebrations (for example, on the occasion of Christmas). Here you can also visit various exhibitions. And in the summer months, guests have the opportunity to watch the theatrical performance. The castle's greenhouse is often rented out for wedding ceremonies.

The Monastery of St. Gorazd, located in Hruba Verbka, is also worth a visit.

It is consecrated in honor of the holy martyr - the bishop, who died during the Second World War. In 1942, he was arrested by the Nazis, who brutally tortured him and shot him. 20 years after the surrender of Nazi Germany, the bishop was canonized.
Today, Orthodox pilgrims from various parts of the country and the world come to visit the monastery.
Fans of outdoor activities should definitely go on a trip to the White Carpathians, at the foot of which lies the cozy Nova Ves. The mountain range serves as a natural border between Slovakia and the Czech Republic and belongs to the larger massif - the Western Carpathians. The highest point of the White Carpathians is on Mount Yavorina and reaches 970 meters above sea level. The area is a national reserve, where oaks and beeches grow, there are a huge number of rivers and waterfalls, as well as spacious green meadows.

If you still can't go to the Czech Republic, Nova Ves webcams, which can be watched online in real time, will eliminate the lack of travel.

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The web kilometer is installed in the Makov Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which operates in the town of Nová Ves (Czech Republic). In HD quality, you can see a close-up of a wicker basket, into which the staff of the center pours food for the birds. Thanks to the broadcast, you can watch various species of birds, as well as animals that walk in the park in the background.
Nova Ves, Czech Republic
Bird feeder of the Poppies Center. Webcams Nova Ves
The device was installed in the center for the rehabilitation of injured animals "Makov" in the Czech town of Nova Ves. The lens covers the pond, where you can observe various birds, otters and other animals kept in the center. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
Nova Ves, Czech Republic
The pond of the center of Poppies. Webcams Nova Ves
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