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Webcams Mogana watch online - a city on the island of Gran Canaria

Mogan is a Spanish municipality with its center in the resort town of the same name, which belongs to the province of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands (Gran Canaria). The area of ​​the town is 172.43 km2, and the population is about 23 people. But, of course, this figure is never constant, because every year this place is visited by thousands of tourists who adore the Spanish flavor, stunning beaches and amazing island cuisine. If it is not yet possible to go to Gran Canaria, Mogan webcams, which can be watched online in real time, will help fulfill an old dream and plunge into the indescribable atmosphere of this place.
Previously, the resort was a small fishing village that was founded 2 centuries ago. At that time it was called Playa de Mogán. At the same time, people have inhabited the valley itself since prehistoric times.

Archaeological finds dating back several millennia are proof that an ancient man settled on the lands of Puerto de Mogan.

The modern resort of Mogan was developed in the 80s of the last century. It began with the arrival of the talented Spanish artist Rubio Arguelles, the author of the Porto Rafael project in Sardinia, to the town.
With the light hand of the master, magnificent canals and stunning two-story buildings in the Canarian-Andalusian architectural tradition appeared on the territory of Mogan. The city's appearance began to resemble the famous Italian city on the water. Therefore, Mogan began to be called the "Canary Venice".
It took 8 years to build the resort. Today, the streets of the town are dominated by brightly colored houses surrounded by flower beds. And by the sea there is a large seaport that receives tourist and cargo ships.

Despite being a popular tourist destination, Puerto Mogan enjoys a calm and quiet environment.

Conventionally, Mogan can be divided into two parts - an old fishing village at the foot of the cliffs, as well as a new tourist area with a port, modern hotels and chic restaurants.
It is believed that the climate of Puerto Mogan is the most favorable on our planet. Experts who study the history of the city believe that the wonderful weather was the reason why the architect Rubio Arguelles chose this place to implement his creative ideas.
Holidays in Puerto Mogan will be comfortable at any time of the year. During different seasons, approximately the same temperature remains here. In the summer months, the air warms up to 28 degrees Celsius, and the water - up to 23 degrees. In winter, thermometers show up to +24 and +18, respectively.
The comfortable climate of Puerto de Mogan is due to its geographical location. The fact is that the area is protected from the summer heat and cold winds by the Canary Current, as well as by the features of the relief that surrounds the city. Rest in Mogan is recommended for people with high meteosensitivity and weakened immunity.
Mogan's calling card is the seaport. It is home to luxury yachts and liners sailing from the Adriatic to the Caribbean, bizarrely paired with shabby fishing boats. Walking to the port, you can book a boat trip along the coast of the island. Another local entertainment is a tour of the yellow submarine, which plunges to the seabed, revealing a picturesque underwater world to travelers.

It is noteworthy that it is in Puerto Mogan that international diving competitions are held.

Mogana Beach was created artificially. African golden sand was brought here, breakwaters and piers were built. High cliffs behind the beach block it from the wind and high waves. Therefore, in this part of the island, the ocean is always calm and welcomes even the smallest bathers.
Playa de Mogan has everything you need for a comfortable stay. There are changing cabins, toilets, showers. Umbrellas, sun loungers and diving equipment can be rented. Here you can also rent small boats and stand up paddle boards. There is a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants near the coast.
Among the attractions of Mogan, it is worth noting the local market, which unfolds every Friday in the square near the bus station. Here you can buy authentic local crafts, as well as the freshest food, including Spanish delicacies. The sellers work exclusively under license, so there will never be any poor quality products.
Another unique attraction of Mogan is the Cañada de Los Gatos Archaeological Park, where the remains of an ancient settlement that existed here more than 1000 years ago are located in the open air.
To see the magnificent resort from a bird's eye view, it is worth going up to the observation deck near Las Conchas street. You can get to Mogan by shuttle bus that travels here from Las Palmas, or by ordering a transfer. Another option is to rent a car.
If you still can't go to the Canary Islands, Mogan's webcams, which can be watched online in real time, compensate for this difficulty.
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Camera overlooking Puerto Rico beach in Mogan (Gran Canaria). The lens covers a cozy bay and a wide sandy beach bordering it. The sandy beach is surrounded by palm trees, resort buildings and a road. In the water area of the bay, you can see a huge number of yachts and boats. The broadcast is carried out in real time.
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Playa de Puerto Rico. Webcams Mogana online
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