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Wharf on Onega Lake. Web cameras Petrozavodsk to watch online


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The web camera broadcasts the Petrozavodsky port, one of the oldest Russian ports, located on the southern shore of Petrozavodsky Lip Lake in the city of Petrozavodsk. 

Forty years ago, in July 1961, Petrozavodskaya Wharf received the status of a port. And in 1964, with the introduction of the Volgo-Baltic Waterway, Petrozavodsk became the port of five seas. From the very founding of the Petrovsky suburb with the city was the only connection - water, according to the system of Onega Lake, Swiri, Ladoga Lake and Neva.
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Online broadcast from the Black Tulip Memorial in Petrozavodsk. A traditional gathering place for Afghan veterans. Memorials of the same name also exist in Yekaterinburg, Norilsk, Khabarovsk and other cities.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 23.08.20
Memorial Black Tulip. Web cameras Petrozavodsk to watch online
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Online webcam overlooking the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky in Petrozavodsk. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Petrozavodsk is a picturesque temple with the status of a cathedral and a 19th century architectural monument. The tall five-dome temple stands in a green square and is surrounded on all sides by trees.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 23.08.20
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Web cameras Petrozavodsk to watch online
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Online broadcast overlooking the Innovation and Technology Park of Petrozavodsky State University. Petrozavodsky State University? the largest multidisciplinary classical university of the European North of Russia, a stronghold of the Republic of Karelia.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 23.08.20
PeterSU University. Web cameras Petrozavodsk to watch online
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The webcam online broadcasts a panoramic view of the Lenta Supermarket in Petrozavodsk. Petrozavodsk is the largest city in the Republic of Karelia, located on the shores of Lake Onega, 1091 kilometers from the Russian capital.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 23.08.20
Supermarket Tape. Web cameras Petrozavodsk to watch online
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The online webcam broadcasts a view of the Hotel "Northern" located in the heart of the city of Petrozavodsk. It is the only hotel in Petrozavodsk, which is at the same time an architectural historical landmark of the city.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 23.08.20
Hotel North. Web cameras Petrozavodsk to watch online
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The web camera broadcasts Kirov Square in Petrozavodsk in real time. Kirov Square is the central and main square of the capital of Karelia - the city of Petrozavodsk. The square is home to monuments of 18-19th centuries and a small square.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 23.08.20
Kirov Square. Web cameras Petrozavodsk to watch online
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Online webcam overlooking Lake Onega - a lake in the northwest of The European part of Russia, the second largest freshwater reservoir in Europe after Lake Ladoga and the third - in Russia. It is mainly located in the Republic of Karelia, as well as partly in the Leningrad and Vologda regions.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 27.06.20
Onega Lake. Web cameras Petrozavodsk to watch online
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The online webcam is located on Chapaev Street in Petrozavodsk and broadcasts the bus station. Petrozavodsk is an ancient city in northwest Russia, located 1,090 km from Moscow and 412 km from St. Petersburg.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 16.05.20
Bus. Web cameras Of Petrozavodsk watch online
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The web camera broadcasts in real time the sports ground of the Coral Sports Palace in the capital of the Republic of Karelia Petrozavodsk. The Koral Sports Palace is a unique infrastructure project, implemented with the funds of private investors.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 16.05.20
Coral Sports Palace. Petrozavodsk web cameras online
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Web Cam in real time with a view of the Lenin square in Petrozavodsk. Over its more than two hundred-year history, the square has changed its name several times. Originally, the square was called Round square. It was also called Circular or semi-Circular.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 09.05.20
Lenin square. Petrozavodsk Webcams online
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Webcam online with a view of the Soviet square in Petrozavodsk. Sovetskaya square is the administrative center of the city, where the city's local government administration and the city's wedding Palace are located.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 09.05.20
Sovetskaya square, Kuusinen monument. Petrozavodsk Webcams online
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The webcam broadcasts online the Presidential Cadet School in Petrozavodsk, one of the youngest secondary educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 16.04.20
Presidential Cadet School. Webcams in Petrozavodsk online
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Live broadcast from Kirov Square in Petrozavodsk. Kirov Square is the central and main square of the capital of Karelia - the city of Petrozavodsk. Kirov Square is the venue for most of the main events in the city.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 16.04.20
Kirov Square. Webcams in Petrozavodsk online
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Live webcam broadcasts the sports hall of the Coral Sports Palace in the capital of the republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk. At a time, more than a hundred athletes can engage in the halls of the Sports Palace; up to 300 fans can comfortably accommodate in the stands.
Petrozavodsk, Russia 16.04.20
Sports Palace Koral. Webcams in Petrozavodsk online
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