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Kufstein, whose webcams can be viewed online on this page, is a small Austrian town located on the border with Germany and providing an opportunity to plunge into the original atmosphere of Tyrol.
The lands where Kufstein is located today were inhabited 30,000 years ago. This became known after the discovery of arrowheads made from the bones of fossil animals.
During antiquity, the city was ruled by the Romans. At that time, a military road was built, traces of which have survived to this day. The Roman Empire dominated this area for almost 5 centuries. During this time, the territories were repeatedly occupied by the Bavarians. So, for example, in the invoices of the Bishop of Salzburg Aron, dating back to the 8th century, the city of Kaofstein is mentioned for the first time, part of which was subordinate to the Duchy of Bavaria.

Throughout its history, Kufstein has undergone a lot of ups and downs, but has managed to preserve many unique objects and locations to this day.

The most outstanding monument of history and architecture is the Kufstein fortress, which is a medieval castle towering on top of a rocky mountain. The object was first mentioned in the 11th century. But over the course of 300 years, the fortress was repeatedly completed and expanded. At various times it was ruled by the Bishop of Regensburg, the Bavarian dukes. However, strengthening in all periods of history was of great importance for the entire Tyrolean region.
Today the fortress is a museum-reserve where you can see old barracks, fountains and other interesting buildings. In the museum of the fortress you can see a unique exhibition that tells about the most different periods of the development of the region. Of interest is the collection of national costumes and samples of arts and crafts, as well as a collection of stuffed birds and geological exhibits. The largest organ in Europe is also located here, including 4307 pipes and 46 registers.

Particularly noteworthy are the temples of Kufstein, whose webcams can be viewed in real time.

One of the oldest is the Church of St. Vitus, which was built on the site of an even older church built here in the 8th century. Fragments of wall paintings, which were created in 1420, have survived to this day. A little later, at the beginning of the 16th century, the Church of the Holy Trinity was built. Initially, the object was a family temple, which also included a chapel and a family crypt. An ancient altar dating back to the middle of the 18th century has been preserved here to this day.
In the 20th century, the Parish Church of St. Joseph was built. It was built in the new Romanesque style in the Spartan area. Among other outstanding architectural monuments, it is worth noting the city hall, built around the 16th century. After the last restoration, the facades were decorated with the coats of arms of the Tyrolean cities. The building attracts attention with its unusual architecture and decor.
Of interest are also the ruins of the water bastion, which was built in the middle of the XVI century. This is one of the largest fragments of the city's defensive line, which also includes the corner (water) tower that has survived to this day, overlooking the Inn River, on which Kufstein was built.
The building of the former Hotel Egger is considered the most beautiful example of Art Nouveau architecture in all of Tyrol. And the later buildings include the memorial complex of Andreas Hofer. The height of the object reaches 3.5 meters. From here, a stunning panorama of the city opens with the Kufstein fortress and seven small chapels.

Those who come to Kufstein should definitely visit its historical center, with the main street-square that leads to the bridge over the Inn.

You can also admire amazing city panoramas from the crossing. The most famous and colorful place in this area of ​​the city is the Romerhofgasse lane, which is an amazing illustration of an old fairy tale.

Among the interesting sights of Kufstein, it is also worth noting the Museum of Sewing Machines, which has a long history of origin.

Back in the 19th century, the tailor Josef Madersperger lived here, who created a unique needle with an eye for thread, which was located at the point. It is from this moment that the history of the development of sewing machines begins, which the exhibits of the museum will allow you to learn.
In addition to visiting cultural, historical and architectural monuments, you can spend time outdoors in the ski center Kaiser-Durchholzen. It has everything you need for skiing, as well as a good rest.
Festivals and holidays occupy a special place in the life of the city. Thus, tourists have a unique opportunity to visit the days of Beethoven, Tyrolean festivals.

For those who are not yet planning a vacation in these parts, Kufstein's webcams, which you can watch online without leaving your home, will allow you to enjoy a virtual journey.

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The webcam is aimed at the amusement park "Hallo du" in the settlement of Ebbs (Kufstein, Tyrol). The Kaiser and Pendley mountains are visible in the background. The broadcast is conducted in real time, the image quality is good - you can see all the necessary details. In winter, you can see part of the ice rink, so you can observe the activity of visitors.
Kufstein, Austria 06.02.22
View of the amusement park Hallo du. Webcams Kufstein
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The webcam broadcasts in real time with a panoramic view of the Zachmer Kaiser in Ebbs (Tirol, Kufstein). The broadcast is in good quality, the parking is perfectly visible. Time-lapse mode is available to watch the broadcast.
Kufstein, Austria 06.02.22
Panoramic view of the Zachmer Kaiser in Ebbs. Webcams Kufstein
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The webcam broadcasts in real time with a panoramic view of the territory of the city of Kufstein. The image quality is high, you can see all the necessary details. Mountains are visible in the background. Time-lapse mode is available to watch the broadcast.
Kufstein, Austria 05.02.22
Panorama of the city. Webcams Kufstein
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The webcam is located in Tyrol and broadcasts in real time a view of Ebbs towards St. Nicholas Chapel. The image quality is good, the mountains in the background are perfectly visible. Time-lapse mode is available to watch the broadcast.
Kufstein, Austria 05.02.22
View of Ebbs towards St. Nicholas Chapel. Webcams Kufstein
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The webcam broadcasts live from Kufstein overlooking the river Inn. The broadcast is in high quality and in real time. Thanks to the image, the embankment is perfectly visible, and the bridge over the river is also visible. The lens falls into nearby buildings and the summer terrace of the cafe.
Kufstein, Austria 05.02.22
View of the river Inn. Webcams Kufstein
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