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The view from the Burgtheater. Webcam Vienna online


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The Burgtheater is one of the centers of cultural life of Vienna. Its scene guide on good manners, the speech of actors is a model of pronunciation. Then went to small talk, clearly Express their thoughts, make jokes.

The Vienna Burgtheater is often compared to a ship. Majestic theatre building really resembles a large luxury liner with multiple decks, with monumental staircases, red carpets and crystal chandeliers. On Board the ship Melpomene – talented team of hundreds of actors and many professionals creating a theatrical production.

The Burgtheater was opened in 1748 at the behest of Maria Theresa, became the second theatre of Europe after the Paris comédie française. In the first years of existence, it was named "the Royal theatre at the Palace". On the stage reigned the French repertoire, performed Opera and ballet troupes from France and Italy.

The first German-speaking troupe appeared on this scene in 1761. After ten years in the theatre only played by German actors. Pieces for productions at the time, wrote the members of the troupe. Since 1794, the theatre has a new name – the Court theatre of Vienna. It hosted the premieres of the operas of Motsert "the abduction from the seraglio" (1782), "the Marriage of Figaro" (1786), così fan tutte (1790).

Successful growing company needed a larger, spacious and modern building. The project of the new theatre designed by the architects G. Semper and K. Hasenauer. The building of the Burgtheater was built across from city Hall. It adorned the front line of luxury buildings of the Ringstrasse ensemble.

On 14 October 1888 the Burgtheater opened its doors to the public. The main facade of the Renaissance building came forward with a Grand semicircle. With the two sides of it were two symmetrical wings. The entrance portal was enclosed bunk loggia; Attica was crowned with statues of muses and the ancient gods, the facades were decorated with mythological bas-reliefs and busts of famous playwrights.
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The camera transmits a view of the building of the Burgtheater, one of the largest cultural centers of Vienna. It was founded in the mid-eighteenth century and occupied the second place among the largest theaters in Europe. Once it was a court theatre in the winter Palace of the Habsburgs – Hofburg.
Vienna, Austria 03.03.16
The Burgtheater in Vienna. Panoramic web camera online
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