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One of the oldest buildings in Rome, dating back 2,000 years, is the Pantheon Temple, which is one of the most influential buildings in the West.
The building was erected from about 27 BC. on the site of an earlier temple. It has been perfectly preserved to this day. The highlight of the exterior are huge bronze doors and a concrete dome, erected on an unreinforced base.
The geometry of the Pantheon has precise symmetry, and the diameter of the dome is equal to the inner height of the building, with an accuracy of centimeters. During the era of the Roman Empire, the dome of the Pantheon was the largest in the world. This status was retained for the element until the 15th century.
The secret of the safety of the building lies in the presence of a huge oculus located in the center. It plays not only a symbolic role, but also redistributes the colossal load that the dome exerts on the walls. An ingenious engineering idea is also contained in the sloping marble floor, which has two dozen holes for rainwater drainage.
The Lateran Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano has interiors of unimaginable beauty. It was erected in the 4th century AD and for almost 1000 years had the status of the most important temple for Christians.
The church was built by order of Constantine and became the first Christian temple in Rome. This very object was the main place of worship of the Pope for 10 centuries. The church plays a similar role to this day.
The Trevi Fountain in Rome is a true masterpiece of engineering and artistic thought. It was here that one of the scenes of the famous film "Sweet Life" was filmed. The sculptural ensemble adorning the huge bowl of the fountain is made in the Baroque style. It is a group of mythical images and horses that occupies the entire width of the Palazzo Poli.
A notable feature of the Trevi Fountain is that it serves as a source of income for the city. According to the calculations of a special commission that supports the law on the return to the treasury of coins thrown by tourists into the fountains of Rome, the average amount that falls into the Trevi bowl every day is 3,000 euros.
Walking around Rome, it is difficult to pass by the beautiful Piazza Navona, decorated with stunning fountains and surrounded by ancient buildings. The Piazza is full of street musicians and artists, as well as souvenir stalls. The facility was built in the 15th century on the site of an old stadium that has existed here since the beginning of the first millennium AD. For almost 3 centuries, the square was the main city market. Today it is decorated with the stunning "Fountain of the Four Rivers", which are presented in the images of bodybuilders.
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Rome webcam with a view of the beach of the Nettuno resort. The lens covers a wide sandy beach, adjacent infrastructure facilities. The real-time broadcast allows you to take a pleasant virtual walk to the warm coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Rome, Italy 09.06.23
Nettuno Resort. View of Cape Circeo. Rome Webcams
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Camera overlooking the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Trevi Fountain in Rome. The lens covers almost the entire composition of a hydraulic structure, houses and people adjacent to it. The broadcast is carried out in real time, so anyone can see this work of art, wherever he is.
Rome, Italy 24.09.21
Trevi Fountain. Rome webcams online
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The webcam is broadcasting from the Plaza de España in Rome. The lens covers the famous Spanish Steps, as well as the spacious landing at its base. The center of the square is decorated with the famous Barcaccia fountain, made in the Baroque style by the ingenious project of Pietro Bernini. The broadcast is conducted online.
Rome, Italy 23.09.21
Spain Square. Rome webcams online
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The webcam is broadcasting live from Rome (Italy). The famous Colosseum gets into the lens of the device. The review covers the oldest building facades and adjoining houses. The broadcast is carried out in real time, so anyone can touch the history of one of the greatest empires in the world, regardless of where he is.
Rome, Italy 22.09.21
Coliseum. Rome webcams online
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Panoramic web Cam in Rome online
Rome, Italy 09.07.17
Monti Palace Hotel. Panoramic web Cam in Rome online
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Webcam installed on the hotel Hotel Atlante Star Rome
Rome, Italy 09.07.17
Panorama of the city. Rome web camera online
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Piazza della Minerva square in Rome, whose name comes from the temple of the goddess of wisdom Minerva, built on the orders of Roman statesman and General gnaeus Pompey.
Rome, Italy 09.07.17
Piazza della Minerva. Rome web camera online
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