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You want to learn more about Balashikha, and we are happy to tell you about this exciting city located just a few kilometers from Moscow. It will be possible to see everything with your own eyes, even if you physically cannot visit this city, if you watch Balashikha webcams online.
Balashikha is a small city whose population is only slightly inferior in number to Novokuznetsk, Tolyatti and Naberezhnye Chelny in the list of small cities of the Russian Federation that are not administrative centers. It attracts tourists with its rich history, beautiful architectural structures, parks and gardens, as well as the unique spirit of antiquity preserved in its narrow streets.

Balashikha webcams allow you to see all this, right from the scene, without leaving the comfort of a home sofa or office chair.

Among the most famous sights of Balashikha, it is worth noting the Pehra-Yakovlevskoye Estate. The object owes its name to its location on the bank of the Pekhorka River, as well as the names of its first owners – the Yakovlev boyars. After them, the Golitsyn princes owned the estate.
In the XIX century, through the efforts of famous architects Menelas, Kazne and Blank, the estate turned into one of the most beautiful in the Moscow region. To this day, not only the stunning elements of the main mansion and small architectural forms have been preserved, but also the stunning beauty of the landscape park.
Also on the territory of the estate you can see the Transfiguration Church, an outbuilding with a colonnade, a greenhouse and a magnificent semicircular staircase with sphinxes.
No less solemn is the estate on Gorenka Street, which in different eras belonged to the Khilkov and Dolgoruky families. And in the XIX century it passed into the possession of the descendants of the famous Count Razumovsky. It was during that period that a stunning palace appeared, designed by the same A. Menelas, as well as the stone Church of the Savior, utility buildings, and a greenhouse.
The territory of the complex is a delightful architectural and landscape composition, with cascades of ponds and a botanical garden, where representatives of flora from all over the country are gathered.
After A. Razumovsky died, the estate was put up for sale. There were still 100 years left before the revolution, during which many of its owners changed. After the Bolsheviks came to power, the estate became a state dacha.
To this day, the main building of the estate, an elegant colonnade, wings and a stunning garden and park composition have been preserved in Gorenki.

Another unique architectural monument in Balashikha is the St. Nicholas Archangel Church.

It was built in the XVII century in the original style of the Moscow Baroque and is the only example of this architectural trend in the Moscow region.
The church was consecrated in 1773 in the name of the Archangel Michael and has a solemn appearance. The blue facades are elegantly complemented with white brick inserts, and the second tier is decorated with decorative stucco. The top of the main structure and the bell tower are crowned with gilded domes.
It is noteworthy that the Archangel Church did not suffer even during the Soviet persecution of religion. Therefore, unique 300-year-old icons and other ancient artifacts have been preserved to this day.

You can see many of the sights of Balashikha using a webcam.

After all, some of the devices are located right in the city center, where the bulk of architectural monuments are concentrated. In addition to attractions, Balashikha webcams will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of a modern city, with its residents, worries, important dates and events. Thanks to our broadcasts, you will be able to independently appreciate the beauty and hospitality of Balashikha.
One of the features of Balashikha is also its picturesque nature. Webcams allow you to admire the rich plant diversity around and beautiful natural landscapes. You will see the parks and gardens of the city, where you can walk and enjoy the fresh air.

All Balashikha webcams provide the opportunity to view online 24 hours a day.

You can observe the city at any time of the day or night and in any season, enjoying its beauty and atmosphere.
Balashikha webcams are available on our website completely free of charge, without registration and the need to download additional software. The ease of use of our service allows you to watch online a variety of angles of the city in real time, exploring it from anywhere in the world.
If you want to learn more about the Moscow region, then Balashikha webcams are the best way to get detailed information about the city and its attractions. Spend a few minutes looking online at the old streets and you won't be disappointed.
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The Balashikha webcam, installed on the territory of the Lisya Gora ski complex, reveals to you the exciting descents and ascents of ski lovers. Watch in real time how skiers and snowboarders ride, conquering difficult trails.
Balashikha, Russia 08.06.24
Ski resort Lisya Gora. Balashikha webcams
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The unusual Balashikha webcam is located in the shop of the local furniture factory "Victoria". The lens is aimed at the filler machine. Therefore, everyone can look into the "behind the scenes" of the furniture production process for free and watch it in real time.
Balashikha, Russia 23.09.23
Furniture factory Victoria. Attachment machine. Webcams Balashikha
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The Balashikha webcam is located in the mobile phone repair center. In real time, you can watch the work of the master, monitor his conscientious performance of his duties. Thanks to this broadcast, employers and clients can evaluate the quality of work of a person located at a considerable distance from them.
Balashikha, Russia 21.09.23
Apple Service Center. Balashikha webcams
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The Balashikha webcam is located at the construction site where the residential complex Pekhra is being built. In real time, everyone can observe the progress of the construction of the facility. This is especially true not only for the developer, but also for buyers who purchased housing during the construction phase.
Balashikha, Russia 19.09.23
LCD Pehra. Webcams Balashikha
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The webcam is located on the territory of the Victoria furniture factory in Balashikha. The device is installed on the territory of the assembly shop, where products are assembled and completed. Thanks to real-time broadcasting, the process can be observed from anywhere in the city, country and world.
Balashikha, Russia 17.09.23
Furniture factory Victoria. Assembly shop. Webcams Balashikha
55 0
Balashikha webcam with a view of the training field of the Meteor Football Center. The site is located in the open air and is fenced with special nets that catch the ball. Thanks to real-time broadcasting, you will be able to watch the training of both amateurs and professional athletes.
Balashikha, Russia 14.09.23
Training field of FC Meteor. Balashikha webcams
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The webcam is located in Balashikha, on the territory of the Meteor Football Center. The main field where the matches take place falls into the foreshortening. Thanks to the high quality video and real-time broadcast, everyone will be able to watch the game or the training of football teams.
Balashikha, Russia 12.09.23
The main field of the FC Meteor. Webcams Balashikha
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Balashikha webcam overlooking the swimming pool, located in the Meteor complex of the Zarya microdistrict. The lens completely covers the pool bowl and the adjacent area. Therefore, anyone can view competitions and training of athletes in real time.
Balashikha, Russia 07.09.23
Swimming pool in the Zarya microdistrict. Webcams Balashikha
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Balashikha webcam overlooking the field of the Meteor football center. The lens covers a wide angle, so, if desired, you can watch training and competitions from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Balashikha, Russia 04.09.23
Football center Meteor. Small arena. Webcams Balashikha
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Balashikha webcam is located on the territory of the Meteor football center. The lens is aimed at an indoor football field. Thanks to a wide angle and real-time broadcast, everyone will be able to watch the training of football teams and the matches taking place in the Center.
Balashikha, Russia 02.09.23
Football center Meteor. Big arena. Webcams Balashikha
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Balashikha webcam with a view of the Trud sports stadium. The lens covers a wooden basketball court. Thanks to the broadcast in real time, everyone can watch the training and competition of athletes.
Balashikha, Russia 27.08.23
Sports stadium Trud. Webcams Balashikha
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Balashikha webcam with a view of the Nosovikhinsky highway and adjacent territories. The angle opens up the opportunity to see a wide view from a bird's eye view. The lens captures a highway, a railway turn, urban development, extensive green spaces. The broadcast is transmitted in real time.
Balashikha, Russia 25.08.23
Nosovikhinsky highway. Webcams Balashikha
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