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Lajes do Pico is a small town in Portugal that once played an important political and economic role for the development of the Azores. From those times to the present day, a large number of historical sights have survived, which today complement modern locations, cultural and entertainment centers. Therefore, before going on a trip, it is worthwhile to draw up a preliminary itinerary. Lajes do Pico webcams will help you navigate, which you can watch online in real time on this page. Since ancient times, the fortress walls of Santa Catarina have survived to this day, which were erected as a protective barrier against the encroachments of corsairs and pirates who dominated this part of the Atlantic. It is noteworthy that this is the only surviving military building. After the last reconstruction of the fortress, a tourist center with shops, restaurants, an amphitheater for watching entertainment shows appeared on its territory. The site was recently awarded the National Prize for the Best Landscape Architecture Monument.

Among other important architectural monuments of Lajes do Pico is the old Franciscan monastery with the Church of the Immaculate Conception

The objects were built in the 17th century. And in the 18th century, the temple became one of the most beautiful on the entire island of Pico. Unfortunately, the original appearance of the complex was badly damaged during a fire in 1830. After the last reconstruction, the monastery became free for tourists to visit. On the territory of the complex there is the chapel of St. Catherine, the Church of the Holy Trinity.

A unique object in Lajes do Pico is the Whaling Museum

This is the only institution of its kind in the entire country. Once commercial fishing and processing of whales was an important part of the island's economy. Today, the slaughter of whales is prohibited. On the territory of the museum you can get acquainted with interesting artifacts on this topic - fishing tools, a collection of teeth and bones of marine mammals, photographs. In addition to the sights located within the city limits, it is worth paying attention to the surrounding places. By the way, visitors to Lajes do Pico have access to an excursion to an abandoned whaling factory located in the neighboring town of San Roque. Here you can also see an old monastery, chapel and church, the construction of which falls on the XVI-XVII centuries.

Among the natural attractions of Lajes do Pico, it is worth noting the Pico volcano, which is the main symbol of the island.

Its last eruption took place 300 years ago. And climbing to its top will turn into an unforgettable adventure. The height of the object is 2351 m above sea level. You can climb here as part of an excursion group. The walk promises stunning views of tropical forests, Martian wastelands. The volcanic crater is also breathtaking, with a diameter of 700 m and a depth of over 30 m. Some tourists prefer to spend the night at the top to meet the sunrise. The extinct volcano is adjoined by natural grottoes formed by lava and representing real tunnels with a total length of 5150 meters. In addition to caves, you can find amazing lakes here. Pico Island is famous for its stunning beaches. Here there is an opportunity not only for the traditional sun and sea bathing, but also for diving, contemplating the life of whales and dolphins in their natural environment. The beaches of the island are adjoined by various rental and excursion bureaus, where you can book an underwater excursion or rent professional equipment. The cultural attractions of Pico Island are also worth mentioning. The Pico Regional Museum has an interesting exposition, which tells about the history of the island's development since the time of colonization.
Wine tourism lovers should visit the local vineyards, which were planted in the 15th century. In those days, the island of Pico was one of the leaders in winemaking. Unfortunately, the area of ​​land has decreased significantly over time. But from the grapes that grow in these places, first-class drinks are still produced. A tour of the vineyards is accompanied by a fascinating lecture and tasting. After getting an impression of local attractions, you can supplement the baggage of emotions with a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, a picnic in nature, a horse ride or a calm contemplation of the Azores landscapes. For those who cannot yet go to Portugal, Lajes do Pico webcams, which can be watched online on this site, will help to make an unforgettable journey to a distant country from anywhere in Russia and the world.
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Live webcam broadcasts in real time the Pico volcano, the webcam is located in the village of Lajes do Pico. Pico is an active stratovolcano located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and is the highest point of the ridge, Pico Island and Portugal.
Lajes do Pico, Portugal 23.05.21
Piku volcano webcam online
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Live webcam of the Casa do Flores hotel is located above the village of Lajes do Pico, about 200 meters from the Espaceo Thalassa whale watching base and the Whalers Museum. Lajes do Pico is one of three municipalities on the island of Pico, the second largest island in the Azores, which has preserved unique flora and fauna, mesmerizing caves, lagoons and natural pools.
Lajes do Pico, Portugal 23.05.21
Casa do Flores webcam
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