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White lions. Szegedi Vadaspark. Seged's web camera online


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Segeda zoo - located on 45 hectares in a wooded area just 2.5 km from the city center. It presents animals according to continents, trying to provide their natural habitat and living conditions. Conservation, education and management of endangered species through international conservation breeding programmes are top priorities at the Szeged zoo. He is a member of the World and European Associations of zoos and Aquariums, participates in several international species conservation programs. If you want at the entrance to the zoo, you can buy special food for animals. The plates on the enclosures will tell about who can be fed and who does not need to pull their hands.

Szeged, a city in Hungary located on both banks of the Tisa River south of where the Maros River flowed into it, is the administrative centre of the Chongrad Copper.

Seged's modern homogeneous architecture retains eclecticism and evidence of the Art Nouvo style of the late 19th century, and the main thoroughfares span the city with three wide rings. Organized, modern, growing Szeged thrives as the cultural and economic center of Southeastern Hungary. Now it is a lively university town of rare charm, among the 265 surviving buildings there are real gems of each of the eras of the turbulent past.

When you first see the elegant boulevards and avenues of the city, even knowing the long history, it is difficult to imagine it as the capital of the leader of the Huns Attila in the 5th century. The early Roman settlement served as an important bridge to the province of Dacia, and over the next 700 years the city prospered through a trade in gold and salt, which was taken over by the tribes of Hungarian nomads around 1138. History tells the typical story of the looting, total destruction and restoration of the city, followed by 200 years of Ottoman rule, which ended in 1686, when the Habsburg dynasty came to power. After the attempt to gain independence in 1849 failed, the city focused its efforts on the development of trade and industry.

A decisive moment in the history of modern Szeged came in the days of great flooding in 1879. Of the 5.5 thousand. only 265 survived. All of Europe participated in the restoration of the city, here found the embodiment of the idea of Baron Osman, who redesigned Paris, and samples for the design of the city were Brussels, Rome, Berlin and London.
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An aviary with penguins at the Szegedi Vadaspark zoo in real time. Hungary's third largest city, Szeged, is located on both sides of the Tisa River. Thanks to the abundance of sunny days, Szeged is called the "Sunny City."
Szeged, Hungary 11.09.20
Papuan penguin. Szegedi Vadaspark zoo webcam online
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A webcam with an enclosure with a small white lion at the Szegedi Vadaspark zoo. Szeged is located in Central Europe. It is the third largest city in Hungary, located on the southeastern Hungarian border south of the mouth of the Maros River on both banks of the River Tisa. Szeged is about 171 km south of Budapest on the M5.
Szeged, Hungary 11.09.20
A little white lion. Szegedi Vadaspark zoo webcam online
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A web camera online broadcasts an aviary with giraffes in Szegedi Vadaspark. Szeged is one of the main tourist centers in Hungary, which previously had the glory of a wellness resort, and now attracts guests with its modernist architecture.
Szeged, Hungary 11.09.20
Aviary with giraffes. Szegedi Vadaspark zoo webcam online
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Online broadcast from the Szegedi Vadaspark zoo in Hungary, a webcam broadcasts an aviary with gray wolves. The 45-hectare zoo is located in a forest area 2.5 km from the center of Szeged. The city of Szeged in Hungary is the third largest in Hungary. In the world it is best known for the paprika and salami produced here, as well as the luxurious cathedral.
Szeged, Hungary 11.09.20
An aviary with gray wolves. Szegedi Vadaspark zoo webcam online
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An online webcam shows the observation deck of the Szegedi Vadaspark zoo in Segeda. From the perspective of this web camera we can observe feeding animals, giraffes, zebras. In the green zone of the zoo there are more than 600 animals belonging to 140 different species.
Szeged, Hungary 10.05.20
Szegedi Vadaspark zoo observation deck. Seged's web camera online
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Szeged Zoo online, webcam from the Siberian Tiger enclosure. The Szeged Zoo has more than 600 animals belonging to 140 different species.
Szeged, Hungary 20.04.20
Siberian tiger. Szeged Zoo webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts the Szeged Zoo, an enclosure with Gibbons. Szeged webcams online. In 1989, Szeged joined the ranks of cities that can boast of a zoo.
Szeged, Hungary 20.04.20
Szeged Zoo, Gibbon. Szeged webcams online
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Live webcam on Szeged Cathedral Square, in real time The Cathedral of Our Lady - the Roman Catholic Cathedral is the third largest temple building in Hungary, a neo-Romanesque architecture monument, a vibrant landmark and a symbol of the city.
Szeged, Hungary 17.04.20
Cathedral Square. Szeged webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts Tisza Lajos Korut street in the historical center of Szeged, Hungary. Currently, Szeged is the cultural and economic center of the county of Chongrad, being its capital.
Szeged, Hungary 17.04.20
Tisza Lajos Korut Street. Szeged webcams online
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Live webcam broadcasts Dugonics Square in Szeged. Szeged - a city in Hungary, located on both banks of the Tisza River south of the confluence of the Maros River, is the administrative center of Chongrad County.
Szeged, Hungary 17.04.20
Dugonics Square Szeged webcams online
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